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10 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Fundraisers to Honor Mom

10 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Fundraisers to Honor Mom

Celebrating Mother’s Day comes with a bouquet of emotions, joy, and the scramble to find that perfect gift that says, “Thank you for everything, Mom!” But what if, this year, we could give back to moms everywhere while supporting a cause close to our hearts? 

At DoJiggy, we’re all about making fundraising meaningful and effective. With so much money being spent on Mother’s Day gifts and activities, nonprofits can easily raise funds by helping supporters celebrate the day in unique and inspiring ways. That’s why we’ve compiled this heartwarming list of ten last-minute Mother’s Day fundraisers that honor the incredible women in our lives and contribute to the greater good. 

1. Online Flower Sales

Kick off your Mother’s Day fundraising with our online fundraising stores. Partner with local florists to offer beautiful bouquets or potted plants where each purchase supports your cause. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, bringing smiles and support where it’s needed most.

Online Flower Sales for Mother's day

2. Mother’s Day Fun Runs

Imagine the joy of families running or walking together and raising money for your cause. Organize a walk-a-thon fundraiser or virtual fun run, allowing participants from anywhere to join. It’s a fantastic way to engage your community and promote a healthy lifestyle, all in the name of Mom.

3. Wine and Cheese Tastings

Host an elegant wine and cheese tasting event at a local vineyard or upscale venue. It’s a sophisticated way to gather support, offering an evening of fine pairings with proceeds benefiting your chosen cause. Add some chocolate to make Mom happy. Some organizations like to pair wine tastings with creative activities like Wine and Paints.

Mother's Day Wine and Cheese Tastings

4. Online Auctions

Leverage the power of the internet to host an online auction. From art pieces to exclusive experiences, the potential to raise funds is limitless. Engage your audience with unique offerings that can’t be found elsewhere.

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5. Themed Gala Dinners

Nothing says celebration quite like a gala. Organize a themed gala dinner that moms will love. Whether it’s a night of glamour or a fun 80s throwback, make it a night to remember with decorations and a dress code to match. Note – this one takes more effort to plan, so you may need to wait until next year.

Themed Gala Dinners for Mother's Day fundraising

6. Raffle Fundraising

Everyone loves the thrill of a raffle. Host a raffle fundraiser with prizes that appeal to women and moms. It’s an easy add-on to any event and a great way to boost your fundraising efforts.

7. Chocolate Sales

I think it’s safe to say that most moms (and everyone else) love chocolate. Host a chocolate sale to boost your cause and delight your supporters. Our peer-to-peer stores allow your group to host an online sale and track top fundraisers and teams.

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8. Spaghetti Dinner Fundraisers

A spaghetti dinner is a school and community favorite that brings everyone together. It’s a heartwarming, family-friendly event that serves up generosity alongside delicious plates of pasta.

9. Wash-a-Pup Day

Combine fun and fundraising with a dog wash fundraiser. It’s a delightful way to take a chore off mom’s plate and engage pet owners in your community. Raising funds with a dog wash also ensures everyone enjoys the day, including your furry friends.

Wash-a-Pup Day works well for fundraisers

10. Create and Sell Paw Print Merchandise

Unleash creativity with custom merchandise fundraising. From paw print t-shirts to custom mugs, offer unique keepsakes that celebrate the love for pets and moms alike.

Conclusions on Mother’s Day Fundraisers

All of these fundraising ideas present a unique opportunity to engage, celebrate, and support Mom. They are not just fundraisers but a testament to mothers’ impact on our lives and the world. So, this Mother’s Day, let’s give back in the most meaningful way possible.

Want to get started but not sure how? Our platform provides all the tools you need to make any of these fundraisers a reality. From comprehensive planning guides to easy-to-use software, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Start planning your Mother’s Day fundraiser today and make a difference in the most beautiful way possible. Remember, it’s more than just raising funds; it’s about honoring, celebrating, and giving back to the incredible women in our lives.

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