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Create Winning Fundraising Raffle Flyers

Create Winning Fundraising Raffle Flyers

At DoJiggy Custom Print, we want to be your go-to destination for high-quality, customizable raffle flyers to elevate your fundraisers.  Discover a hassle-free customization experience with our extensive collection of easy-to-use raffle flyer templates. Our templates come pre-loaded with compelling imagery, eliminating the need for design work. You only need to input essential details like the prizes and prices to create personalized flyers that reflect your organization’s unique look and feel.

Let us print your custom raffle flyers and posters. Our printed posters measure 17.18″ x 11.46″, and flyers measure 11.66″ x 8.69″.

DoJiggy Custom Print

Raffle Flyer Examples and Templates

Raffle fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise money and create excitement within a community. However, the success of your raffle largely depends on how effectively you promote it. This is where professional-looking flyers (fliers) come in. We have three options to suit your needs:

  • Our extensive selection of raffle flyer templates can be easily customized with no design work required.
  • Our custom design tool allows organizations to create and print their own flyers with us.
  • Download and edit one of the sample raffle flyers below if you want to print your flyers.
Purple & Pink Raffle Flyer
Yellow & Blue Raffle Flyer

To make a copy of these flyers, click the image above, then click File->Download and edit as necessary.

Creating Effective Raffle Flyers

Before diving into the design, ensure you are clear about the goal of your fundraiser and raffle flyer. Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating a perfect flyer.

Use a Bold Headline

Start with a catchy and direct headline. This should capture attention and quickly convey the essence of your raffle. Make an emotional appeal that highlights the importance of participation. For instance: “Win fantastic prizes and make a difference in a child’s life with every ticket!”

Include All Vital Information

Make sure to cover the essentials:

  • Who: Briefly introduce your organization and the cause. Include your branding so supporters can connect with your group.
  • What: Include raffle ticket prices, merchandising or prizes, and fundraising details.
  • When: Mention the date and time of the raffle drawing and any participation deadlines.
  • Where: Include the address and parking information if there is a live drawing event. If your organization will livestream the drawing, post that on the flyer and provide follow-up information on your website.
  • Why: Tell supporters why they should participate in your raffle. What sets your raffle apart and how will funds be used?
Creating Effective Raffle Flyers

Use Engaging Graphics

Use high-quality images related to your cause or prize. Images speak louder than words and can instantly convey emotion. Graphic design apps like Canva are a great way to get started.

Highlight the Benefits

Emphasize the prizes and perks of joining your raffle. Will there be refreshments before the draw? Any bonus games or chances to win? Any merchandise like T-shirts that will be included with donations? Mention any add-on rewards or activities that accompany the main raffle draw and consider how these can be additional opportunities for fundraising.

Create a Clear Call to Action

What do you want supporters to do? Buy a ticket? Attend an event? Make the action clear and easy to achieve. Include your website URL, QR code, and text to donate options.

Make Your Flyers Visually Appealing

Visual appeal is the difference between your raffle flyer being noticed or tossed aside. Here’s how to enhance the visual aspect of your flyers.

  • Use Contrasting Colors: Colors that stand out can make your raffle flyer pop.
  • Leave Some White Space: Don’t overcrowd; space allows your content to breathe.
  • Add High-Quality Photos: Invest in good photos. They can convey emotion and tell a story in a way words can’t.
  • Be Mindful of Typography: Your choice of font can impact readability. Stick to a maximum of 2-3 fonts on a single flyer.

Consistent Branding Is Key

Consistent Branding Is Key

Your flyer is not only promoting your raffle but also your organization. Consistency in branding can enhance recognition and trust in your organization.

  • Use consistent fonts, colors, and logo placements.
  • Ensure your raffle flyers’ design aligns with other promotional materials and your organization’s overall branding.

Highlight Your Sponsors on Raffle Flyers

Your sponsors play a crucial role in your fundraising efforts through in-kind and monetary raffle prize donations. Showcasing them on your flyer for raffle events not only gives sponsors the recognition they deserve but also adds credibility to your event. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Dedicate a section of your flyer to showcase logos or names of the sponsors.
  • Consider offering premium spots to higher-tier sponsors, ensuring their logos are prominently placed.
Printing Your Flyers

Printing Your Raffle Flyers

Having designed the perfect raffle fundraiser flyer, ensure you don’t skimp on the printing. Opt for a quality and affordable printer like DoJiggy Custom Print. Ensure your raffle flyer’s design is complemented by high-quality print that’s both vibrant and durable.

Fundraise the Easy Way with Automated Online Raffle Fundraising

DoJiggy provides a state-of-the-art raffle platform for charity and nonprofit raffles. Organizations sell raffle tickets on a donor-friendly website and in person, then select an automated or manual raffle drawing. We make it simple with our powerful fundraising platform that manages all the details for nonprofit and charity raffles.

Our software allows supporters to collect raffle donations on your organization’s behalf. With our peer-to-peer platform, each seller creates and manages a personal fundraising page and invites friends and family to make secure raffle donations on the page. Each donation qualifies the donor for a raffle ticket or tickets and a chance to win. Organizers can also include free merchandise with raffle donations.

Raffle Fundraising Software

Last Thoughts

Creating a raffle flyer isn’t just about informing – it’s about engaging, exciting, and prompting action. With these guidelines, you’re well on your way to designing a flyer that not only looks good but also effectively promotes your raffle fundraiser. So, gather your raffle flyer ideas, get inspired by our raffle flyer examples, and start crafting your masterpiece today.

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