Managing Multiple Events

DoJiggy strives to offer organizations affordability and diversity in managing your fundraising events. We know that many organizations have more than one type of annual fundraising event and don’t want to use different fundraising software packages for each. Managing multiple events is easy with us. Organizations can use the same administrative and reporting functions built into all of our fundraising software solutions, and effectively manage separate subscriptions for an entire year of fundraising events. Imagine an annual walk-a-thon, a spring golf tournament, a holiday gala and year long online donations all managed with the same, easy to use, management functionality. It’s the perfect option for many organizations to easily, affordably manage diverse campaigns as part of a successful nonprofit fundraising strategy

We offer discounts on multiple fundraising event subscriptions. Additional subscriptions purchased within the calendar year are always 15% off our already low pricing. 

Unlimited Subscriptions 

If your organization has monthly events or a large event volume, we have an unlimited subscriptions package. This package allows organizations to budget and run all of their events for a flat, monthly price. Read more on our unlimited subscriptions pricing and options.


Enterprise Program

Enterprise Program

For larger organizations with state or regional chapters, DoJiggy offers the Enterprise program. National organizations can maintain their identity and event design by creating model fundraising website templates that chapters can easily modify for their specific location and needs.

A dashboard management system allows national directors the ability to review chapter events, while chapter organizers maintain autonomy in their local campaign management.

Partner Program

Sales Partner Program

Event planners and tournament directors can also benefit from our dashboard system with our Partnership Program. This program allows planners to manage multiple client events within one administrative area. Partners can construct demo sites that illuminate sales presentations for fundraising events or charity golf tournaments, and receive volume discounts or commissions depending on their preferred status. Read more about our partnership program or submit an application today.

Sales Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is a sales incentive program whereby customers come to DoJiggy through advertising on your website or other sales channels. When a customer clicks through your site to ours and signs up for a free trial or purchases a subscription service, you will receive a commission on that purchase. The affiliate program signup is here.