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Top Blogs of 2018 & Year-End Review

Top Blogs of 2018 & Year-End Review

A theme is found in our top blogs of 2018 & year-end review. A common thread is the dynamism of communication. The focus of non-profit fundraising efforts continues to shift towards building relationships with constituents. Engaging with donors, volunteers, board members and sponsors became more of a priority. Successful nonprofit organizations are more interested in listening and engaging with donors, rather than just providing information.

5 Top Blogs of 2018 & Year-end Review

Fundraising For Kids With Confidence

Our first article analogizes donor relationships to dating. If you have a first date and it’s not followed up with more dates, the relationship ends. You assume the other party is not interested. Or you lose interest and move on to another nonprofit cause.

If you sit across from your date and they only talk about how great they are, you begin to wonder. Don’t make it boring to potential and current donors to hear what your nonprofit has done. Donors want to hear specific stories about how someone’s life has changed through your work. They want to hear about a girl who found it difficult to learn to read, but succeeded with the extra help provided.

Donors don’t want to be asked for money. They want to be asked to sponsor a child’s education who is learning to write. The top blogs of 2018 & year-end review show that donors want to be asked to help change lives.

Creating a Brand  For Nonprofits

Creating a Brand For Nonprofits

In this article we discuss branding as reaching the minds and hearts of people. A good story is hard to forget and creates a brand. Stories can be retold, whereas facts and figures are easily forgotten. Planting a seed in the minds and hearts of people is branding.

Find good story tellers among your board members, staff, volunteers and donors. Hold community events to tell stories of real people you have helped. Make videos of them for social media and your nonprofit website. Invite people to tell their own story of how you’ve helped them.

Creating and strengthening a brand for your nonprofit is about what you give to others. It is not solely the look and feel of your marketing materials.

Volunteer Retention Strategies

Create a fluid relationship with volunteers by asking them what skills and passions they bring. Charity organizations too often tell volunteers what they need. Engaging volunteers in defining their role is found in the top blogs of 2018 & year-end review. Volunteers show their commitment to your mission when they first contact you. Volunteers come from professional roles and have a plan to offer you. Letting them lead and innovate benefits both parties in the relationship.

Continue to build relationships with volunteers by making them feel welcome. Making it a priority for your nonprofit board and staff to focus on diversity leads to volunteer retention. White women are the biggest demographic of volunteers. Find ways to recruit a diverse culture of volunteers. Hire a diversity expert and continually focus on diversity inclusion.

We feature another article on volunteers in our top blogs of 2018 & year-end review. Young volunteers like incentives like internships and letters of reference. Managing a crowdfunding event from start to finish is great work experience. Collaborate with universities on offering internships.

How to Attract Corporate Sponsors

You may find your proposal to a corporate sponsor is not accepted. Yet they may sponsor your organization as your nonprofit grows. Keep an ongoing relationship no matter the outcome of your initial proposal.

Be a partner to other nonprofits in helping them seek corporate sponsors. This puts you in touch with potential sponsors. They may be more likely to help you if they know you, and see you’re a good partner to others. Our top blogs of 2018 & year-end review shows that strong relationships lead to corporate sponsor funding.

Know the power you hold when meeting with sponsors for nonprofits. As you sit across the negotiating table, realize they need you too. You would help corporate sponsors reach a wider audience. Customers would be attracted to their brand because they support you in feeding the hungry.

Regardless of your cause or size, corporate sponsors are out there for you. Believing this is essential. Billions of dollars are given each year to nonprofits by corporate sponsors.

Board of Directors Non Profit Responsibilities

The chain of relationships involving board members is truly dynamic. These heroes help nonprofits cooperate with entities who hold views contrary to an altruistic mission.. Changing lives often involves government, businesses and nonprofits working together. Let experienced board members who come from business backgrounds lead the way. Work in partnership with them on such efforts.

Board members form good relationships with a diverse pool of private and public organizations. They’re activists who advance nonprofit missions and form networks of influence. They bring new donors to the table and allow nonprofits to remain grassroots organizations. The more diverse your board members are, more partnerships and relationships are formed. The top blogs of 2018 year-end review shows entrusting board members and deepening your relationship with them leads to greater success.

Board members have the advantage of objectivity as to the daily workings of the nonprofit. Keeping a fluid relationship with them in asking for their observations and input benefits you immeasurably.

In closing our top blogs of 2018 & year-end review, we include our article on Nonprofit Website Design Elements for Success. Ensure that your non-profit website uses great website design to keep your organization competitive and successful. 

This 2018 article offers 7 in-depth tips for your nonprofit website:

  1. Flexibility of Nonprofit Website Design
  2. Dedicated Donations and Campaign pages
  3. Utilizing a Nonprofit Blog
  4. Mobile Responsive Website Design
  5. Working with Color and Font
  6. Image Management 
  7. Non-profit Website Security

Here’s to a great 2019 in fundraising! 

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