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Dropshipping: Sell Nonprofit Merchandise Without Inventory

Dropshipping: Sell Nonprofit Merchandise Without Inventory

Nonprofits are continually seeking innovative ways to raise funds and increase their impact. One way to easily accomplish this is by dropshipping or selling merchandise online without dealing with inventory. This approach allows nonprofits to focus on their mission, leaving the logistics to experts. But how exactly does dropshipping work? Let’s dive in and discover the world of print-on-demand and dropshipping, focusing on how these methods work for nonprofits.

The Power of Selling Products Online Without Managing Inventory

Imagine being able to sell merchandise for your nonprofit without worrying about stock management, packaging, or shipping. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality made possible with print-on-demand and dropshipping. This model lets you offer a wide range of products in your online store without physically stocking them. When a customer places an order, your supplier handles the inventory, custom printing, packaging, and shipping. This approach frees up your resources, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your mission.

Defining Print-on-Demand

On demand print service

Print-on-demand is a printing technology in which products are not printed until the company offering the items receives an order. This business process changes how customized products are generally created, allowing prints of single or small quantities of items. 

It’s important to note that by using print on demand services, your organization will pay more for each item produced. That’s because the cost of printing one t-shirt is much higher on a per-item basis than if you wanted to print 500 t-shirts. Still, the benefits of print on demand are impressive and allow your organization to spread brand awareness without dealing with inventory or overhead costs.

What is Dropshipping?

Inventory questions

Dropshipping for nonprofits is the process whereby the custom printer ships items directly to the person who ordered them, bypassing the need for your organization to manage the shipping and delivery process. Dropshipping without inventory (also called automated fulfillment) is a game-changer for nonprofits. It eliminates the risk of unsold stock, reduces overhead costs, and allows your group to sell a wide product range. So how can you start dropshipping without any products? The answer lies in partnering with the right platforms.

How We Make Print on Demand and Dropshipping Possible

DoJiggy powers online stores for nonprofits and has integrated with two printing companies, Printful and Printify, to simplify your job. These companies provide on-demand printing and automated fulfillment for DoJiggy’s Pro Stores. This means they produce and ship your custom-designed items after your supporters order them on your store—no need for guesswork or printing up extras that you can’t sell.

This is how it works:

  • Your organization selects an on-demand printer that integrates with DoJiggy. You can review the product catalogs and pricing for Printful and Printify and select the one that is the best fit for your group.
  • You design items online and post them on your website for sale.
  • Your selected drop shipper prints the custom items that have been ordered on your eCommerce store. 
  • Next, Printful or Printify will ship your items directly to your nonprofit constituents and charge your organization the nonprofit rate. 
  • Your organization sets your product rate above this nonprofit rate to ensure that you always make a profit.

Please note: Automated fulfillment is not available with Simple Stores. Only our Pro Stores provide a comprehensive solution for nonprofits looking to make money without dealing with inventory.

Process to sell nonprofit merchandise without inventory

Maximizing Your Nonprofit’s Impact with DoJiggy’s Unique Features

Beyond the convenience of drop shipping, our online stores for nonprofits offer a plethora of features designed to maximize your organization’s impact. These four features, among many more, make it easier than ever to manage your online store and engage with your supporters.

#1. Customizable and Mobile-Responsive eCommerce Store

DoJiggy’s online stores are fully customizable and mobile-responsive. This means you can tailor your store to match your organization’s branding and ensure it looks great on any device. This feature is crucial in today’s digital age, where over half of all online shopping is done via mobile devices.

#2. Automated Email Receipting and Customer Account Management

Use DoJiggy to sell merchandise without storing inventory

With automated email receipting, your customers will receive instant confirmation of their purchases, enhancing their shopping experience. Additionally, customer account management allows your constituents to log in, view orders, and print receipts, providing them with a seamless user experience.

#3. Unlimited Products and Advanced Sales Reporting

DoJiggy allows you to include an unlimited number of products in your store, offering your supporters a wide range of items to choose from. With advanced sales reporting, you can track your store’s performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales.

#4. Secure Online Donations

In addition to selling products, DoJiggy’s online stores also allow you to accept secure online donations and sell virtual items. This feature provides an additional revenue stream for your nonprofit and makes it easy for your supporters to contribute to your cause.

Ideas for Items to Sell in Your Nonprofit Online Store

Lastly, choosing the right products to sell in your online store can significantly impact your nonprofit’s fundraising success. Here are some of the most popular items that nonprofits often sell, which can be easily managed without inventory through dropshipping:

Items to sell merchandise for your nonprofit without dealing with inventory
  • Custom Apparel: School Spirit Wear, T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, socks, hats, and caps customized with your organization’s logo or slogan. 
  • Drinkware: Branded coffee mugs, water bottles, and travel mugs are popular items that supporters can use daily.
  • Accessories: Keychains, tote bags, backpacks, and laptop cases can be customized and are practical items that supporters will appreciate.
  • Home Decor: Customized pillows, wall art, and candles can add a personal touch to your supporter’s home while promoting your cause.
  • Stationery: Branded notebooks, pens, and calendars are useful items that keep your organization in mind throughout the day.
  • Pet Products: Customized pet bandanas, bowls, and toys can appeal to your animal-loving supporters.
  • Holiday Items: Seasonal items like holiday ornaments, gift wrap, and wreaths can be a big hit during the holiday season.

Remember, the key is to choose items that resonate with your supporters and align with your organization’s mission.

Last Thoughts

Selling merchandise for your nonprofit with print-on-demand and dropshipping is not only possible but highly beneficial to your organization. It allows you to focus on your mission while raising funds and building brand awareness. So, why not set up an online shop with DoJiggy today? Start selling without inventory and see the difference it makes for your nonprofit.

The future of nonprofit fundraising is here, and it’s digital. Embrace it and let your nonprofit soar to new heights.

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