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Best Online Raffle Sites for Nonprofit and Charity Fundraising

Best Online Raffle Sites for Nonprofit and Charity Fundraising

Online raffles are a popular fundraising tool for nonprofits and charities. The convenience and excitement of digital raffle platforms make it easier than ever to reach a broad audience and generate significant funds.

In this article, we will explore why raffles are such effective fundraisers, compare the best software for charity raffles and sweepstakes, and highlight some of the top platforms available, including DoJiggy, RallyUp, Eventgroove, and others. By the end, you’ll know which best online raffle site is right for your organization.

Why Raffles Make Great Fundraisers

Whether you’re a small nonprofit just starting with online fundraising or a large charity looking to expand your digital fundraising efforts, online raffles can provide a fun and effective way to engage supporters and generate funds for your cause. Let’s start by reviewing why raffles might be a good choice for your organization’s next fundraising campaign.

Raffles Offer a Broad Appeal

Benefits of the Best Online Raffle Sites

Raffles appeal to many people. The prospect of winning a prize for a relatively small investment while at the same time making a donation to a worthy organization entices a wide range of participants. Unlike other fundraising ideas that may require a substantial commitment of time or money, raffles are accessible to almost everyone. This broad appeal translates into higher participation rates and more significant fundraising potential.

Raffles Are Easy to Organize and Manage

Organizing and managing a raffle has never been easier with the power of online raffle sites. These platforms provide user-friendly interfaces that allow organizers to set up raffles, sell tickets, track sales, and select winners with minimal effort. This ease of use frees up time and resources, allowing organizations to focus on promoting their cause and engaging with supporters.

Online Raffles Are a Cost-Effective Fundraising Option

Online raffles are a cost-effective fundraising method. They eliminate the need for physical tickets, venue rentals, and other expenses associated with traditional fundraising events. Additionally, many online raffle platforms offer free or affordable pricing plans that scale with the size and scope of the event, making them accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Digital Platforms Provide Enhanced Reach and Engagement

Online raffle platforms enable nonprofits to reach a larger audience. Social media integration and email marketing tools make it easy to promote raffles and engage with supporters. Sharing raffle links and updates in real-time helps build and maintain momentum and encourages more participation.

Best Software for Charity Raffles and Sweepstakes

Now that we’ve considered why so many organizations host fundraising raffles, let’s discover the five top raffle sites for charity raffles.

DoJiggy: The Best Online Platform for Charity Raffle Fundraising

DoJiggy: The Best Online Platform for Charity Raffle Fundraising

DoJiggy is a comprehensive fundraising platform that offers robust tools for organizing online raffles. With DoJiggy, nonprofits can easily set up and manage raffles, sell tickets online, and track sales. The platform also supports multiple payment options, including offline sales, making it convenient for supporters. DoJiggy’s user-friendly interface and customizable templates will ensure that each raffle aligns with the organization’s branding and messaging.

Keep in mind that raffle eligibility varies by state and local jurisdiction, and some organizations are prohibited from running online raffles. DoJiggy also offers donor-friendly charity sweepstakes sites that allow organizations that are not 501c3 nonprofits and others to run giveaways.

Key Features of DoJiggy’s Raffle Platform

  • Easy setup and management
  • Ability to sell tickets for certain prizes or any prize
  • Multiple payment options for supporters
  • Free text to donate and scan to donate
  • Customizable raffle templates
  • Social media integration

DoJiggy’s Raffle Pricing

DoJiggy offers two pricing options for organizations to run raffles:

  • Free software with optional donor tipping + Stripe fees
  • Platform fee of 7.9% (with opportunity for supporters to pay fees) + Stripe fees

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RallyUp: One of the Top Online Raffle Sites

RallyUp is another excellent platform for hosting online raffles. RallyUp offers a wide range of features, including customizable raffle pages, real-time ticket sales tracking, and automated winner selection. The platform also supports various fundraising formats, such as charity auctions and crowdfunding, allowing organizations to choose the best approach for their needs.

Key Features of RallyUp’s Raffle Platform

  • Customizable raffle pages
  • Real-time ticket sales tracking
  • Automated winner selection
  • Supports multiple fundraising formats
  • Secure payment processing

RallyUp’s Raffle Platform Pricing

RallyUp offers two pricing options:

  • Free software with donor tipping + payment processing fees
  • Fixed platform fee of 7.5% (with opportunity for supporters to pay platform fees) + payment processing fees


Eventgroove for online raffles

Eventgroove offers a powerful and flexible solution for online raffles. Eventgroove’s platform is designed to handle everything from ticket sales to prize distribution. With features like custom branding, social media sharing, and detailed analytics, Eventgroove ensures that each raffle runs smoothly and effectively. The platform’s customer support is also highly rated, providing assistance whenever needed.

Key Features of Eventgrove’s Raffle Platform

  • Custom branding
  • Social media sharing
  • Detailed analytics
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Flexible pricing plans

Eventgroove’s Raffle Pricing

Eventgroove also offers two pricing options:

  • Free software with donor tipping + Stripe fees
  • Fixed platform fee of 7.5% (no tips) + Stripe fees


GalaBid for  for online raffles

GalaBid is a fundraising platform that supports a variety of event types, including online raffles. With GalaBid, organizations can create engaging raffle experiences with interactive features such as leaderboards. The platform’s robust analytics tools provide insights into raffle performance, helping organizations optimize their fundraising strategies.

Key Features of GalaBid’s Raffle Platform

  • Interactive features and real-time updates
  • Easy ticket sales and management
  • Integration with other fundraising events
  • Secure payment processing

GalaBid Pricing

GalaBid offers three pricing options for raffle fundraising:

  • Free software plus suggested tips + Stripe fees
  • 4.9% software fee without tips + Stripe fees
  • Flat fee upfront of $1250 USD or $1750 CAD without tips + Stripe fees



Raffall is a user-friendly platform for organizing online competitions and raffles. The platform offers customizable raffle pages, multiple payment options, and powerful promotional tools. Raffall’s intuitive interface makes it easy for organizations to set up and manage raffles, but it doesn’t offer the variety of fundraising options that other platforms can.

Key Features of Raffall’s Raffle Platform

  • Customizable raffle pages
  • Powerful promotional tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive support resources

Raffall’s Pricing

Raffal doesn’t disclose pricing on its website.

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Online raffles are an effective and engaging way for nonprofits and charities to raise funds. The platforms highlighted in this article offer a range of features and tools that make it easy to organize, manage, and promote charity raffles. By leveraging these platforms, organizations can reach a broader audience, increase participation, and maximize their fundraising potential.

With DoJiggy’s robust platform and a well-executed strategy, your next raffle can be a resounding success.

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