Configuration & Setup Gateway Configuration and Setup Service

DoJiggy can optionally integrate your fundraising website with your established account. This service insures your account is correctly configured and tested to accept all supported credit cards on your website, and will help you in confirming that payments are being settled to your bank account. We wish to provide you with peace of mind in making sure that your payment processing account configuration is 100% complete so that you can focus on fundraising.

Configuration and Setup Services Include:

  • Generation of your API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  • Setting the correct required transaction fields.
  • Setting your basic Address Verification Settings (AVS).
  • Setting your account to live transaction mode.
  • Configuring your DoJiggy account(s) with your API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  • Adding the approved merchant seal to your website.
  • Running a $1.00 live transaction and confirming that it is accepted.
  • Testing all of your supported credit cards to confirm that they are properly configured.

The Gateway Configuration and Setup Service is offered at $49 and provided at no charge for DoJiggy Merchant Services clients. BUY NOW

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