Sorority Fundraising to Raise More

Sorority Fundraising

Sorority fundraising is a commonplace activity for sororities on college campuses across the country. Sororities have membership dues, branded clothing, group photos, social events and parties, and financial expenses during the pledging process. All of these things cost money, and fundraising is an excellent way to help raise dollars to cover these expenses.

Sorority fundraising is not only a great way to raise funds for your sorority, but it’s also a great way to help young women learn organizational skills, make long-lasting friendships and gain experience serving their community. Members of sororities consist of young women who have exceptional skills in entrepreneurship, academics, and community service. Find ways to help your community by bringing the strong qualities of your members to the forefront in your fundraising efforts. Below we’ve listed some interesting ideas for sorority fundraisers; however, if you don’t see what you like here, be sure to visit our page with even more creative fundraising ideas.

Sorority Fundraising Ideas

Here are some great sorority fundraising ideas to get your sorority started.

Yoga or Health & Fitness Workshops

Women are often conscious of their well being, both inside and out. Yet, college can be a challenging transition for young women as they go out on their own. They no longer have guidance of parents or close high school friends and teachers. Why not offer fundraising activities that strengthen the mind and body?

Consider having your sorority host self-defense classes or yoga workshops to pass along safety skills and nurture the body, mind and soul. Partner with local instructors to offer various classes for fellow female students, teachers and parents throughout the week. Charge an admission fee and host the class at your sorority house or the gymnasium at your school. Instructors may donate their time for an opportunity to introduce their studio to the university and hopefully recruit new students. Your sorority will benefit from the money raised through admission fees, and the satisfaction of helping women on campus learn valuable skills and experiences. Promote the event through women organizations, in the school paper and website, through email blasts, and on Social Media.

Walk-a-thon & Fun Run Events

How about hosting a walk-a-thon through campus? Not only will each member of the sorority have their family, friends and personal networks to contact for donations, but the sorority can send out donation and sponsorship request letters to alumni and local businesses. Creating a walk-a-thon website allows your organization to easily manage your event registrations and solicit funds more widely. Local businesses (especially those catering to women) may be willing to sponsor your sorority walk-a-thon to gain awareness with the campus community and contribute to your cause.

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A walk-a-thon event is a great time for friends, parents, alumni, students and members of the community to join together for a good cause… while stretching their legs and raising their heart-rate! Don’t forget to consider other types of fundraising initiatives in conjunction with your walk-a-thon event. Offering a fundraising raffle as part of the post-walkathon celebration can bring in additional dollars for your cause. Partner with a local foods store to bring in granola bars and energy drinks to sell for even more revenue.

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Community Workshops

What other types of services can your sorority provide to the local community? Consider the mission of your sorority. If your sorority focuses on professional development and business skills, perhaps you want to consider offering a workshop that teaches study skills? Or maybe you want to offer private tutoring sessions? Or bring in a guest speaker to talk about entrepreneurship? Talk with university faculty to see if a room or auditorium can be borrowed for a few hours every Saturday to host “resume building” workshops. Have sorority members or volunteers from the local business community be available to help students build a great resume and cover letter and possibly even talk about developing skills for interviewing. These workshops don’t need to be educational either; some people are interested in learning a new hobby. Find out what your members are interested in and consider hosting a hobby-day where sorority sisters teach knitting, baking, photography, etc.

Here’s a great story about a school that was very successful organizing a knit-a-thon fundraiser.

Girls’ Summer Camps

Some sorority sisters continue to live in the sorority house during the summer, while many head home to spend summer with their families. Why not take advantage of the extra space in your sorority home and offer a summer camp for young girls? You likely want to target girls a little older (5+) so you don’t have to worry about nap-time and diapers. Since children over five are already in school, parents are often looking for summer activities for them to attend. Parents may consider your camp as a fun alternative for their kids to regular daycare or paying a nanny. Charge an entrance fee for your summer camp and advertise with local schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and around town. It doesn’t really matter what activities you host for attendees, as long as you have fun and teach the girls new things (whether it’s singing a new song, learning a new game, or learning how to make breakfast for their parents).

At the close of camp, do something so the girls feel special. Make them honorary “junior members” of the society, or reward them with a special medal or framed photo to congratulate them for their achievements. They will love being part of a special “grown-up” club and enjoy learning from people they look up to.

Sorority Fundraising Sales

If a fundraising event isn’t the right answer for your sorority, consider selling something to raise the dollars you need. Sororities can sell branded school merchandise online or at university events. Or perhaps sell items with your sorority motto or crest to family members and other supporters such as: sorority shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, hats, or blankets (perfect for cold football games). A table can be set up at any university event to sell these items, or you can setup an eCommerce store and sell them online.

Don’t forget to consider fundraising discount cards. These are great items to offer to current students, who are conscious of their spending. These cards are typically sold for $10 each, and offer numerous savings on or around campus at local restaurants, book stores, and more.

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