Fundraising Brochures

Fundraising Brochures

What is the benefit of printing fundraising brochures? A fundraising brochure is a great way to educate people about the cause of your fundraiser and promote the activities happening at your fundraising event. When asking people for donations, you’ll want to share as much information as possible about your cause, where their money is going to, and how they can make a difference. These messages can also be reiterated online in Social Media and on your fundraising website, but when meeting with people face-to-face, a fundraising brochure is a great tool. Not only does it explain what you are trying to accomplish, but it is something people can keep in hand and possibly pass along to others.

What to Include in Your Fundraising Brochures

Just like any promotional printing project (such as a fundraising flyer), a fundraising brochure should be a quick and easy read. Be sure to include all pertinent details, but guide readers to the next step of engagement. Rather than long-winded paragraphs, use bullet points to highlight key messages such as:

  • The purpose of your fundraiser or campaign
  • What you wish to accomplish with your fundraising
  • Financial goals and objectives
  • Compelling statistics about your cause (i.e. More than 40% of these children receive no education)
  • How people can make a difference (i.e. You can make a difference with a one-time donation that will go directly to these families in need)
  • How do they contribute? Be sure to include clear and easy donation instructions!
  • How to get more information on your organization
  • Your phone, website, and contact information

Fundraising Event Brochures

If it is a fundraising event you are promoting, you’ll want to provide information about the purpose of your fundraiser and how people can help. But you’ll also need to include basic event details such as:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Location & a map
  • Registration information – including online registration, if possible
  • Sponsor logos and promotion
  • Participant quotes, if you have hosted this event previously
  • Photos that show people having fun!

Highlight Your Fundraising Website

Getting new supporters online will allow them to engage more easily with your organization. Since this is your goal, fundraising brochures and flyers can be very impactful and yet, simple these days. Provide some basic information and calls to action which include your Donations appeal and online registration for fundraising events. DoJiggy is here to help non-profits and schools with easy, affordable fundraising software.

Fundraising Brochures Imagery Is Key

Be sure to use imagery and photos in your fundraising brochure. Nobody wants to read an entire text-based brochure. The photos will help break up content and also help you better convey your message. People say, “a picture says a thousand words”… this is definitely true in fundraising brochures. People will often scan the content within the brochure, looking first at photos and captions. Think of photos that will appeal to people’s emotions, and help you tell your story and sell your cause. For example: If your fundraiser is to help rebuild a town that was damaged due to a natural disaster, show photos of the damage and efforts to alleviate it, which may help people understand how their donation can help those in need.

Printing Your Fundraising Brochures

When selecting a printer for your fundraising brochure, there are a number of things you’ll want to keep in mind. The more pages you include, the more expensive the printing will cost. How many brochures will you print? You don’t want to be wasteful, so take the time to plan in advance. Where will these be distributed, and how long is your fundraiser going to last? Once the fundraiser ends, the brochures become outdated, so you don’t want to print too many. There are many different options for paper (glossy vs. matte), and there are different grades and weights of paper as well. A postcard would be printed on a much heavier weight than a tri-fold brochure. Lastly, be sure to consider the kind of paper you are printing on. It’s always a nice message for any organization to use recycled paper, especially if your organization works for an environmental cause.