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How Do I Get Sponsors for a Charity Golf Tournament?

How Do I Get Sponsors for a Charity Golf Tournament?

Organizing a charity golf tournament is an excellent way to raise funds and awareness for your cause. To raise the most and make your event genuinely impactful, you will likely want to seek the support of corporate and business sponsors. Sponsorships provide financial assistance for your event while helping attract golfers and create a memorable experience for attendees.

In this blog, we will explore the strategies to attract sponsors for and support your charity golf event and introduce the benefits of golf tournament software in streamlining the process.

Define Your Tournament Objectives and Target Audience

Before reaching out to potential sponsors, it is crucial to define your tournament objectives and identify your target audience of golfers. Consider your target audience’s demographics, interests, and values and attempt to align them with golf tournament sponsors who share similar values and objectives.

Next, look at your fundraising goals. How will your sponsorship options and fundraising dollars feed into these goals?

Understand Why Businesses Sponsor Charity Events

Understand Why Businesses Sponsor Charity Events

Articulating how prospective sponsors will benefit from working with your organization is critical. Everyone likes to help a great cause; however, companies will look for a win-win relationship when investing in your golf tournament fundraiser.

Here are some reasons companies support charity tournaments. Understand and use these as a focal point when selling sponsorships:

  • Exposure and branding awareness with a new target audience
  • To invite and entertain clients at the event
  • To gain networking opportunities
  • To offer a perk to top employees

Craft an Appealing Sponsorship Proposal

Crafting an attractive sponsorship proposal is key to grabbing the attention of potential sponsors. Your proposal should outline the event’s purpose, its projected community impact, and the benefits sponsors can gain from supporting your charity golf tournament. This is an excellent opportunity for the sponsor to be associated with your organization, so make that clear.

Explain exactly how sponsoring your fundraiser will provide value to the businesses you are prospecting. Include various sponsorship opportunities and sponsorship levels, and provide detailed information on the exposure and recognition sponsors can expect. Potential sponsors will want to hear about branding and logo placement opportunities, acknowledgment at the awards ceremony, and website and social media mentions throughout the campaign.

Create Sponsorship Packages and Levels

Create Sponsorship Packages and Levels

Sponsorship benefit packages should be clearly defined yet flexible enough to personalize to the business you are approaching. Create sponsorship packages with common benefits, but don’t be afraid to customize these packages later. If you are working with a company that expresses they want to be on-site to present their product or services, letting them set up a tent to do just that can make all the difference in how much they are willing to donate.

Differentiate your golf tournament sponsorships by offering unique perks for sponsoring companies. This could include exclusive VIP tables at the course, branding opportunities on golf carts, golf balls and signage, or the chance to host a contest or game within the tournament. Tailor the benefits to match the specific goals of potential sponsors.

Example Golf Tournament Sponsorship Levels

Here are some popular golf tournament sponsorship levels and a sample of the included benefits. The amount you can charge for a sponsorship package will depend on your supporter base and how established your tournament is. These packages should be customized for your organization and community.

Example Golf Tournament Sponsorship Levels - Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor Level – $10,000-$25,00

  • The Title Sponsor presents the golf tournament and must have their name and logo on all promotional materials.
  • They receive recognition throughout the outing, dinner, and awards ceremony.
  • Includes 2 golf foursomes (and offers networking opportunities).
  • VIP tables at the awards ceremony.
  • Logo placement on golf cart and tee signs.
  • Any special opportunity they ask for can be included.

Gold Sponsor Level – $7,500-$10,000

Example Golf Tournament Sponsorship Levels - Silver
  • Company logo and link on website and tournament banners.
  • Recognition at the tournament, dinner, and awards ceremony.
  • Includes a golf foursome and VIP table at the awards ceremony.

Silver Sponsor Level – $3,500-$5,000

  • Company logo and link on website and tournament banners.
  • Recognition at tournament, dinner, and awards ceremony.
  • Includes golf foursome.

Dinner or Luncheon Sponsor – $2,000-$5,000

Hole-in-One or Contest Sponsors - $1000 - $2,000
  • Special signage and recognition at lunch/dinner tables and awards ceremony.
  • Company logo and link on the fundraising website.

Hole-in-One or Contest Sponsors – $1000 – $2,000

  • Includes the sponsor name and logo on the Hole in One or putting contest tee signage.
  • Allow sponsors to include a tent or table at the hole to network and distribute materials.
  • Company logo and link on the fundraising website.

Tee or Hole Sponsors – $500 – $1,000

  • This is the most accessible sponsorship level, and there are generally up to 18 to sell. Keep the sponsorship ask low here and include the sponsor name and logo on the tee signage at one hole.
  • Special holes may also allow the sponsor to hand out materials or sponsor contests.
  • Company logo and link on the fundraising website.

In-Kind Sponsors

In-kind sponsors make donations of goods or services for your tournament. These could include raffle and auction items, beverages, and services supporting your event. While you likely need to raise money more than anything, the support needed for successful golf tournaments goes beyond financial contributions. In-kind sponsors alleviate the financial burden on tournament organizers and enhance the overall experience for participants.

Identifying Potential Sponsors

Now that you have your sponsorship proposal, it’s time to research potential companies that may be interested in sponsorship opportunities. You will want to have at least one committee member responsible for this important task. Start by leveraging your group’s network of supporters to find connections to potential sponsors. If your organization already works with vendors or local businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to ask for sponsorship. If you have a board or staff member with a connection to businesses, ask them to open the conversation or introduce your committee members or development staff.

Identifying Potential Sponsors

Next, research and identify potential golf tournament sponsors with a history of supporting charitable causes in your community. Consider local businesses, corporations, and golf equipment manufacturers or those with a vested interest in golf-related events. Look for sponsors who align with your cause and have the financial capacity to contribute to your event.

Meeting with Potential Sponsors

Do your research before approaching potential sponsors. Personalize your communication for the business and try to find the right contact within the company. Only certain people can decide on event sponsorships, so find out who that person is and arrange a phone call or (better!) an in-person meeting. Then, be prepared to sell with a pitch you have practiced with your team.

  • Explain why you believe their partnership would be a great fit for your charity golf tournament and their company.
  • Emphasize the sponsor benefits and how their support can positively impact their brand reputation.

Don’t forget to follow up with these decision-makers. They are often busy, and following up with them can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Streamline Sponsorship Management with Golf Tournament Software

Create a dedicated golf tournament website to simplify sponsorship management and online registration. Here your organization will feature information about the fundraiser, sponsors, and the positive impact made by sponsors.

Our industry-leading platform streamlines sponsor registration, payment processing, email communication, and financial tracking tasks. It offers a centralized location for promoting sponsors, generating custom reports, and providing real-time updates to sponsors. This technology saves time and enhances the overall efficiency and professionalism of your golf event.

DoJiggy Golf Tournament Software

Conclusion on Attracting Sponsors for a Charity Golf Tournament

Securing sponsors for your charity golf outing is critical to organizing a successful and impactful event. By following the strategies outlined above, such as defining your objectives, creating an appealing sponsorship proposal, approaching potential sponsors strategically, and leveraging digital platforms, you can maximize your chances of securing golf tournament sponsors. Additionally, incorporating charity golf tournament software will streamline the sponsorship management process, allowing you to focus on creating a memorable experience and raising more money.

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