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Our Fundraising Auction Software Is Back!

Our Fundraising Auction Software Is Back!

You read it right. We’ve had some time on our hands here with COVID-19 and recognize that fundraising auctions are a great option for online and virtual fundraising. After almost five years off, DoJiggy Auction is back with a completely new and improved platform for online and mobile fundraising auctions.

Our charity and fundraising auction software represents the launch of the new DoJiggy.io platform. With this state of the art platform, we include a whole new pricing structure. There are no subscription fees or subscription periods. Just sign up and start fundraising! The system charges a percentage of credit card sales and/or offers an optional tipping method and you always have the option to pass the fee on to your users, making the system completely free for organizations. Over the next six months, we will be adding fundraising event types and gradually working with clients to move subscriptions to the new system.

Our Auction Software Features

Our Fundraising Auction Software Is Back!

The new auction platform is better than ever, with all of the features that clients requested:

  • Listing for an unlimited number of auction items.
  • Include images, starting bid, and bid increment for all auction items.
  • Place auction items into categories.
  • Set a fair market value of auction items. This helps constituents to include auction donations in their tax deductions.
  • Easy online and mobile bidding is supported – no app to install.
  • Fundraising thermometer to track auction progress.
  • Live Stream video option (via YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, or Vimeo) for virtual fundraising events.
  • Text to Bid feature – supporters can text your unique keyword to get a link to bid.
  • Take online donations from supporters, in addition to bids.
  • Sponsor promotion via sponsor logos and links to websites and social media.
  • Auto-generated email and SMS alerts to let bidders know when they are outbid.
  • Easy social media share options.
  • Auction countdown to inspire urgency.
  • Winning bidders are automatically charged and winning bid notifications can be sent manually or automatically by the platform.
  • Included technical support to make sure you get it right!

Online Bidding Options

We offer two kinds of auction bidding to suit your organization’s needs:

  • English Bidding – Each bid placed must be higher than the last. Administrators add a bid increment, so you determine how much higher a new high bid must be.
  • Proxy Bidding – With this system, the auction platform will automatically bid for users, up to their highest specified bid amount. This system works like eBay.

Fundraising Auction Software Pricing

DoJiggy Auctions is free to run with a 4.9% platform fee. There are no subscription periods or limitations. Regular payment processing fees apply.

Our Fundraising Auction Software Is Free to Use
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