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The Best Golf Tournament Prizes and Award Ideas

The Best Golf Tournament Prizes and Award Ideas

Charity golf tournaments make great fundraisers. The drive to be the best, plus the all-around fun of playing a good round of golf makes them eternally popular. Of course, there is the question of golf tournament prizes and things to offer during your fundraiser that will help your organization earn more.

Read on for proven golf tournament prize ideas and fun suggestions to feature during your next tournament.

Golf Tournament Prize Ideas

Golf Tournament Prize

Golf is a social sport as well as a competitive one. Think about this when choosing your golf tournament prizes and consider how to balance the two. Whether your charity is hosting a fundraising raffle or contests and challenges during the fundraiser, here are some excellent, typical golf tournament prizes to give away on the course or at the end of the day.

Golfer Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags

Many charity tournaments start by giving golfer goodie bags at check-in. Providing goodie bags to all your golfers is a great way to show gratitude for their attendance and donation. Stock them with sunscreen, lip balm, bug repellent, some extra tees, golf balls, ball markers, divot tools, and whatever else you can come up with or get donated. This is an excellent opportunity to allow your tournament sponsors to provide something as well – a coupon, voucher, or brochure from their business. Goodie bags are a versatile gift everyone is sure to appreciate.

Custom Apparel

Golf apparel

Golf apparel is a popular golf tournament gift that won’t break the fundraising budget. Select items associated with the game that can be used comfortably when playing. Custom-printed shirts, golf caps, wind jackets, and rain gear are all great choices for golf tournament prizes that golfers will appreciate.

Branded Golf Balls

Golf Ball Prize

Every golfer can do with more golf balls, so presenting them as a prize or golfer gift is always a good idea. Many companies offer branded golf balls where you can add your organization’s logo. Buying them in sets to give away will be more efficient as you can give them out freely at holes and after the tournament. You could even offer them as a funny consolation prize for the player who loses the most balls that day, provided they’d be a good sport about it.

Golf Duffel Bags

Golf Duffel Bags

A nice golf tournament prize you can offer for a higher-ranked win for the day is a high-quality duffel bag. These make a great prize for use in and out of golf, as a safe place to stash away clothes and other equipment. Golf bags can be customized and also work well as gifts for the highest fundraisers in golf marathon fundraising events. Consider customizing the bag for the winner to say “1st place, winner or champion” to celebrate an unforgettable golf fundraising tournament. 

Golf GPS Watches

Golf GPS Watches

Smart golf watches are a desirable golf tournament prize for serious golfers that have the potential to attract more participants hoping to win. Choose a golf watch that shows how far you hit a ball and what club to use. Upload the golf course you’re playing on to get detailed maps. Help your tournament winner improve their game like a pro with this incredible wearable tech. 

Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves are great prizes

A good pair of golf gloves is something that every golfer would love to get their hands on – or in! Get a few pairs of gloves to give away during the fundraiser to your more serious players who spend a lot of time on the green. This is a great prize for a putting contest or for the team that makes it to the clubhouse first.

Masterclasses and Workshops

Golf Workshops

What aspiring golfer wouldn’t want a few expert tips from a PGA Pro? Offer a private one-hour golf lesson with a professional that is tailor-made to the winner’s abilities and skills. Maybe throw in a lunch or drinks for two at the golf club to wind down after the session and share the experience with a friend or family member. Group classes and workshops like cooking, acting, or something arty are also popular prizes.

Tournament Trophies, Plaques, and Certificates

Golf Tournament Trophies

Even if your main goal is fundraising, winning golfers should receive recognition for their efforts. Golf is a competitive sport and players want to win and be recognized. Trophies and plaques proclaim both their golfing skill and their magnanimous efforts in contributing to your organization.

Hole in One Tournament Prizes

Hole in One contests

A hole-in-one contest takes golf tournament prizes to a whole new level. Golf tournament prizes for making a hole in one on a designated hole can include cars, ATVs, boats, and large cash prizes. That’s why organizations generally choose Hole in One insurance when considering this type of golf tournament prize.

Gift Baskets 

Gift Baskets

Prize baskets are an appealing way to showcase several items and offer an impressive but often cost-effective or donated golf tournament prize. By adding a personal touch, your supporters will be talking about their basket and the golf fundraiser long after it’s finished. A few popular items to include in your gift baskets are cheese and wine, spa vouchers, fun gadgets, and movie tickets.

Dinner for Two

Dinner for two

Of course, not all golf tournament prizes have to be geared toward the game of golf. Virtually anyone would be delighted to win dinner for two at a nice local restaurant. Approach restaurants and offer them recognition or a hole sponsor in exchange for this type of in-kind donation.

Event Tickets

Golf Tournament Event tickets

Tickets for concerts, festivals, the theater, and sports matches are among some of the most favored golf tournament prize ideas. Why not see if you can get a behind-the-scenes tour of a football stadium or a backstage pass to a music concert donated to your fundraising event to increase attendee interest?



Everyone is looking to update their electronic devices with the latest version, which is why they are so popular as golf tournament prizes. Echo Devices, Kindles, Smart TVs, and even new phones are all in-demand products and will attract people of all ages to take part in your charity golf tournament.

A golf tournament is a fun way to get people to talk about and donate to your organization – and offering great golf tournament prizes will help incentivize golfers. We hope that this list of golf tournament prize ideas will help you get a hole-in-one for your event.

DoJiggy Provides Easy Online Registration for Fundraising Golf Tournaments

DoJiggy Golf Tournament Software

A convenient means for golfers to register online will be a great relief for both you and the participants. Whether it’s one player or a foursome, you can get funds before your event, while providing ease to players who would rather cut the long lines at the registration table. Use the industry-leading golf tournament software to get this done right.

More Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

With the golf tournament prizes sorted, you can now focus on adding more fundraising ideas to your tournament. Each golfer brings with them plenty of chances to donate, so finding creative ways for them to do so will help get more funds for your cause. Here are four great ways to get donations during the tournament.

Sell Mulligan Packages

Mulligan Packages

Golfers tend to mess up their putts sometimes in such a precise game. This is frustrating on their end, so why not take it as an opportunity to get them to donate a bit more? You can have them purchase mulligans to use when they don’t quite make the shot. This will allow them to redo their shots without penalty. Limiting the number of mulligans allowed per person or team is best.

Recruit Golf Tournament Sponsorships

Golf Tournament Sponsor

Recruiting golf tournament sponsors is a fantastic idea to bring in revenue. Sponsorships also make preparing for a successful event easier as you have more money during the early planning stages. Promoting sponsors and providing tables to sell their goods at the event are benefits that sponsors will want. Even sponsors donations made in kind can be used as auction items or raffle prizes.

Host Raffles and Auctions

Raffles and Auctions

Virtually any golf fundraiser can benefit from a raffle or online charity auction. Selling raffle tickets is a great way to receive more donations, as long as the pricing is correctly figured and attractive prizes have been donated. Everyone will want to win, so this will be a great segment of the day to relax in between rounds or after the tournament.

Provide Watering Holes

Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas should be fun!

A fabulous idea to get more donations is placing watering stations at certain holes on the course. If you can get the golf course to agree, you will secure more funds as players buy ice-cold drinks under the sun’s sweltering heat. Whether alcoholic or not, all players will surely enjoy a beverage they’ve earned after playing all day. Reach out to sponsors for the drinks and get more proceeds while keeping your golfers hydrated.

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