Online Giving for Churches

Church Online Giving

Church Online GivingChurch online giving is an important part of any church fundraising campaign. Online giving provides a great opportunity for your organization to raise more money for your church by reaching new potential donors and extending your reach beyond current congregation members. Of course, traditional fundraising methods should not be dismissed, as they are still very effective in securing donations from previous donors. However, by combining church online giving programs with traditional fundraising tactics, your church can maximize fundraising results while reaching more potential donors.

Creating an Online Giving Campaign for Churches

In order to integrate church online giving as part of your overall fundraising efforts, you’ll need to start thinking about the online environment. This starts with creating a fundraising website where you can post information about your fundraising campaign and allow for online donations. Ask members of your congregation to share the fundraising website link with neighbors, family members, friends and co-workers. This will allow you to take your fundraising campaign beyond your congregation, making your cause more visible to new potential donors. You can also post a link to your fundraising website on your church organization’s website. And, if you have a church blog where you share stories of faith, this provides another opportunity for sharing personal fundraising stories.

You will also need to make some administrative changes. Be sure to collect email addresses from your congregation, so you can send email donation requests with a link to your fundraising website. Email is a great way to inform your congregation about fundraising drives, send event reminders, and more. Not only can you easily embed a link to your fundraising website for online donations, but an email is very easy to forward (vs. a letter which is only viewed by one household).

Promote your online giving campaign with a strategy that blends traditional solicitation efforts with new online outreach opportunities. Continue to distribute donation request letters, either at Sunday services or through mail, as they are effective – especially when you provide people with an easy way to respond (i.e. self addressed and stamped envelope and collection boxes at Church). But, be sure to provide these new online contribution options as well.

Managing Church Online Giving with Fundraising Software

Church online giving programs are easier to manage than traditional fundraising campaigns where various forms were distributed and cash donations had to be accounted for. Church contributions software (or tithing software) streamlines regular giving contributions from church members. Donors can make one-time donations or set-up a user profile for recurring giving by month, quarter, year, or other term.

With fundraising software administrators can save time and money by easily managing the details of fundraising events. For example, if you are hosting a fundraising event, such as a church walk-a-thon or perhaps congregation leaders are embarking on mission trip fundraising, the website can provide a safe place for community members to make online donations, plus easy-to-use registration tools, up-to-date event details and dates, goal statements and photos, administrative progress reports and much more!