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The All-in-One Online Fundraising Release

The All-in-One Online Fundraising Release

We know that many organizations want to combine multiple fundraising components of our virtual fundraising platform into one larger campaign. You’ve been asking for it…now you can with the All-in-One Online Fundraising Experience!

The new functionality, coming out next week, provides your organization the ability to create fundraising campaigns that include multiple components, like raffles, P2P crowdfunding campaigns, sales, online auctions, and virtual events, all at one time and all on the same website.

Instead of directing donors to multiple campaigns, clicking back and forth between your raffle or event, direct them to one page that shows every option for them to support your organization. The All in One release ensures that donors can buy, bid, or donate in a single check-out transaction, so you have fewer abandoned carts and end up with more money raised.

Mix the fundraising components you need to build a seamless experience that engages your supporters and gives them more ways to donate to your cause.

What Other Changes Will Users See?

This is a major release and includes many upgrades for your fundraising campaigns. Some key upgrades include:

  • The donor check-out process has been updated to look and feel like a streamlined version of the current process. When using the All in One function, your supporters will now be able to register, buy raffle tickets, and more – all in the same checkout process.
  • Campaign organizers will now be able to determine the order and format in which sections display on the main website page.
  • Improved reporting in campaign management.
  • The ability of organizers to add custom sections to their website.
  • Ability to customize the additional pages/tabs on your website.

How Will This Release Impact Live Campaigns?

Current clients will not need to do anything. You will see some changes, however, as all fundraising websites will be automatically updated to the new templates. All of your current content and links will remain the same. All organizations will receive access to new page editing options (ie ability of organizers to add custom sections to the website campaign page) and enhanced reporting capabilities. You won’t be able to add new campaign components to live campaigns, however. 

How Can I Get the All in One Experience?

It’s easy to set up a fundraising experience with multiple components. It works just like before, but allows organizers to select multiple options rather than just one. You can continue to add or update components until you publish the campaign.

What is the All in One Pricing?

Most organizations choose to use our software for free with optional tips from donors supporting the platform. You will still be able to use the entire platform for free, as long as the online auction platform is not enabled.

We do not offer free pricing for auctions, at this time. If you wish to use the auction component and like the idea of free pricing, you can still run your online auction as a standalone event (at 4.9%) and offer free registration and ticket sales. 

If you wish to pay for the All in One platform via the percentage option, the price is 7.9% of all sales and donations. As always, checks/cheques can be accepted at no charge and you can decide who covers the fees. 

DoJiggy All-In-One Pricing

Please contact us in Sales if you have any questions.

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