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Top Volleyball Fundraising Ideas to Ace Your Game

Top Volleyball Fundraising Ideas to Ace Your Game

Volleyball teams need money for equipment and gear, uniforms and apparel, travel expenses, tournament fees, coaching and training programs, and more. If fees are adding up for your team, you may need to turn to fundraising to help cover these costs. Welcome to the world of volleyball fundraising, where every great serve soars not just over the net but towards an impactful cause. 

In this blog, we’ll explore a variety of volleyball fundraising ideas, with a special spotlight on volleyball serve-a-thon fundraisers. These unique and exciting fundraisers are perfect for school or club volleyball teams looking to raise funds in a fun and engaging way.

Our Favorite Volleyball Fundraiser: Volleyball Serve-a-thons 

A volleyball serve-a-thon fundraiser is where the excitement of a volleyball match meets the spirit of giving. In a volleyball serve-a-thon, your team not only scores points over the net but also in your fundraising efforts through peer-to-peer fundraising. Watch your donations soar as participants raise money by reaching out to their network of friends, family, and colleagues. 

Volleyball Serve-a-thons

Here’s how it works: Set a special date for the fundraiser, and each participant will make a certain number of serves. Most groups choose 100 serves, but you may need to alter this for younger teams. Players can make 10 or 20 serves in a row and then break and collect balls for teammates. The volleyball coach or volunteers track each participant’s serves to see how many successfully go over the net. 

Before the event, supporters make pledges (based on the number of successful serves) or donations to support the team’s efforts. Donations are made on each participant or team’s fundraising page, and top fundraisers are tracked automatically. Gamification elements, such as fundraising thermometers, countdowns, and leaderboards, add an element of competition and make the event more engaging.

Volleyball Serve-a-thon Steps for Fundraising Success

Follow these steps to plan your fundraising serve-a-thon.

  • Secure your venue and date, and set your sights on a fundraising goal.
  • Outline the team restrictions and decide on a goal or competition between the teams.
  • Consider adding a fun theme to add some flair (ideas below).
  • Begin the buzz early—start promoting your event on social media and in flyers at least a month in advance.
  • Create a free serve-a-thon website with DoJiggy.
  • Get your participants registered and ready to collect donations well before the event day.
  • Inspire ongoing fundraising efforts by your teams with prizes and incentives.
  • On game day, make the rules clear and have fun! Provide or sell food and drinks for participants and spectators after their serves are completed.
  • At the end of the campaign, celebrate your achievements and show gratitude to everyone involved.
Serve-a-thon Steps

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More Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

While volleyball serve-a-thons are a fantastic idea, here are some more creative and fun volleyball fundraising ideas to diversify your fundraising and focus on your game.

1. Volleyball Skills Clinic

Host a volleyball skills clinic or camp where local volleyball players or renowned alumni provide training sessions to younger players. Participants pay a registration fee, and you can add extra fun, like photo ops and autograph sessions, for an additional cost.

2. Beach Volleyball Day

Organize a beach volleyball day if you’re near a coast or have access to sand courts. This can include tournaments, casual play, and even lessons for beginners. Combine this with a BBQ cookoff or a beach party for added fun and opportunities to sell food.

Volleyball fundraising ideas at the beach

3. Sponsored Volleyball Marathon

Set up a volleyball marathon where teams play for a set number of hours, seeking sponsors for each hour they play. This can be an excellent way to engage the community and draw attention to your cause.

4. Charity Volleyball League

Create a charity league that runs over several weeks. Teams register and compete in a more extended community tournament, with proceeds going to your team.

5. Sports-Themed Auction

Host an online auction with sports memorabilia and volleyball-themed items, including signed merchandise, training equipment, and even tickets to professional matches. Promote the auction at your games, but host it online to reach a broader audience.

6. Virtual Volleyball Tournament

Even virtual volleyball tournaments can be a hit in today’s digital world. Use video games that simulate volleyball and have participants compete online. This is a great way to involve those who might not be able to attend physical events.

Thematic Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

Promoting an event theme can add fun and excitement to any of these volleyball fundraising ideas. Imagine a beach volleyball day where everyone wears groovy gear from the 70s or a Superhero volleyball marathon. Unleash creativity on the court with these thematic volleyball fundraising ideas that guarantee an unforgettable event.

  • Olympic Dreams: Go for the gold as each team embodies a country, showcasing their patriotic pride and celebrating diversity with every serve.
  • Retro Revival: Blast to the past where teams dress in their grooviest or raddest retro wear—think ’70s disco fever or ’80s neon hype.
  • Nature’s Team: Embrace the great outdoors with teams representing elements of nature—be it the deep blue sea, lush forests, or the vast desert.
  • Superhero Showdown: Teams assemble as their favorite Superhero or original heroes of their own making, bringing unique powers to the court.
Thematic Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

Game, Set, Match

Volleyball fundraising is not just about the sport; it’s about bringing people together for a shared cause. The right approach can set the stage for an annual tradition that everyone looks forward to. Now, set up your net, rally your team, and serve up an awesome team fundraiser that will have the whole community talking.

The Girls’ volleyball team pictured above is participating in College Tournaments Hawaii.

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