Sports Fundraising

Sports Fundraising

Many students, coaches, parents, and schools participate in sports fundraising initiatives to help provide funding for sports programs. Whether raising funds for new equipment, team uniforms, or travel funds for competitions, the following information will help you better plan for your sports fundraising campaign.

Keep in mind that with every sports fundraising campaign, you are teaching team members about community service and being part of something larger than themselves. In addition, using a service such as DoJiggy Pledge can be a fun experience for participants. Today young adults spend a lot of time on the computer – emailing friends, updating Facebook pages, watching funning videos, and more. Using an online fundraising software service makes fundraising easy and convenient for participants. Not only that, but they get to create their own personal fundraising page where they can upload photos, quotes, and explain more about the cause of the fundraising as well as set goals. They are not only helping to raise much needed funds, but learning that helping out can be fun and rewarding.

Important questions and factors to keep in mind when starting your school fundraising campaigns include:

  • How much volunteer time will the project take? Do you currently have committed parents or other volunteers to assist in your planning process? How will your team recruit more?
  • How will players be involved? What roles can players, parents and coaches play?
  • What are the upfront costs and how will you cover these?
  • What are you teaching members of your sports team through your fundraising campaign?
  • What kind of prizes are you offering to the top fundraisers? Anything that makes the event more fun for kids, means that your event will be more successful and raise more money.

Our fundraising tips section offers additional guidelines to help you set goals, identify fundraising sources, prepare a timeline, recruit participants and volunteers, and promote your fundraising event. If you aren’t sure the type of fundraising activity you’d like to host, we’ve created a list below to get you started. If none of these seem right for your group, perhaps our section on fundraising event ideas may help get the creative juices flowing. Best of luck!

Sports Fundraising Ideas from DoJiggy