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Best Charity Golf Tournament Software: Features and Platforms

Best Charity Golf Tournament Software: Features and Platforms

Hosting a charity golf tournament is a fantastic way to raise funds, especially if you have supporters passionate about grabbing their clubs to head to the greens. While fundraising software can handle many complexities that come with different fundraising efforts, golf tournaments often require special features. So why not select a platform designed specifically for golf events? Here, we detail the best golf tournament software for nonprofit and charity events.

Top Features of the Best Charity Golf Tournament Software

DoJiggy has been offering industry-leading golf tournament software since 2003 and shares some key features and tools to remember when choosing the best charity golf tournament software to ensure your game is perfected to the tee.

Software that Supports Complex Player and Team Registrations

Golfers like to play with friends and often register for tournaments in foursomes. Be sure your golf tournament website can offer them a discounted rate to bring along a few friends. For ticketing purposes, having multiple pricing tiers for your registration is an important feature to look for.

Charity tournaments are more enjoyable when you can attract more players, especially considering ways to maximize your donations. Multi-flight tournaments are a great option, but can your software handle them? Can you include event capacity limits?

Watch for how versatile registration is for your tournament. Search for software that allows players to register for different flights or courses to minimize logistical headaches.

Player and Team Registrations

Sponsorship Sales and Promotion

Sponsorships can significantly impact fundraising goals for successful tournaments. Make sure it is simple to create and sell sponsorship packages online. Many charity golf tournaments include teams in a sponsor’s benefits package. Find software that supports this by allowing administrators to create promo codes for free sponsor registrations.

Once you’ve engaged some generous sponsors, can you easily promote them on your tournament website? These questions are important to consider since sponsorships can make up a good percentage of your fundraising goals, and you want to make a good impression to re-sign them for next year’s event.

Sponsor promotion and sales is key to charity tournaments

Ability to Up Sell with Product Sales and Raffles

Another way to maximize your charity golf fundraising efforts is to sell golf-related merchandise and products. This helps promote your brand since your merchandise will have your organization’s logo or event name. The best charity golf tournament software will ensure you don’t accidentally oversell because you can’t manage your inventory adequately. Many fundraising golf tournaments sell mulligans, which cost your organization nothing and offer golfers a re-do on a bad shot.

Raffles are another popular item at fundraising golf events and golf marathons, and why not sell your tickets online? Can your software sell raffle tickets, handle inventory management, and conduct online raffle drawings? DoJiggy can.

golf course fun

Beautiful Tournament Websites with an Easy User Experience

Your organization’s reputation is on the line when it hosts a golf outing. You need to create a great user experience from online registration to event day to post-event follow-up. Don’t choose software that doesn’t make your organization look professional. Our golf tournament management software allows for easy registration on any device. The website template builder lets your organization start with a golf tournament template and customize the experience to match your organization’s branding standards.

Charity Golf Tournament Software

Administrative Ninja Capabilities

Organizing golf outings takes more than a one-person show to run everything smoothly from behind the scenes. If several people are involved in organizing a nonprofit fundraiser, allowing multiple-user administrative accounts is a vital feature. One feature of this capability that contributes to being one of the best charity golf tournament software is whether you can adjust different access and permissions for administrative users. Giving each team member an account will make your life easier when organizing and promoting the tournament.

Email Communication Made Easy

Changes can come up as the big day approaches, and updates may need to be communicated with golfers. Don’t fuss with software that doesn’t allow for easy email communication from within its interface. Streamlining everything is a critical aspect that makes up the best charity golf tournament software platforms. This means that not only should you be able to plan all of the logistics for your golf tournament, but you should also be able to communicate with your registrants, team captains, sponsors, and volunteers.

Reporting: Make Sure You Always Know the Numbers

unique fundraising ideas for golf software

One of the most essential features that your software for golf tournament management should have is up-to-date reporting on all the facets of your charity golf tournament. This includes:

  • Golfer and foursome registration reporting,
  • Related product sales (sponsorships, raffles, dinner tickets, mulligan packages, and more),
  • High-level sales reports to see the overall financial progress of your event,
  • Financial tracking to see who has paid and who still owes a check,
  • Fundraising reports for individuals and teams (for golf marathons).

Having all the numbers is essential to financial event planning with your team or board members, so be sure your golf software comes with robust reporting. Also, the golf course needs solid registration reports in advance and for event registration purposes.

DoJiggy Golf Pro: The Best Free Golf Tournament Platform


In the world of golf tournament management, finding the right software can make all the difference. DoJiggy Golf Pro stands out as the best free platform available, offering a comprehensive set of features tailored to the needs of tournament organizers. Let’s take a closer look at what makes DoJiggy Golf Pro the go-to choice for golf tournaments of all sizes.

Stand-out features of the DoJiggy platform include:

  • Customizable websites to match your brand with no DoJiggy branding
  • Integrated auction and raffle functionality
  • Gamification elements – Event countdown, fundraising thermometer, Community chatter, and Livestream platform
  • Free Text to Donate and Scan to Donate features
  • Promotion codes for discounted or free registrations
  • Easy Social Media share
  • And much more!

DoJiggy Pricing

DoJiggy is the only leading golf tournament platform provider that offers a full-featured, free solution. With our tipping method, administrators can pass the software fees on to users who are asked to fund the platform via optional tips. 

More Top Golf Tournament Software Providers

These top golf tournament software providers offer a range of features to streamline the golf tournament planning process, manage online registrations, and enhance the overall experience for your supporters. 

We have only selected golf tournament software platforms that are well-established and offer a reputable service to tournament organizers. 

Event Caddy

Event Caddy golf websites

Event Caddy helps charitable and corporate golf tournaments promote, manage, and run their events through easy-to-use software. Stripe or PayPal performs payment processing on Event Caddy websites.

Stand-out features of the Event Caddy platform include:

  • Online auction and integrated sales
  • Text messaging
  • Live scoring

Event Caddy Pricing

Event Caddy has two fees – the subscription fee paid by the tournament organizer and the golfer convenience fee, paid by the golfer upon registration. 

While Event Caddy offers a free subscription option, it doesn’t have the features that most golf tournaments need. If you want to accept checks or donations, sell sponsorships, and show a fundraising thermometer, you’ll need to upgrade to the $299 USD ($399 CAD) Pro option. They also offer an Elite option where they will build the website for you.

Event Caddie also charges golfers a $3 USD (or $4 CAD) convenience fee when registering.


BirdEase golf software platform

The BirdEase platform automates online registration, payments, and management tasks for charity tournaments. They focus on saving organizers time and optimizing sales. 

Birdease offers payment processing services and allows organizations to transact with several reputable industry processors.

Stand-out features of the Event Caddy platform include:

  • Automated PDF invoices, created upon registration
  • Online auction software component
  • Support for several payment processing options

BirdEase Pricing

BirdEase’s annual subscription fee is $299. In addition to the subscription fees, they provide an affordable site-building service where they will create your website within 1 – 2 days.

Get Started with the Industry-Leading, Free Golf Tournament Platform

We have hosted thousands of charity golf events and can help your organization raise more money than ever before. Our team provides stellar, in-house support and access to a professional, easy-to-use platform.

Everything from planning to reporting and communicating with donors is streamlined to meet the multifaceted needs of successful charity golf events. Using generic software for fundraising is always an option, but why do this when our Golf Pro software was designed specifically for fundraising golf events?

Golf Tournament Platform
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