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DoJiggy Stores: An Alternative to Shopify for Nonprofits

DoJiggy Stores: An Alternative to Shopify for Nonprofits

Shopify is one of the most popular choices for businesses and organizations looking to establish an e-commerce platform. However, a tailored solution is often required for nonprofits with unique needs and goals.

DoJiggy Stores is a powerful alternative to Shopify, catering to the nonprofit sector. This platform offers a range of features designed to help organizations sell custom merchandise and showcase their cause effectively. In this post, we’ll explore why DoJiggy Stores could be the perfect fit for your nonprofit, exploring its key features, benefits, and how it stacks up against Shopify stores.

Let’s Start at the Beginning…What is an E-Commerce Store?

If you are unfamiliar with the term e-commerce, here’s a quick explanation. E-commerce, at its core, refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. Think of Amazon or your favorite online store; that’s e-commerce in action. Let’s break down the functions of an online store:

  • Digital Storefront: It’s the digital version of walking into a shop. You can see products or services displayed, ready for purchase.
  • Global Reach: Open 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Transaction Hub: Where the financial transactions occur. Whether it’s buying a product or signing up for a service, it happens here.
  • Interactive Platform: More than just a shop, it’s a place where businesses can communicate with their customers, provide updates, or share news.

With this foundational understanding, let’s explore the nuances nonprofits and charities bring to the e-commerce table.

Why Do Nonprofits Need a Specialized E-Commerce Solution?

Why Do Nonprofits Need a Specialized E-Commerce Solution?
Why Do Nonprofits Need a Specialized E-Commerce Solution?

Although nonprofit stores share a lot in common with other stores, nonprofits aren’t your typical business. The unique challenges and requirements charitable organizations face highlight the need for a tailored nonprofit e-commerce platform. Unlike businesses that sell items, charities need to:

  • Accept Donations: Nonprofits need the capability for supporters to make donations as part of their storefront. Donation amounts need to be flexible.
  • Impact Messaging: Non-profit fundraising is about telling a story. Nonprofits require specialized features that allow them to communicate their impact effectively.
  • Sell Impact Levels: Instead of physical products, nonprofits often offer virtual products that represent levels of impact or support. Heifer International does this superbly by offering livestock and care packages at unique impact levels. Donors can select a level where they feel comfortable donating and feel the impact of their donation.
  • Spread the Word: Your online platform is more than a store; it’s a beacon to spread awareness about a cause and gather supporters.

DoJiggy Stores: A Dedicated Nonprofit Solution

DoJiggy recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all, and organizations need an easy alternative to Shopify. We offer two types of eCommerce store websites to meet the needs of nonprofit and school fundraisers. We have Simple Stores and Pro Stores – see which is best for your organization.

  • Simple Stores: A great option to get your organization set up and selling quickly, with little effort. Users can set up the store for free and add items within minutes. This is a great option for school spirit wear sales, churches, clubs, and all organizations where items can be picked up on-site. It also works well with fundraising events and sales fundraising campaigns.
  • Pro Stores: For organizations that need more functionality, including integrations for automated printing and fulfillment. Many organizations use the Pro Store as part of their website for custom merch sales and as an ongoing revenue generator. The Pro store is for organizations that don’t mind paying a monthly fee and offers more payment processing and shipping options.

Features and Functionalities

When choosing an e-commerce solution, the features truly set a platform apart. DoJiggy Stores offers a suite tailored for nonprofits, which Shopify does not:

  • Fundraising Tools: Beyond selling products, gather donations efficiently.
  • Customizable Storefronts: Your mission is unique, and your store should reflect your brand and mission.
  • Donor Management and Communication: Manage, engage, and inspire your donor base.
  • Print on Demand: Powered by Printify
  • Reporting and Analytics: Stay on top of your sales and donations with real-time reporting and insights.

Ease of Use

No need to be tech-savvy! DoJiggy’s user-friendly interface caters to all, and many find it has a friendlier learning curve compared to platforms like Shopify.

Customization and Branding

Showcase your mission and values like no other. With DoJiggy Stores, customize every element to echo your organization’s spirit, often offering more flexibility than generic platforms.

Cost-Effectiveness and Pricing

Cost-Effectiveness and Pricing of eCommerce Stores

Budgets are often tight in the nonprofit world, and DoJiggy understands the need for cost-effective e-commerce solutions. That’s why our:

  • Simple Stores: are absolutely FREE to use with optional tips from supporters.
  • Pro Stores: cost a modest $29/month.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify offers two pricing plans for nonprofits:

  • NPO Lite plan: $29/month for an online store
  • NPO Full plan: $99/month for an online store

Integrations and Third-Party Apps

Zapier integration

The last thing you want is tech compatibility issues. DoJiggy’s integrations ensure a smooth run and easy integration with the platforms you already use.

  • Simple Stores: Seamlessly integrate with Zapier, allowing you to connect to many CRMs and thousands of leading apps.
  • Pro Stores: Built on WordPress’s open-source platform, the world opens up with countless open-source app integrations.

Security and Compliance

Rest easy knowing your nonprofit data is safe with us. DoJiggy places your organization’s security at the pinnacle of its priorities and follows all PCI compliance standards.

Your organization will manage the intake of your funds directly with your own payment relationships. Our online stores only use the best payment options, like Stripe, for PCI level 1 compliance. Pro Stores have the additional PayPal and Authorize.net options for secure payment processing.

Final Thoughts

For nonprofits, the right e-commerce solution can make all the difference. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about furthering a mission, inspiring donors, and making an impact. With its tailored offerings, cost-effectiveness, and specialized features, DoJiggy Stores emerges as a compelling nonprofit alternative to Shopify. If you’re a nonprofit, isn’t it time you explored a solution designed just for your needs?

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