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How Do Charity Golf Tournaments Make Money?

How Do Charity Golf Tournaments Make Money?

Charity golf tournaments can be one of the most lucrative fundraising events. These tournaments bring golfers, sponsors, and donors together to support charitable organizations while enjoying a day outdoors. But how do you make these events profitable? Organizations raise money via golfer and foursome registration and sponsorship sales but golf tournament coordinators know that understanding event add-ons like fundraising raffles and auctions can make or break the bottom line of a fundraiser.

In this blog post, we will explore key revenue-generating avenues that charity golf tournaments can utilize to be more profitable.

Golf Tournament Registrations

Golf registrations play a crucial role in generating revenue for charity golf tournaments. Participants, both individual players and teams, pay a registration fee to take part in the tournament. This fee typically covers the cost of the golf course fees, meals and refreshments, and some of the other logistical expenses. 

Ticket prices can go quite high if your organization’s tournament is played at a desirable private course. By collecting money prior to the tournament, your organization should be able to cover all tee and tournament expenses early. But tournament registrations alone will likely not be enough to raise the funds you need to accomplish your fundraising goals.

Golf Tournament Registrations

Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship Sales

Tournament sponsorships are another integral part of fundraising golf tournaments, providing a significant funding source and tournament promotion. Businesses are often willing to sponsor fundraising tournaments in exchange for brand exposure and the opportunity to align themselves with a charitable cause. 

Financial contributions from sponsors can significantly boost the overall revenue generated by a tournament, so be sure to start early and devise a plan to attract sponsorships. Businesses are generally looking for something in return for their sponsorships, so creating strong, value-added benefit packages is your first step. Sponsorship packages can include benefits such as logo placement on promotional materials, banners, and signage at the tournament, as well as participation in the tournament and banquet. 

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Dinner and Bar Tickets

Dinner for Charity Golf Tournaments

Nonprofit golf tournaments often include social events after the round of golf is finished. Whether luncheons, dinners, or post-tournament awards ceremonies, these events will give your organization plenty of additional fundraising opportunities. While these celebrations are generally included in the golf ticket price, many non-golfers will also want to enjoy the party. Be sure to sell dinner-only tickets for spouses, partners, and others that want to attend.

Additionally, offering a cash bar or drink tickets at these parties can generate substantial additional revenue for your organization.

Fundraising Raffles

Fundraising raffles are among the most popular ways to raise money during fundraising golf tournaments. Organizers procure items or experiences from local businesses and offer them as raffle prizes in exchange for promotion. Supporters purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes, with the proceeds benefiting the nonprofit. Creating enticing prize packages and promoting the raffle online can encourage higher ticket sales and contribute to the overall fundraising goals.

Fundraising Raffles

Silent and Live Auctions

auctions for Charity Golf Tournaments

Auctions are another effective fundraising strategy to combine with charity golf tournaments. Organizers gather unique and valuable items, such as gift certificates, sports memorabilia, vacation and travel packages, or exclusive experiences, and auction them off to the highest bidders. Auctions can be conducted as online silent auctions, where participants place mobile bids, or as live auctions, where an auctioneer leads the bidding process. The competitive nature of fundraising auctions as part of a larger event often leads to higher bids, resulting in substantial revenue.

Golf Merchandise Sales

Merchandise Sales for Charity Golf Tournaments

Many organizations create custom apparel for golf tournaments, including collared golf shirts, hats, visors, and golf balls. Include the title sponsor logo and sell the fundraising merchandise on the golf tournament website. You won’t need to worry about shipping if you distribute merchandise at the tournament check-in or banquet. 

Another idea if you don’t have your own items to sell is to see if the course gift shop can set up special pricing for tournament attendees and give a percentage of sales back to your cause. If you send customers into their gift shop and encourage sales, the course may be interested in giving your organization a small kickback.

Golf Contests

Incorporating contests into a charity tournament can add an element of fun and further contribute to your fundraising efforts. Contests such as the longest drive, closest to the pin, and hole-in-one contents can be organized, with participants paying an additional fee to enter. These golf contests offer participants the chance to showcase their skills and win exciting prizes. 

Helicopter Ball Drops

Helicopter Ball Drops

A unique and thrilling fundraising activity that many nonprofit golf tournaments feature is a helicopter ball drop. For this event, numbered golf balls are dropped from a helicopter onto a designated area of the golf course. Participants purchase tickets, with each ticket corresponding to a numbered golf ball. The ball that lands closest to a pre-determined target or within a specific area wins the prize. 

Golf Marathons

For those looking to take their fundraising efforts to the next level, organizing a golf marathon can be a successful peer-to-peer fundraising strategy. In a golf marathon, participants commit to playing a certain number of holes in a day or weekend (often 100 holes!). Participants seek sponsors who pledge a certain amount of money for each hole played. The more holes completed, the higher the funds raised. This endurance-based fundraising activity not only generates revenue but also fosters a sense of community and brings new donors to your organization.

Golf Marathons for Charity Golf Tournaments

Conclusions on Raising More Money with Your Next Charity Golf Tournament

Charity golf tournaments are a popular, lucrative way to raise funds for nonprofits and charitable causes. By leveraging various revenue streams such as sponsorship sales, dinner and bar tickets, fundraising raffles, auctions, contests, and helicopter ball drops, these tournaments can generate substantial funds for your organization with limited additional effort.

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