School Fundraising Sales Contest

School Fundraising Ideas: Sales ContestProduct sales are a great way to get students involved in raising funds for your school or organization. Many schools sell candy, magazines, holiday items, and gift or discount cards. All of these items can make for a successful fundraising sales contest, especially if sold during seasons where the item is in high demand (i.e. holiday gift paper). And, the added incentive of competition and awards for top fundraisers may allow your school to raise more money for school programs.

Consider selling items online via an eCommerce school store.

A top recommendation for a school sales contest is selling discount cards. There are many benefits of selling discount cards. They are small and portable with a low overhead cost, and can be easily mailed at the cost of regular mail because of their size. These cards are not only great tools for raising fundraising dollars, but also for spreading awareness about your cause as they allow for customization with your school logo and tagline. Lastly, discount cards are very appropriate during hard economic times. People are looking for great deals and ways to save money. Why not give them an opportunity to save while also contributing to a good cause?

What is a discount card?

A discount shopping card is a wallet-sized card with a selection of prearranged discounts at local and national merchants in your area. Each card sells for around $10 and provides for unlimited usage of special offers for one year. Your school can set a card price or allow buyers to select a donation amount in exchange for a discount card. Require a minimum donation that covers expenses and a small donation, yet allow donors to donate more per card.

How do you manage and track sales for the contest?

This is where the fun comes in! Students of all ages have immersed themselves in social networking communities. They enjoy being online and therefore may be more likely to participate in an online fundraiser. They love to share photos and stories about themselves with family, friends and peers. DoJiggy offers an online fundraising tool called DoJiggy Pledge that allows each participant to create their own fundraising page with a picture, mission statement, and a thermometer that goes up as they reach their fundraising goals. Students manage and track donations online, and can compare their accomplishments to that of their friends, making for healthy competition.

DoJiggy Pledge tracks total dollars earned, top fundraising individuals and teams, and processes payments securely, making managing the program much easier for the fundraising organizer. Try our Pledge software with our free 14 day trial.

Choosing a card vendor

There are many vendors that produce product discount cards and gift cards. Be sure to do your research and ask questions! We suggest Fast Track Fundraising.

Important notes: Some vendors will design the card for you, while others will allow you to upload your own artwork. Also, some providers assume legal responsibility if there are any errors in the printing process. This should be an important area to pay attention to because if there is a major typo on a card (i.e. a local business is offering 10% off, but the offer accidentally prints as 90% off) – someone has to be responsible for this, and the cards may have to be re-printed. If you have a marketing team that is committed to rigorous proofing and you have your card sponsors sign their approval on final proofing stages prior to going to press… you should be able to avoid these pitfalls.

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