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Vacation Packages for Charity Auctions and Raffles

Vacation Packages for Charity Auctions and Raffles

If your organization is planning a charity auction fundraiser, you know that procuring great auction items is a big part of the process. While it’s always great to get donated items from local businesses, there is another way to raise even more money in your fundraising auction. That is to provide unique or absolutely stellar items that cannot be easily found elsewhere so that your constituents are happy to pay a premium for these items.

We provide one-of-a-kind travel packages that can be used in live, silent, and online charity auctions and fundraising raffles.

How the Program Works

  • Your organization selects a package or packages that best fits your constituent base – we offer domestic as well as international travel, family packages, virtual experiences, and unique opportunities.
  • Contact us to place a reserve on the package. We will put you in touch with our trusted partner, who manages the program and can answer any questions you may have.
  • Advertise packages widely to draw in bidders. You can promote the items on your fundraising website and event flyers.
  • Auction or raffle the packages at your event without paying any money upfront. 
  • Your organization receives the funds from your supporter.
  • Only after you have successfully sold the item for an amount above your cost or designated reserve amount do you buy it. If you cannot reach the listed nonprofit price at your auction, you are not obligated to purchase the package.
  • We then send the package tickets and contents directly to your winning bidder and provide support through our travel concierge.

Your organization takes no risk and gets to keep all funds raised above the listed ‘nonprofit price.’ For example, say your organization wants to auction the Gastronomic Tuscany For 4 with a nonprofit cost of $2,200. If you are able to auction it for $4,000, then your organization has just raised $1,800 with very little effort.

Please note that you must contact us first to verify the availability of each auction package.

Five Top Reasons to Offer No-Risk Auction Items

  1. Offer Priceless Experiences. Many of our packages are simply priceless! This means that we procured them via our special connections that your non-profit does not have access to – period. Whether going behind the scenes with a California vintner, being a NASCAR driver for a day, or backstage passes to major music and awards ceremonies, we offer all kinds of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for your bidders.
  2. Only Buy What You Can Sell. With our No Risk Auction Items, you place a hold on items of interest and only buy them once you have successfully auctioned them at your event. No upfront costs are involved, so your organization is guaranteed to make money on each item.
  3. Let Us Handle the Details. Each travel package is supported by our travel concierge and booking service. You do not need to be an expert or manage the details; we do that. Once you purchase an item, we send the tickets and package details directly to your winning bidder.
  4. Sell Items Multiple Times. Sometimes packages are so popular you have multiple constituents who are bidding above your reserve amount. Why limit the experience to just one winning bidder? Maybe friends want to book experiences and travel together. With our No Risk Auction Items, you can sell the items multiple times and make more money for your organization.
  5. Save Time. Auction planners know that getting high-value items donated takes a lot of time and effort, but you need these items to get attention and raise the kind of funds your organization is looking for from your charity auction. Our No Risk Travel Packages will create the buzz your event needs without taking loads of time for meetings and sponsorship proposals. We can even help with last-minute procurement needs if you find your auction is not coming together as planned.

Utilizing Charity Auction Software

Charity auction software is essential to help event planners organize and manage the details associated with hosting successful fundraising and online charity auctions.

If your charity auction is a virtual event, let our auction websites do all the work for you. Simply create your website and add auction categories and items. Set the time for online bidding and begin advertising your auction via online and social media channels. Bids are made online and via text to bid. Auction winners are automatically charged, and winning bid notices can be automated.

If your organization is hosting a gala or other fundraising event with your auction, mobile bidding continues seamlessly during the live event. Text-to-bid functionality makes it easy and all bidding is completely mobilized.

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