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Sales Contests Are a Proven School Fundraising Idea
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Product sales are a great way to get students involved in raising funds for your school, PTO, or school group. Many schools sell candy, magazines, holiday items, and gift or discount cards. All of these items can make for a successful fundraising sales contest, especially if sold during seasons where the item is in high demand (i.e. holiday gift paper). The added incentives of competition and awards for top fundraisers allow your school or school group to score an A+ in fun and raise more money for school programs. Check out what we have to offer for school fundraising sales contests.

Sales Contests for schools

What Are the Best Fundraising Products for School Sales?

There are a myriad of items to choose from for school fundraising sales. Ideas that work for elementary school fundraising may not work as well for older kids. Keep in mind that if you sell candy and cookie dough, you may not be sending the right message to your students. So first, consider your school audience.

Great items for school fundraising sales will be items that people actually want to buy that also support the mission of your school or group. Some of the most popular items for school sales include:

  • School spirit wear – hoodies, t-shirts, caps with the school mascot or logo, face masks
  • Frozen pizzas or other frozen meals
  • Popcorn sales
  • Gift wrap or holiday decorations
  • Household necessities – trash bags, dish soaps, and more
  • Personal care and hygiene items
  • Candles
  • Household goods
  • Kitchen tools and gadgets
  • Smencils (smelling pens and pencils)
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Discount cards or Entertainment books with coupons
  • Coffee or chocolate bars

Utilize an Online Store for School Fundraising Sales

Whatever your school or group decides to sell, taking school product sales online will increase your fundraising potential. Sell more with less work! Online school product sales are also a must when social distancing is required. With DoJiggy, individuals and teams (ie students and classrooms) can sell for your organization, by enabling peer to peer functionality for your online store. This means that each student and/or group will have a personal fundraising page where items are sold and sales are tracked by participant. Top fundraisers are rewarded with a rewards badge and prizes can be configured for the top salesperson or team.

No shipping costs are calculated with our school fundraising stores. Items can be delivered to your student fundraisers for distribution to their supporters. Alternatively, supporters can pick up the items directly. You can set up your preferred delivery logistics and text in the store template.

Our stores are a great option to get your organization set up and selling quickly, with little effort. School and PTO administrators can set up the store for free and add items within minutes.

Features of our Simple Stores for school product sales include:

  • Ability to add unlimited items with multiple variations on each product – ie size and color of shirts
  • Sales tax can be added to items
  • Fundraising thermometer tracks sales progress overall, on student and classroom or group pages
  • Live stream video option to launch fundraising campaigns online (via YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live or Vimeo)
  • Promote your fundraising sales via our free Text to Donate feature
  • Customizable auto-generated receipts to constituents
  • Allow supporters to leave comments on your store updates page
  • Take online donations, in addition to product sales
  • Free pricing model, pay only a percentage of sales or ask supporters for optional tips

Simple Stores

Simple Stores Pricing


There are no platform fees when you use our free pricing model. Optional donor tips from your supporters allow us to offer the platform free of charge.


With percentage pricing, 4.9% is applied to each credit card transaction. Organizations decide who covers the cost.

Regular Stripe payment processing fees apply. 

How do I Manage and Track Product Sales for the Contest?

This is where the fun comes in! Our peer to peer sales platform tracks total dollars earned, as well as top fundraising individuals and teams. All sales are securely processed online, making managing the sales program much easier for the fundraising organizer. If you want, you can still accept and enter check sales into the program.

Students of all ages have immersed themselves in social networking communities. They enjoy being online and therefore may be more likely to participate in an online fundraiser. They love to share photos and stories about themselves with family, friends, and peers. DoJiggy’s online stores allow each participant to customize their own fundraising page with pictures and a mission statement. A thermometer goes up as they reach their fundraising goals. Students manage and track donations and sales online, and can compare their accomplishments to that of their friends, making for healthy competition. Note – this function can be disabled if desired.

Choosing a School Product Sales Vendor

There are many vendors that produce quality products for school fundraising sales. Be sure to do your research and ask questions before making this important decision for your school or PTO fundraising sales.School Fundraising Sales

  • Do they have a proven track record? How long have they been in business?
  • Can you see product samples?
  • What happens if items are not delivered on time?
  • Are you committing to a certain number of product sales? Do you get a discount for selling more items?
  • Are items pre-paid or order and paid after/upon delivery?

Check out all of the products that has to offer

What is a Fundraising Discount Card?

One top recommendation for a high school fundraising sales contest is selling discount cards. A discount shopping card is a wallet-sized card with a selection of prearranged discounts for local and national merchants. Each card sells for around $10 and provides for unlimited usage of special offers for one year. Your school can set a card price or allow buyers to select a donation amount in exchange for a discount card. Require a minimum donation that covers expenses and a small donation for the cause.

There are many benefits to selling discount cards. They are small and portable with a low overhead cost and can be easily mailed at the cost of regular mail because of their size. These cards are not only great tools for raising funds but also for spreading awareness about your cause as they allow for customization with your school logo and tagline. Lastly, discount cards are very appropriate during hard economic times. People are looking for great deals and ways to save money. Why not give them an opportunity to save while also contributing to a good cause?

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