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Best Soccer Fundraiser Ideas for Winning Teams

Best Soccer Fundraiser Ideas for Winning Teams

Need to raise money for a soccer team? Soccer fundraisers can help teams cover expenses such as uniforms, equipment and training tools, plus expensive field rental and travel costs. Organizing team fundraising events is a great way to handle soccer team costs.  Yet a soccer fundraiser can also be a fun means of getting the funds your team needs if the participants are invested.

If you are on the lookout for soccer fundraiser ideas that will no doubt be successful, look no further. We have outlined 10+ great ways to get your team funding goals met here.

Our #1 Soccer Fundraising Idea: Host a Kick-a-thon Fundraiser 

Winning Soccer Fundraiser Ideas

If you’re raising funds for a soccer team, using soccer in your fundraiser just makes sense. A kick-a-thon is the best way to score funding for a soccer team. Players can ask their friends and relatives to pledge or donate a certain amount every time a goal is scored. It is like making a wager. You can get donors to pledge with a number of goals or a fixed amount. You can also offer tickets to the kick-a-thon and have people give their pledges there. Making it a competition will draw people to the venue and inspire players to do their best to raise the most. 

However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the donations, especially the ones made before the games begin. A great way to receive and keep track of kick-a-thon donations is through our peer-to-peer fundraising software. Players can create personal pages to upload photos and videos and explain their mission, and supporters can make secure donations online. They can also link to their pages via social media and send out donation appeal emails. 

10+ More Great Soccer Fundraiser Ideas

Maybe a kick-a-thon isn’t the best idea for your group…or you need to do a few soccer fundraisers each year. Here are ten more winning soccer team fundraising ideas to choose from.

Offer Team Sponsorships

One of the biggest ways to easily raise funds for a soccer team is to recruit sponsorships from local businesses or corporations. Players, coaches, and parents can reach out to businesses where they have connections and offer team sponsorship opportunities. 

Team Sponsorships

They will be more successful in this if a sponsor recruitment package includes a sponsorship tier system. Businesses are looking for a win-win and are more likely to give in exchange for marketing and promotional opportunities. For instance, donating $250 could allow the sponsor’s logo to be placed on the team’s banner, while bigger donations of $1,000 and up would also have the logo on team uniforms. This promotion could also go further by featuring the businesses on the team’s website or social media as direct advertisements.

Get a Walk-A-Thon Going

Get your whole community walking for their health and your team’s benefit with a walk-a-thon fundraiser. Walk-a-thons are among the best fundraisers. Almost everyone can participate in a walk and your revenue possibilities are quite high. Again, using peer-to-peer fundraising software is key to success. After-parties allow you to sell food and drinks as well as team merchandise. Find sponsors to donate mile markers, food and drinks, plus prizes for those who finish in record time and raise the most money.

And Bring the Dogs!

Winning Soccer Fundraiser Ideas with Dogs

As an alternative to a regular walk-a-thon, you could also tell participants to bring their well-behaved dogs for an additional fee. Just make sure to set up appropriate courses for the dogs with water stations aplenty. 

Read more dog walk fundraising ideas.

Collect Donations for an Auction

 silent auctions

Organizing a silent auction in conjunction with a game night or other fundraiser is a great soccer fundraiser. Players ask parents and local businesses for donations in the form of gift certificates or products. These will then be auctioned off at the fundraiser, with the prizes going to the highest bidder and the proceeds directly benefiting the team.

Or a Fundraising Raffle

fundraising raffles

Similarly, you could take those same donations and instead have them raffled off in a fundraising raffle. Selling raffle tickets at your soccer games is a great way to make money. It is also very easy to make a raffling ticket system, so even the kids can take charge of running this portion of the fundraiser.

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Host a Team Car Wash

A classic car wash is a fantastic way to get the soccer team involved in raising funds. All that is needed is sponges, rags, soap, water, good weather, and people who want to get their cars washed. Advertise the car wash on social media or hand out flyers throughout town to get the word out. You can get the team members in on making sandwiches to sell in a mini deli while the rest are washing cars. You can ask a local coffee shop or bakery to set up shop where the car wash is. Have them price their drinks and baked goods a bit higher and donate the excess to the team’s fundraising efforts.

Team Car Washes are great soccer fundraisers

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloon Fight

Soccer fundraising during the summer months? Another fun way to make money is to hold a water balloon fight. Choose a day when the weather is likely hot and get the word out via flyers and social media. Get out on the field and ask the team and some volunteers to fill up water balloons. You will likely need several thousand balloons, as one participant can quickly go through 20-50. Sell them for a good price, and let the fun begin. Be sure to combine this soccer fundraiser with concession sales and other entertainment. 

Arrange a Team Potluck and Bake Sale

Bake Sales for soccer teams

Hosting a community potluck and bake sale is a delicious way of getting more funds for the team. Have everyone come and bring something yummy to share with everyone else. Have a great time eating and building friendships within the community while raising money for your team. Simply charge for admission or per plate and enjoy a scrumptious afternoon.

Hold a Community Clean-up

Community Clean-up

If you want to do your community a good turn, consider arranging a community serve-a-thon or clean-up drive. For this type of event, your soccer players will ask community members to pledge money per pound of trash cleaned, driveway swept, or other community service project. This will make the community a cleaner and greener place to live while gathering cash for your team.

Try a Seat Lottery

If your team is an All-Star or competitive team, advertise that you are raffling off the seats nearest the field. Participants can pay for the seat lottery and try their luck at wining great seats. Win or lose, they still get access to the game because seats are guaranteed for them. You could also try to sell the lottery seats in a “buy-it-now” fashion for a much higher price to people who really want them.

Seat Lottery for pro soccer teams

Best Practices for Soccer Fundraising

Now that you have some great soccer fundraising ideas, it’s time to execute them.

Clearly Define Your Fundraising Goal

Whatever fundraising campaign you choose for your team, be sure to outline where the money is going so that people are willing to donate to your cause. Supporters like to have a clear fundraising goal and understand what that means for the team.

Get Online

Utilizing a great fundraising platform can make or break your fundraiser.  Our software includes specialized campaigns for fundraising auctions, charity raffles and sweepstakes, crowdfunding, and online merchandise sales.

Plus, enjoy innovative features, including:

  • A Live Stream video studio
  • Text to donate (FREE for US organizations)
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay support or easy mobile donations
  • Easy fundraising widgets to embed on your organization’s website 
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Soccer Fundraiser Ideas In Conclusion

We hope these ideas help you get the ball rolling for your soccer team’s fundraising success! Go for the gold and the goal, and remember to have fun while raising funds for the team. Contact us to learn more about how to host a kick-a-thon or soccer fundraiser for your team.

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