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Donor Ease with Credit Card Processing for Nonprofits

Donor Ease with Credit Card Processing for Nonprofits

The reality of today’s global economy is that accepting credit cards are a necessary part of business and the nonprofit community. The idea of figuring out credit card processing for nonprofits and schools can appear to be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Accepting credit card payments, and processing them, is easier than ever thanks to technology, mobile accessibility and integration with fundraising and donation websites.

Security Comes First

With credit card processing for nonprofits, a very important factor to keep in mind is ensuring that the donor trust and confidence that you have worked so hard to gain, and keep, is upheld if they should chose to give via credit card. Private schools also need to take tuition and fees via their school website software. Ensuring that credit card processing is safe, reliable and accessible for everyone is an important step in ensuring that donors and constituents are comfortable to support your mission and you receive the funds in a timely manner. 

Every nonprofit agency and school should take a few things into consideration when choosing to accept credit card gifts and how to process them.

Selecting a Payment Processing Partner

In order to accept credit card payments online and in person, your nonprofit organization must select a payment processor or merchant services provider. For flexibility in processing payments, an institution must apply to accept credit cards and partner with a company that specializes in merchant services. Opening a merchant account allows your organization to process credit cards online and receive funds directly into your bank account within 2-3 days. Of course this is much faster, and safer, than accepting, depositing and processing a check.

By partnering directly with a merchant services provider, it enables your non-profit to save money by not paying a third party for these services. This is an excellent example of lowering your cost to raise a dollar while shortening your timelines for processing in addition to cutting through red tape between accepting the donation and putting it to work in your mission. Less time processing means more immediate impact for your mission.

DoJiggy offers merchant services accounts for non-profits in the U.S. and Canada. Contact Sales to learn more.

Websites that Work

Whether it be a golf tournament registration, a special event ticket purchase or a gift to the annual fund drive, your non-profit’s website should work for you by accepting credit cards in a safe, secure and reliable manner. Often times we think about websites as the attractive marketing tool that they are, yet they are also effective ways for donors to support your mission monetarily with a simple click of a button.

In order to be able to perform credit card processing on your website, your nonprofit will need to use an online gateway for secure online payment processing of credit and debit cards. An online credit card processing gateway is needed in order to safely and easily collect payments and donations right from your website and even from your donor’s mobile devices. All of DoJiggy’s merchant accounts utilize the industry leading Authorize.net payment gateway. 

DoJiggy also offers an integrated payments option, which does not require a full merchant account. This is a great option for organizations that process less than $100,000 or for only a few months annually. This option also allows you to process credit cards without reporting on PCI compliance requirements.

As with all of our software offerings, our Non-Profit Merchant Accounts are PCI compliant and work securely on all platforms. What does PCI compliant mean for you and your donors? It means that credit card gifts are processed and stored securely. By utilizing the Authorize.net payment gateway with all e-commerce accounts, it allows you to assure your donors that their information is safe, while building on the trusting relationship that you already have together.

Credit Card Processing on the Go

Whether it be processing auction winnings, raffle ticket purchases at a golf tournament or being able to accept credit cards for gifts at any event- the ability to accept credit cards in an efficient, fast and secure manner can be a game changer for any live event.

Remember back in the day when you would hand over your credit card and the clerk would place it underneath a piece of carbon paper and slide the big clunky machine back and forth to make a card impression? Well, that no longer has to happen.

Some events set up laptops for team members to process credit cards through the online portal, which is just one way that you can accept credit cards in person.

Today, all you need is a credit card swiper that can plug right into your mobile device to quickly and securely process credit cards. DoJiggy swipers attach to a mobile phone or iPad and are ideal for fundraising events where your organization needs to quickly and securely process credit cards with a quick swipe of the card. It’s as simple as that.

DoJiggy includes one swiper at no cost with our non-profit credit card processing accounts. A $5 monthly gateway fee may apply. There’s no need to partner with other swiper merchants when your complete credit card process can be seamlessly managed through your credit card processing account with DoJiggy. Please note that we can only offer swipers for US based merchants, at this time.

Creating a seamless process of accepting credit cards and processing them in a safe and secure way, both in person and online, is all about donor cultivation, retention and the greatest amount of impact for your mission with a streamlined, efficient process.

By removing barriers for your donors to give you are allowing funds to flow to the people that need it most- the people touched by your mission. This is truly successful credit card processing for nonprofits.

Merchant Accounts vs. Integrated Payments

So which one is right for your organization? Read more on selecting between DoJiggy Payments and a merchant account.


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