Hosting a Topgolf Fundraiser

Hosting a Topgolf Fundraiser

Many organizations and corporations are ready to think about fundraising golf tournaments, now that COVID numbers are down in many areas and we’re finding ways to host tournaments safely. It could be a good time to try Topgolf for your fundraiser this year.

What is Topgolf?

Ever heard of Topgolf? Topgolf is “a game that anyone can play (and win).” It differs from regular golf in several ways. First, Topgolf bays are generally climate-controlled. With Topgolf, golf balls are microchipped so that it’s easy to find them. They are hit against dartboard-like targets, where scoring a bullseye gets you the most points, and even more if it’s further away. Topgolf is a social event played with up to six players. It’s a new way of playing an age-old favorite that makes it more accessible for less-seasoned players and anyone who wants to make golf more social. You pay for bays by the hour and can eat and drink while playing. In this way, it’s a lot like bowling.

Topgolf is a large international chain, but there are also local alternatives in many areas, depending on where you live.

Hosting a Topgolf Fundraiser

Topgolf fundraisers are gaining popularity as nonprofit fundraising events. Topgolf is an excellent means of raising funds for any cause if you want to do something similar to golf that everyone can enjoy. Hosting this type of event is a surefire way for people to enjoy their time in the bays and donate funds to your campaign. Here are some reasons why organizations should consider a Topgolf event for their next fundraiser.

You Don’t Have To Be Good at Golf

What is Topgolf

That’s right, nobody has to be good at golf. You don’t even need to have played golf before in order to enjoy a game of Topgolf, as they cater to non-golfers and beginners too. If you’ve never played a game of golf in your life, you’ll be happy to know that the barriers are low. You’re provided with clubs that suit your needs, and the games can be set to whatever difficulty you’d like, so you can play an easy game if that’s what you prefer.

This way, you can get more people to join your fundraiser since not everyone knows how to play golf. More people means more opportunities for fundraising.

The Food is Fantastic

Topgolf offers an extensive menu that golfers can enjoy right within the bay. The courteous bay hosts will come right to your bay to take and deliver orders.

Every dish is made in a kitchen led by master executive chefs so that your donors are getting nothing short of an amazing meal. Many of the dishes and portions are shareable so it’s great for getting everybody together. Check out the bar menu and have a drink or two while the game goes on. Topgolf offers special food packages for fundraising events.

It’s Less of a Time Commitment

Host a Golf Tournament Any time of the Year.

While a regular game of golf can take the better part of a day, Topgolf doesn’t need anywhere near that amount of time. Since it’s booked by the hour, you can play for as little (or as much) as you want. The games offered also vary not just in difficulty but in the time taken to play each game, so you can easily select something to suit your schedule. Topgolf doesn’t take up as much time as a regular golf game, so you could have more rounds of golfers and more games played.

Varied schedules for the games also keep the numbers of people down and give you more time to go through your guest list and get to know everybody. The more chances you have to interact with guests and donors, the better.

Host a Golf Tournament Any Time of the Year

Do you know how regular golf courses have the open sky above them? Getting caught in the rain can really make a mess of the game. Thankfully, Topgolf’s bays are climate-controlled, meaning no rain on your parade. Games are available for play both day and night so you can host your fundraiser at any time they’re open.

It’s an Easy Fundraising Event to Plan

Topgolf makes fundraisers a no-brainer with their guide to setting up a Topgolf fundraiser. You will be set up with a team support team dedicated to your event’s success, giving you more chances to network with everyone at the fundraiser.

The tournament fundraiser setup is done in 3 steps. The first step is to decide the date and time. The rates are charged per guest attending, so be sure to utilize online golf tournament registration to have a good idea of how many people will be present.

When that’s done, you can then choose what catering will be like at the event. Pricing will be per guest, and there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available. You can choose upgraded beverage options or let guests handle drinks on their own.

DoJiggy Golf Pro for Topgolf fundraisers

Lastly, figure out if you’d like any enhancements added to your event. There are private and semi-private rooms available for rent, which come with audio-visual equipment if the need arises. You could also hold a hole-in-one or other golf tournament competition with cash prizes, or bring in a golf pro to help out the newbies. Golf tournament prizes for guests are also available which could even include Topgolf trophies and medals.

Topgolf is Great for Corporate Events

If you are hosting a corporate fundraiser, consider a Topgolf corporate event. Topgolf is a great corporate fundraiser, as everyone can bond and have fun over a game or two. Better yet, Topgolf will be happy to assist with your event planning and execution. You really can’t go wrong!

Topgolf is Great for Corporate Events

Read more about corporate fundraisers and find corporate fundraising ideas.

Conclusions on Topgolf Fundraising

Maybe you think that golf isn’t a game meant for everyone. That’s a fair assumption, given the difficulties and hassles associated. However, if you have always wanted to play a round of golf that was truly for everyone, you may be in luck with Topgolf.

Topgolf is a golf game for everybody, so you should absolutely get everybody at your fundraiser to have fun raising money for your campaign. With all the great games to play, you should have no trouble hosting an event that everyone will remember, as well as getting much-needed funds from your donors to your cause.

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