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4 Commonly Asked Questions When Planning a Fundraiser

4 Commonly Asked Questions When Planning a Fundraiser

Spring is a busy time for our customers – many are planning charity golf tournaments or summer walk-a-thons or a variety of outdoor fundraising events. As we’ve taken calls and assisted numerous clients with setting up their fundraising websites, we’ve found many people asking for additional fundraising resources. Because of these requests, we’ve put together a list of some commonly asked questions and available fundraising resources to help you plan your event!

4 Commonly Asked Questions for Planning a Fundraiser

Who do you recommend for credit card processing?

Most fundraising campaigns and events now include some kind of online component. This means your organization is going to need credit card processing services. Accepting online donations, collecting registration payments, sponsor fees, and many other facets require credit cards to be processed.

When customers asked us this question in the past, we had a variety of partners to recommend. And, we still work with other payment processors if your company already has a merchant service provider. However, we now offer this service ourselves! Our merchant services division offers some of the lowest processing rates in the industry, along with a number of other benefits like no annual contracts, no termination fees, 1-2 day approvals, and a free donations website with activation of a new account!

How do I attract and secure fundraising sponsors?

This is another critical piece to many fundraising campaigns and events. While donations are often the primary source of funds for many causes, sponsors can also bring in a large portion of funding as well.

If you are also interested in bringing sponsors on board, there’s no time to start like the present! Fundraising sponsors can provide a noticeable boost to your fundraising efforts. To help you do just that, we’ve put together a presentation to give you all the resources you need to attract, pitch, and secure fundraising sponsors: How to Get Sponsors to Support Your Organization

How do I ensure my fundraising website matches my brand?

Every organization wants to communicate its mission and brand as efficiently and accurately as possible. One of the best ways to do that is through a fundraising website. A custom fundraising website allows you to create a place where you can communicate exactly who your organization really is, what your cause is, and other vital information that’s important to potential donors.

Our fundraising websites are as easy to set up using our customizable website templates. You create a site that matches the brand standards of your organization, while safely and securely collecting donations and managing all the details of your fundraising event. You can easily upload images and videos, make goal statements, show sponsor logos, including event details, and even track and show your fundraising success with a goal thermometer.

Do you have any planning tools and templates I can use?

Many of our clients often ask for advice on how to effectively plan their events, or if we can recommend any fundraising planning tools that can help them do so. We understand how important fundraising events are to the success of any campaign. Read our comprehensive guide on nonprofit event planning.

We have also collected a series of resources in our Fundraising Planning Resource Center. This includes tools, tips, “how-to” guidelines, and even free event templates to help you with your planning. These free fundraising templates have helped many past and current clients with their events. You can download templates such as a sample fundraising event budget, fundraising event flyers, walk-a-thon pledge sheets, golf tournament planning checklist, silent auction bid sheets, and many more!

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