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Sweet Success: The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Fundraisers

Sweet Success: The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Fundraisers

Set your organization up for sweet success with a chocolate fundraiser that will boost your cause and delight your supporters. Whether you’re raising funds for your school or PTO, sports team, or charitable organization, there’s no denying the irresistible allure of chocolate. With its mouthwatering taste and near-universal appeal, chocolate has the power to captivate hearts and open wallets.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to run a successful chocolate fundraiser. From choosing the right chocolate products to marketing strategies and tips for maximizing profits, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the Right Chocolate for Your Fundraiser

Selecting the perfect chocolate for your fundraiser is like crafting the perfect playlist for a road trip; it’s vital to your journey’s success. Consider your audience. Are they more likely to enjoy classic candy bars, or would they appreciate the twist of a chocolate-covered pretzel fundraiser? Would they prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate? Offering choices and appealing to a broad palate increases the chance of high sales.

Choose the Right Chocolate for Your Fundraiser

At DoJiggy, we have all of these great chocolate fundraising options for your school group or team fundraising:

  • Katydids – caramel and pecans in milk chocolate
  • America’s Variety – $1 bars
  • Chocolatier’s – $1 or $2 chocolate bars
  • Chocolate-Covered Pretzels – for a salty, fun twist on chocolate
  • Otis Spunkmeyer – Chocolate Chip and Candy Bar Cookie Dough

Not sure which one to choose? Not a problem. Our experts have been doing this for years – just submit the form below, and we will contact your group with options and best practices.

Planning and Promoting Your Chocolate Fundraiser

The blueprint for your chocolate fundraising event should cover everything from the target audience to delivery logistics. When planning your chocolate fundraiser, keep in mind that there are two basic types of fundraising sales programs: 

  • Order-Taker or Brochure Programs– With this type of program, sellers take money for product sales up-front and deliver products later. This type of sale has no risk or up-front cost to the organization since chocolate is ordered based on pre-sales, and no inventory is needed. This type of school fundraising was previously called brochure fundraising but is now often managed on online platforms like DoJiggy.
  • Cash and Carry Programs – With this type of school fundraiser, students will sell chocolate bars directly. They are given a certain number of bars and asked to sell them or return the inventory. This system works well for low-cost items like $1 or $2 chocolate bars, but remember that you’ll likely need money up-front to cover inventory costs.

Set up a Free Online Store for Chocolate Fundraising Campaigns

Set up a Free Online Store for Chocolate Fundraising Campaigns

It’s a smart move to set up a free online store to facilitate your chocolate fundraising. This widens your reach and allows supporters from afar to participate. Provide clear, appealing images of your products, including those delightful chocolate-covered pretzels for your fundraiser, and ensure a smooth checkout process.

Our stores have peer-to-peer fundraising functionality, so schools can effortlessly create individual fundraising pages for students or classes. This enables them to share their fundraising pages with family, friends, and their wider networks. Your school or group will sell more by going online with our free peer-to-peer stores!

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Chocolate Bar Fundraisers for Schools

Chocolate Bar Fundraisers for Schools

One of the most popular and traditional types of chocolate fundraisers is the classic $1 or $2 chocolate bar fundraiser. These fundraisers typically involve students selling chocolate bars right out of the box to family, friends, and community members. It’s a win-win scenario as it not only raises funds but also teaches students valuable lessons about responsibility and community service. And at only $1-$2 a bar and a 50% profit margin, you really can’t go wrong.

We have partnered with a top company for the classic $1 or $2 chocolate bar fundraiser.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Fundraisers

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Fundraisers

Looking for a deliciously effective way to raise funds for your cause? Look no further than chocolate-covered pretzel fundraisers! These goodies offer a delicious combination of salty and sweet flavors and have a wide appeal that can attract a large customer base. These delectable treats not only satisfy but provide a profitable opportunity for organizations of all sizes.

Tips for Maximizing Your Chocolate Fundraiser’s Success

Finding innovative ways to stand out from the crowd with your fundraising efforts and engaging supporters is crucial to your success. Chocolate fundraisers offer an enticing solution especially when they exceed expectations. You can maximize your sales fundraising success by following these tips:

  • Get Social: Harness the power of social media platforms to spread the word and create a buzz around your chocolate fundraiser. Create engaging posts, use compelling visuals, and encourage supporters to share your campaign.
  • Award Prizes to Top Fundraisers: Recognize and incentivize your top fundraisers by offering attractive prizes; this can inspire a healthy competitive spirit and boost participation.
  • Add Chocolate Fundraising with Other Fundraisers: Combine your chocolate fundraiser with other events, such as a PTO movie night or raffle ticket sales. This can attract a larger crowd, allowing you to sell more chocolates.
  • Use an eCommerce Store: An eCommerce store makes your fundraiser accessible to a wider audience, allowing supporters from anywhere to easily purchase your delicious chocolates and contribute to your cause.
  • Make It Easy: Keep the process straightforward and user-friendly, from buying the chocolates to receiving them. The easier it is for people to support your cause, the more likely they are to do so.
  • Diversify your Chocolate Options: Offer a variety of chocolates such as candy bars, truffles, and chocolate-covered pretzels for your fundraiser.
  • Price It Right: Ensure your chocolate is reasonably priced to encourage larger purchases.
  • Team Up: Collaborate with local businesses or groups to increase your reach.

What’s the Profit Margin for Chocolate Fundraising?

What’s the Profit Margin for Chocolate Sales?

The profit margin for chocolate fundraising can vary depending on factors like cost price, selling price, and sales volume. Generally, groups can expect to make a profit margin of about 40-50%. Remember, the goal is to balance attractive pricing for your supporters and a healthy return for your cause.

Fundraising Prizes

Incentivizing your chocolate fundraising can significantly boost sales. Children love prizes and will work hard for even small rewards and prizes. Remember, the success of your event is in their hands! If they reach their goals, your school wins. Therefore, making sure that there are plenty of prizes that are available for students to win is key to the success of your chocolate fundraiser. Add this into your fundraising budget or ask local businesses to sponsor prizes for top fundraisers.

Achieving Sweet Success with Chocolate Fundraisers

With careful planning, the right chocolate selection, enthusiastic promotion, and a sprinkle of creativity, your chocolate fundraiser can be a recipe for sweet success. Remember, it’s not just about raising funds but also about bringing people together for a cause. After all, who can resist the universal allure of chocolate?

By weaving these strategies into your fundraising plan, you’re not just selling chocolate, you’re crafting memorable experiences, and fostering community spirit, one chocolate bar at a time.

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