Hosting a Charity Mini Golf Tournament

Charity Mini Golf TournamentHosting a charity mini golf tournament is a great fundraising activity for youth sports, school groups, and team organizations. Just like a regular charity golf tournament, a mini golf event is fun, encourages team-building, and can bring in a great deal of funds. The great thing about mini golf is that almost anyone can play and it only takes a couple of hours, rather than an entire day on the golf course.

Planning a Mini Golf Fundraiser

To organize a mini-golf fundraiser, you’ll want to start by locating a mini-golf course within your community. Schedule the tournament in advance to reserve the space and receive discounted rates. Remember that season factors will affect price and availability, so be flexible here if you can. Consider hosting the event following a practice, game, or other activity where your team and parents will be gathering, such as team photo day.

Bringing in Funds for the Mini Golf Fundraiser

The best way to easily organize fundraising events is with a fundraising website. Your fundraising website serves as the hub where people will get information and secure register and donate:

  • Sell your event tickets with any merchandise or perks included for participation. Offer attractive specials such as Family ticket specials or discounts for advance purchases.
  • Ask local businesses and community organizations to sponsor a hole for a reasonable price (such as $50 or $100 per hole) and provide signage acknowledging their contribution.
  • Provide golf tournament contests -this can be included in the ticket price or offered as an up-sell. Don’t forget to ask for donated items to use as prizes for lowest score, best bank shot, or raffle prizes.
  • Think of additional ways to raise funds at your mini-golf event including adding a fundraising raffle, branded merchandise, and food and drink sales.
  • Provide opportunities for event attendees to make donations at the event. You can raise a considerable amount just by placing a jug labeled “donations” next to the concession stand or registration tables.

Promoting the Tournament

live streams for nonprofit virtual eventsOnce you have a date booked, you will need to publicize your event. Be sure to include the reason why you are raising funds and what the ultimate benefit of your golf fundraiser will be. Invite media to participate for free, or come out to take photos. Include a link to your fundraising website where people can learn more about your cause or make online donations. You can promote the mini-golf fundraiser via:

  • Social Media posts
  • Promotional golf tournament flyers placed in store windows,
  • Your team website
  • Announcements in community newsletters
  • Your email or team newsletter contacts
  • Sponsor promotions (encourage tournament sponsors to spread the word through their contacts as well)


More Golf Tournament Resources

DoJiggy offers a number of golf tournament planning resources that can be applied to mini-golf fundraising events. Our golf tournament software is the industry-leading platform for charity and corporate golf tournaments.

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