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7 Best Free Event Planning Tools and Apps

7 Best Free Event Planning Tools and Apps

Are you looking for the best free event planning tools and apps available? If so, we’ve got the information to help you find what fits your needs.

Event planning is a complex yet rewarding endeavor, requiring careful organization and strategic coordination. Many free event planning apps and tools have emerged as invaluable allies, simplifying tasks and enhancing efficiency throughout the event lifecycle.

Whether you’re orchestrating a special event fundraiser, conference, or corporate gathering, these free event planning tools offer a plethora of features to streamline the process. Read on to explore the basics of event management software, what to look for when choosing event planning tools, and compare the best picks for 2024. Hint hint: think DoJiggy!

Understanding Event Management Software: The Basics

Event management software serves as a central hub for planning and executing events of all sizes. From registration and ticketing to attendee tracking and post-event analysis, these platforms offer a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline every aspect of event planning.

By harnessing the power of these technologies, organizers can enhance collaboration, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver memorable experiences for attendees.

Types of Event Management Software

The landscape of event management software encompasses various categories, each tailored to specific organizational needs:

  • Ticketing and Event Registration: Online event registration and ticketing are the basis for event management software, allowing organizations to promote and get money before an event.
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management software assists businesses in managing sales, marketing, and customer data. While primarily used for sales, CRM platforms can support event planning by facilitating attendee engagement and lead generation.
  • Event Planning Tools: Dedicated event planning applications offer a range of features to aid teams in communication and task scheduling. These tools are important solutions for orchestrating event tasks from inception to execution and may include time-tracking tools. Time tracking enables organizers to monitor and allocate resources efficiently, ensuring timely task completion and adherence to schedules.

It’s important to note that many organizations simultaneously use several types of event management software. For example, a foundation organizing a large conference might utilize:

  • CRM software for managing attendee relations
  • Event ticketing for online registration
  • Time tracking tools for efficient planning
  • Specialized event planning applications for tasks like venue selection and scheduling

This integrated approach allows for a streamlined planning process, leveraging each tool’s strengths for a more effective event management strategy. The result is a more efficient process and a better attendee experience. It’s a win-win!

Selecting the Best Free Event Planning Tools

Selecting the Best Free Event Planning Tools

When exploring event management software options, it’s crucial to consider various factors to select the most suitable tool for your needs. Look for these features when selecting free event planning tools:

User-friendly Interface

Opt for tools with intuitive interfaces that streamline the planning process and minimize the learning curve for your constituents.

Feature Set and Capabilities

Of course, you’ll need to evaluate each tool’s feature set, ensuring they align with your event planning needs, from guest management to budget tracking and beyond.

Customization Options

Some free tools offer a limited, cookie-cutter solution. Choose tools that allow for customization in their templates, enabling you to tailor layouts to suit your event’s unique requirements and branding.

Collaboration and Communication Features

Seek out platforms that facilitate seamless collaboration among team members and vendors through integrated communication channels, ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page.

Reporting Capabilities and Tracking Systems

Prioritize tools equipped with comprehensive tracking that offer real-time updates on various aspects of event management, including attendee registrations and ticket sales.

Compatibility with Other Platforms and Devices

Ensure compatibility across various devices and operating systems, enabling flexibility in accessing and managing event planning tasks anytime.


This article focuses on the best FREE event management tools available, so all of these companies offer a free platform option. Many also offer premium or team features and upgrades.

By considering these features and functions, your team can effectively evaluate event planning tools and make the best-informed decision that aligns with your event objectives and organizational needs.

Top 7 Event Planning Tools and Apps

Now that we’ve established a basic understanding of what you should look for, let’s explore the best free event planning tools and apps for 2024.

DoJiggy – The Best Free Event Ticketing Platform with Powerful Gamification Tools

DoJiggy - Best Free Event Planning App

What We Do: DoJiggy provides a user-friendly platform for free event ticketing, incorporating gamification elements to engage participants and boost event excitement. Ideal for fundraising events, it allows organizers to create customizable event pages, manage registrations, and track sales in real time.

Why Our Users Love DoJiggy: DoJiggy’s gamification aspect is a game-changer, making it not just about ticket sales but also about creating an engaging, interactive experience for attendees. This approach can significantly increase participation rates and fundraising amounts.

DoJiggy also offers a diverse range of customizable templates suited to different types of events, such as golf tournaments, auctions, and raffles.

Free Pricing: DoJiggy offers our event management platform for free, including fundraising pages, a live streaming studio, and text to donate. Event attendees can add an optional tip to fund the platform cost.

Learn more about DoJiggy’s free pricing plan!

More Free Event Registration Websites



What They Do: Easy event registration and ticketing platform with a focus on nonprofit campaigns and fundraising.

Why We Love It: GiveButter has a fun, cheeky style but is serious about helping groups raise money. They provide unique payment options, including Donor Advised Funds and Venmo.

Free Pricing: Free pricing for all services, with tips from constituents.



What They Do: Powerful event registration and ticketing platform with a focus on fundraising and charity campaigns. They also support peer-to-peer fundraising and advanced registration options.

Why We Love It: RallyUp can manage in-person, virtual or hybrid events with a built-in livestream studio and community chatter features.

Free Pricing: Free pricing with optional donor tips. Premium integrations and features are available for $99/month.

Best Free Event Collaboration, Communication, and Scheduling Tools



What They Do: Monday.com facilitates event collaboration through an intuitive interface and customizable tools, simplifying project management for events.

Why We Love It: Its user-friendly design and flexibility in managing event projects make it a standout tool for collaboration.

Free Pricing: Offers a free individual plan. Premium plans start at $9 per seat per month.



What They Do: Slack enhances team communication with its organized messaging platform, supporting seamless collaboration across event planning teams.

Why We Love It: Its channel-based communication system and real-time updates foster efficient collaboration.

Free Pricing: Slack has a free plan that will meet many group needs. Their premium plans begin at $7.25 per month.



What They Do: ClickUp offers comprehensive event management tools for task coordination, client collaboration, and budget management.

Why We Love It: Its user-friendly interface and robust task management capabilities make event planning seamless.

Free Pricing: Features a “Free Forever” plan; premium plans start at $5 per member per month.



What They Do: nTask simplifies event planning with its task management and collaboration features, offering intuitive tools and integration.

Why We Love It: The platform’s straightforward task management and team collaboration capabilities streamline the event planning process.

Free Pricing: Has a free basic plan; premium plans start at $3 per user per month.

Conclusions on Event Planning Tools

In conclusion, the landscape of event planning apps is rich, offering organizers a plethora of options to enhance productivity and deliver exceptional events. Take the time to select the right tools to unlock their full potential and create memorable experiences for your event attendees.

By leveraging the right event planning app for your needs, you’ll navigate the complexities of event management with confidence and efficiency. Here’s to your next success!

Looking to get started? DoJiggy is the most versatile, free event management software available. From ticketing, branding, analytics, and much more, it’s no wonder why more organizations are choosing DoJiggy to reach success.

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