Golf Tournament Website

Golf Tournament Website

What is a golf tournament website?

A golf tournament website is an online hub where organizations host all information about an upcoming charity golf tournament, golf marathon, or golf fundraising campaign. Using a golf tournament website will help your organization raise more money while saving time and resources during your golf tournament planning.

When you purchase a golf tournament software package, you will receive:

  1. Your golf tournament website where your golfers and sponsors will go to securely register for your tournament and make payments. The public website is also where donors can go to make online donations or purchase products and media and community members can learn more about your event.
  2. The second area of your golf tournament software package is a backend administrative area where tasks are managed, including customizing your tournament website, tracking your fundraising event progress, and numerous reporting features are managed and stored.

What Exactly Can You Do with your Golf Tournament Website?

  • Manage team & individual registrations (multi-course or flight options are supported with the Golf Professional package)
  • Sell products or include products and take optional values (such as shirt size or lunch option) with tournament registration
  • Promote and sell unlimited Sponsorship packages, tailored to your event needs
  • Collect online donations safely & securely
  • Create a complete golf tournament website with pages for location information, volunteer registration, and much more
  • Customize golfer, captain and sponsor communications with an email management system
  • Post goal thermometers that rise in real time as online donations are made
  • Reporting tools allow administrator to easily view top fundraisers and teams, and generate financial reports for future planning
  • Host a golf charity auction with a complete auction system to be used in conjunction with your golf tournament (available with the Golf Professional package)
  • Golfers can raise funds for your cause with personal fundraising pages (offered for organizations hosting a golf marathon or golf-a-thon)

Benefits of Using a Golf Tournament Website

A golf tournament website increases efficiency with easy-to-use tools for event planners and participants. GolfRegistration’s golf tournament websites are highly customizable, allowing your organization to select from a variety of fundraising website templates in order to create a look-and-feel that supports the branding of the organization. In addition, administrators are able to provide detailed explanation of the cause and need for funds, post pictures, share stories, and showcase sponsor logos and statements. You can easily process payments and collect safe and secure online donations on your golf tournament website. A fundraising thermometer can be added to monitor and track progress. Your golf tournament website is also a great place to post up-to-date event details such as: date, time, location, parking information with links to maps, expected weather, tips to help participants prepare, and information about raffle prizes, post tournament banquets and more!

If your organization is hosting a golf marathon or golf-a-thon, you also receive personal fundraising pages for each golfer. These can be customized with up to four photos or videos, personal statements, and fundraising goal thermometers, so each golfer can direct potential supporters to their personal fundraising page to request donations.

Extending The Reach of your Fundraiser

One of the best things about a golf tournament website is the enhanced ability to promote your charity golf tournament. Everyone is online today, and if your organization has a golf tournament website, this is the perfect place to direct potential sponsors, donors, participants and media to register and find out all the information they need. It’s extremely easy to send email donation requests with a link to the golf tournament website, and post announcements within your social networks. This online site also provides an excellent opportunity to spread the word faster and farther. Participants, sponsors, volunteers and members of your organization can all easily share the website with the Share options included in each website’s footer, thus opening up the potential pool of donors to a much larger audience.

See what a golf tournament website can do for you with a FREE TRIAL of one of our golf tournament software solutions!