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Get The Most Out Of Online Event Ticketing

Get The Most Out Of Online Event Ticketing

A key ingredient to a successful fundraiser is how many event tickets you sell. It’s essential to make the online ticketing process simple and flawless so that your donors have a positive experience from the get-go. This positivity can then be carried on throughout the fundraising event to create maximum impact for your cause. 

Benefits of Online Event Ticketing

Before we get into more detail about choosing the best online event ticketing platform, let’s take a quick look at the many benefits of offering your supporters this service. 

Collect Data And Build Strong Relationships With Your Donors 

When donors buy a ticket online and register for your event, they provide their basic contact details. When contacting them later about future events, promotions, and appeals, this is invaluable information. Sending reminders and updates to your registrants with the details they provided will keep them in the loop regarding your fundraising progress. Collecting this essential data early on in your campaign can help you connect on a deeper level with your donors and cement lasting relationships.  

Online event ticketing data

Another key benefit of data collection is gathering valuable information on the trends that form during your ticketing sales process. Say you sell out of VIP passes early on; you will know next time to offer more of them. Likewise, if a ticket type didn’t sell well, you’ll know to provide less of those next time and concentrate your efforts on what is more likely to bring in the most revenue. 

Data collection is also essential in understanding trends in event preferences. Say you sell more tickets for a walk-a-thon than a silent auction, you’ll know that your audience is more interested in physical activities and you can continue with that idea for future fundraising events.

Read more on understanding your donors better to get the most out of your fundraiser.

Early Access To Event Proceeds

Online event ticketing funds

When your donors purchase tickets online before your fundraising campaign, you receive proceeds early, which can go a long way to pay off vendors and ensure you stay within your fundraising budget. Always aim to stay ahead of financial stresses during your fundraising event, so that you can focus on raising money and awareness for your cause. 

Create A Buzz With A Touch Of FOMO

Give your fundraising event an exclusive feel and encourage donors to purchase their tickets early so they don’t miss out. Once the initial tickets have been sold, maybe offer a second round of tickets with a ‘last chance to buy’ option to create a sense of urgency to get hold of the hottest tickets in town.

Pro Tip: Consider charging a low fee or free admission to certain parts of your fundraising event, so that more people sign up and become new supporters of your organization.

Reduce The Queuing

Online event ticketing vs queue lines

People buying tickets online will not have to waste time in line to purchase them at the live event. Also, by providing information online through the digital ticketing system, your donors won’t have to hang around in long lines filling out entry forms.  With certain Covid safety restrictions still in place regarding social distancing and reducing the capacity of indoor locations, this is a huge benefit of a digital ticketing system. 

Our Donor-Friendly Event Ticketing Platform

Make a good impression from the get-go with our event fundraising websites. By providing a smooth and seamless online event ticketing experience, your donors will start on a positive note and continue to take that eagerness throughout their fundraising process.  

Fundraising software for fundraising events

Let’s Get Started

Look at how our easy-to-use online event ticketing platform manages your fundraising event from start to finish.

Seamless Integration

Event software and ticketing are integrated so donors can move effortlessly from one feature to another on their personalized fundraising pages. 

Our event ticketing platform seamlessly integrates with our free fundraising services, such as:

  • Text-to-donate
  • Peer-to-Peer crowdfunding campaigns
  • Gamification tools
  • Embeddable widgets

With all your information stored in one central location, DoJiggy makes your donors’ lives easy.  

Online event ticketing platform

Note that it’s not all about saving time and creating a smooth experience for your registrants. By offering a state-of-the-art platform that integrates ticketing, you can save administrative time and effort while collecting data about your supporters for future fundraising campaigns. 

Sell Unlimited Tickets For All Events

Unlimited tickets

Offer as many ticket types as you need for your event. DoJiggy allows you to easily create and set limits within your event registrations to meet your fundraising needs. 

We offer tickets for every event you can think of, from swim-a-thons to 5K virtual races to Golf Marathons. If there’s a fundraising event you are planning, we will provide a free and seamless ticketing system for it.

Variety is key when making your fundraiser as accessible as possible, so be sure to offer different types and tiers of tickets, such as VIP, sponsor, and member ticketing options.

Get Payments through Mobile Giving Tools

Make online event ticketing even more straightforward by giving your donors the option of mobile giving. Mobile giving is a proven fundraising technique where donors can give to an organization or fundraising campaign on a phone or mobile device. 

Our seamless mobile giving platform and Text-to-Donate features make your online events ticketing system effortless and attract as many donors as possible.

Apply Gated Live Streaming For Virtual And Hybrid Events

Live stream

Gated Live Streaming allows you to stream a private live video directly to the donors who have purchased an event ticket. This ensures that you will have full control of which participants are allowed into your Livestream and can see the trivia, product spotlights, online auctions, or other content you intend to host.

Live Streaming is a great feature for fundraisers and is growing in popularity. It allows you to stream live videos directly to your campaign page and engage with your donors on a more personal level. You can take any event virtual (or hybrid) with live streaming, including galas, a-thons, events, sales, and raffle drawings.

Automatically Send Tax Receipts To Your Donors

Tax receipt for online event ticketing

Don’t forget to use our simple tax receipt feature when using our online event ticketing platform. Save time by configuring IRS or Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) compliant tax receipts for your donors. Automatic Canadian tax receipts are available for organizations fundraising in Canada. We will automatically generate and send your donors a tax receipt when they make an eligible tax-deductible donation to one of your fundraisers. 

So what are you waiting for? Create your free website with our easy-to-use ticketing platform and provide a complete fundraising campaign management experience with online event ticketing integration. This will steer you seamlessly to achieving and hopefully exceeding your fundraising goals. 

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