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Partnership Power in Online Fundraising

Partnership Power in Online Fundraising

When three organizations team together on an online fundraising campaign and join forces for one cause the magic begins. Each group with its own support network, infrastructure, skills, and mindset bringing their talents to one table creates a rich effort for one fantastic fundraiser. Unfolding how this works in making one event successful makes for a most interesting story.

A Partnership is Formed

One of the partners involved is the Rotary Club who has offered their generous support in an upcoming charity event in Maine. Consider the effects that a partnership with an established, powerful group such as they are for your online fundraising event, optimizing your chances at bringing in more funds. Their mission statement tells us of their commitment to partner with other organizations: The collective leadership and expertise of our 1.2 million members helps us tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, locally and globally. We are united by common values and vision for the future as we sharpen our focus with targeted specific causes that will reach communities most in need.

The Rotary Club is helping a business called Harbor Hounds Maine in holding an online fundraising event to benefit a non-profit organization. Harbor Hounds grooms dogs and offers them a home away from home, yet they are committed to nonprofit fundraising as well. Since they help dogs every day, they’ve devoted their efforts to give on a deeper level with the assistance of one of our fundraising masters, the Rotary Club.

Already, Harbor Hounds goes above and beyond in their care of dogs by offering them free access to their 1/4 acre outside covered play yard as well as a daycare playroom and eight additional secure outside play yards. And their dog guests enjoy 2 sun cabanas and 2 pools during the summer months. Yet they’ve decided to take their love of dogs a step further by holding a fundraiser for a non-profit organization called Prison Pet Partnership. The richness of this story is about to get richer.

With the resources provided by the Rotary Club and Harbor Hounds, the event will be held this summer to raise funds for Prison Pet Partnership whose objectives are defined in their mission statement: Our mission allows us to grow in many directions, using our foundation of rescuing and training homeless animals and providing job skills training to women inmates. We continue to rescue, train and place service, therapy and companion animals, and also provide animal-assisted therapeutic visits to local convalescent centers, and help students improve reading skills by having dogs listen while children read aloud. We have boarding and grooming facilities to teach women inmates job skills, and we also help inmates write resumes, and practice interviewing skills. PPP scouts for job opportunities in the community in which an inmate will be released, and provide support through job placement as she transitions back into the community.

It is hard to keep a dry eye as our meaningful story unfolds given the heartfelt, constructive and hopeful manifestation this online fundraising campaign leads us to. The crowdfunding event this August will be a creative charity dog run (This type of fundraiser is similar to a walk-a-thon.) It is being organized by the forces of three dynamic organizations in partnership to help an entire society – The Rotary Club, Harbor Hounds Maine and Prison Pet Partnership.

Crowdfunding with a Dog Walk

The Harbor Hounds exciting crowdfunding event is best described by its organizers: Harbor Hounds is a Charity Dog Walk held in downtown Gig Harbor, Washington’s Maritime City, along the spectacular waterfront.  Event sponsors set up booths to display and/or sell their products and services between two end-point locations: Skansie Park and Donkey Creek Park. Registered Dog Walkers walk with their best friend(s) between these two locations, at their leisure, visiting booths, making friends and getting Raffle Cards stamped by the participating sponsors for a chance to win spectacular Harbor Hounds prize packages (to be announced soon). And, we have plenty of sponsor-provided watering holes along the way. There are also a number of fun contests for you to show off your dog. Categories include: Best Tricks, Best Kisser (the dog), Best Tail Wagger, Best Dressed and our fun musical Sit and Stay contest…what a kick! “The day is full of fun and excitement to keep you and your hounds entertained throughout.”

This delightful and fun fundraiser is designed to attract participants by making it joyful which is key to crowdfunding events. The more folks involved the better the odds for revenue to be generated in helping Prison Pets Partnership (PPP) do their work, helping communities everywhere through inspiration and the lasting power of positive change. And the more each pledge event participant articulates why PPP needs funds the better, driving home to donors the reason for their fundraising campaign. Participants need to directly advertise what the money is needed for…to handle the day-to-day operations of PPP and uphold their core values of compassion and respect for people and animals, commitment to service, education and growth, and building partnerships in their community.

With the marketing of the Rotary Club, Harbor House, and Prison Pets Partnership and every participant and donor, this local event can be brought to a global level as powered by online fundraising. The power of a crowdfunding event is held in each individual involved! How is that true? By the power of social media, online fundraising software and the voice of media, the important work of this cause speaks loudly. Helping people who can be hard to reach, or abandoned by society, and homeless animals really matters to people and inspires them to give. Words and effective writing, video fundraising appeals and photos placed on the Internet by all means of online fundraising and advertising overall – every day during its campaign – is a recipe for a successful fundraiser.

Online fundraising software is a powerful tool. Effective Crowdfunding Software offers a cutting-edge, responsive website for online fundraising in a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, such as a walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon. The best crowdfunding software provides a complete management experience with the ability to customize your website with ease of design for all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile.

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