Library Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Public Libraries

Library Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Public LibrariesLibraries, like many public institutions, are generally lacking important funding today. Because of this, library fundraising has become an essential funding source for most public libraries. Many public libraries today have advocacy and fundraising committees called Friends of the Library groups organized to do just that. Public and private school libraries too may need to host library fundraising campaigns.

If your library needs new materials or computers, you may need to consider raising the required funds from the community. School libraries can also use fundraising ideas to help fund their needs and keep them relevant. As with other nonprofit and community organizations, you may need to develop or grow a diverse fundraising strategy. The information below is a great place to start if you are looking for great library fundraising ideas.

Our #1 Library Fundraising Idea: Peer-to-Peer Reading Fundraisers and Challenges

A fun library fundraising event that also ties into a library’s mission is a Reading Challenge. Members of the community sign-up on your crowdfunding website to participate in the readathon fundraiser and raise money. They then send out a link via email and social media and ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to pledge or donate to help a certain cause (i.e., purchase new children’s books or upgrade computers). Donation or pledge amounts can be calculated by the number of books read in a specified period (i.e., 30 days), or contributors can also choose to donate a fixed amount.

The best way to obtain a lot of donations easily and quickly is through our crowdfunding software. Participants create personal fundraising pages where they upload photos, explain their mission, and have people make secure donations online.

8+ More Great Library Fundraising Ideas

If a readathon is not what you had in mind, we have more great library fundraising ideas below.

Young Reader Literacy Events

Young Reader Literacy Events for Libraries

Literary and book reading events are another variation of reading fundraisers that can be used for young children and even babies. Sometimes called ‘Born to Read’ events, these programs reach out to parents of young children to promote literacy and a love of books at an early age. Sessions are held in the library to show parents and caregivers how much fun reading can be and encourage them to read to their children. The program can be funded through donations, sponsorships, or small session admission fees. Libraries can ask publishers for donations of new children’s books that a publisher is trying to promote. This book can be given to each attendee as a small gift, which covers their admission fee.

Write-a-thon Fundraisers for Libraries

Libraries are no longer places to find great books, magazines, music, DVDs, and information online. They’ve become places to create as well. With this in mind, why not host a Write-a-thon as a library fundraiser? Participants can research, become inspired, meet other writers, and work on their projects all at the same time. Blazing Laptops, a successful write-a-thon event in San Diego, brings in teachers, poets, and even yoga instructors to help lead activities throughout the day. Write-a-thons are a great way to highlight the library and build community while raising money.

Write-a-thon Fundraisers for Libraries

Library Book Sales

Hosting a community book sale is an excellent library fundraising idea. The book sale should be relatively easy to organize. A few months before the event, collect book donations. Recruit volunteers to help organize the book displays the day of the event and sell books for a low price. You may also consider making the event more appealing by adding refreshments, entertainment, and even a fundraising raffle. Find a local artist or band interested in performing during the event, or bring in a local author of a best-selling novel to attend the event for a book signing. Contact local restaurants to see if they would like to attend the event and offer free sampling or food and beverage sales.

Library Book Sale and Community Events

There are plenty of other community events to consider, so feel free to explore our unique fundraising events for more ideas.

Silent Auction With Entertainment and Refreshments

Silent Auctions Make Great Library Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Public Libraries

Another great idea for a library fundraiser is a charitable auction. Since many community members frequently visit a library, an auction table could be on display for a week preceding the silent auction event giving people a chance to browse the auction items and tell their friends. Bid sheets are placed next to each item, along with item descriptions and starting bid amounts. Auction flyers can also be available with a link to the auction website, where more information can be obtained about auction items, and bids can be placed online. Once the bidding has ended, auction items can be auctioned off either during a community event hosted at the library or online.

A silent auction can bring in a large number of funds. There are few costs associated with hosting a silent auction. Typically most items are donated by community members and businesses. Often large ticket items are donated, potentially bringing in high bids. If you cannot get a high-value item, you may consider purchasing a one-of-a-kind vacation package. If the charity auction is planned with another event, such as a wine tasting or gala dinner, additional revenue can be made through selling tickets.

Start an Auction Fundraiser

Wine Tasting Events

Wine tasting events are very popular social and Valentine’s Day Fundraising events. After all, most people love tasting wines! This makes finding participants for the event pretty easy. If event promotion is done well, you will likely attract people outside your library’s supporter base purely on the popularity and appeal of wine-tasting events.

Your committee will need at least one wine connoisseur to be your wine expert and assist with bringing in others in the wine industry. Ideally, the wine connoisseur is also connected to wine merchants, vineyards, sommeliers, restaurants, or wine bars in your area. Read more on how to organize a wine-tasting fundraiser for your library.

Library Fundraising Ideas: Wine Tasting Events

Computer and Tech Repair

Since a library is already a local hub for people to gather and spend time, consider an event that strengthens the library’s mission. Libraries offer information and technology. So why not consider adding a twist to the typical book sale by getting the library systems team and tech-savvy librarians to donate their time by answering questions and servicing home computers? People often need technical support for their home computers but don’t have an IT person down the hall like they do in the office. Services could be offered for a minimum donation amount.

End-of-Year Appeals

End of Year Appeals

The last month of the year is vital to most organizations’ fundraising efforts. Kicked off by #GivingTuesday and going through December 31, the year-end giving season cannot be ignored. These annual fund drives offer a low-impact idea for library fundraising.

  • Charitable Christmas or holiday gifts can be made in tribute to or in the name of a loved one.
  • The need is made wonderfully apparent by organizations during this time of year.
  • As a unique holiday gift – who needs another sweater?
  • Tax purposes (last chance for a tax deduction, anyone?)

If you haven’t done so, create and send a year-end fundraising appeal to your entire patron and supporter list. Come up with a tribute idea that will allow supporters to make donations in the name of a loved one in lieu of Christmas and holiday gifts.

Walkathons and Fun Runs for the Library

Walk-a-thons and Fun Runs work well for almost any type of nonprofit or school fundraiser, and libraries are no exception. As parents and educators, we are interested in teaching children how physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to overall self-esteem, productivity, and enjoyment of life. In our society today, there is a tendency for children to make unhealthy choices such as eating fast food, playing video games, and not getting enough exercise. For that reason, we encourage educators and parents to continue looking for opportunities that convey the importance of building an overall healthy lifestyle. Hosting a walk-a-thon fundraiser as a library fundraising idea does just that!

Find more information about how to organize a walk-a-thon here.

Walkathons and Fun Runs for the Library

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