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DoJiggy is dedicated to helping university students, faculty, teams and social organizations better plan, manage and execute fundraising campaigns. With our University Fundraising Resource Center, we strive to provide the best collection of resources to make your fundraising events and initiatives more successful. Whether the fundraiser is sponsored by the university or conducted by a group within, there is often a need to raise dollars for school developmental projects, new technology and materials, as well as to fund extracurricular activities and social organizations.

There are many different types of fundraising initiatives available to universities such as collecting online donations, organizing a sales-drive or planning an exciting fundraising event. The following resources are dedicated to helping you choose which type of fundraiser is right for your group, as well as providing guidelines to help you create a successful university fundraising campaign. DoJiggy provides a complete line of online fundraising solutions to help you plan and manage whatever fundraising event or initiative you choose...helping you save time and money, while executing a successful university fundraiser! Our goal is that these fundraising resources, used with our online software tools will save your organization valuable time and allow you to raise more money for your cause with less hassle. Why reinvent the wheel, when DoJiggy brings these proven fundraising resources to you!

University Fundraising 101

University Fundraising

There are many different types of fundraising initiatives available to universities. We've included an overview of important considerations and different types of fundraising campaigns you may be interested in pursuing such as: collecting online donations, organizing a sales-drive or planning an exciting fundraising event. We've also provided great overview of popular college fundraising themes to help get the creative juices flowing.

Sorority Fundraising

Sorority Fundraising Ideas

Sorority fundraising is not only a great way to raise funds for your sorority, but it's also a great way to help young women learn organizational skills, make long-lasting friendships and gain experience serving their community. Find ways to bring the strong qualities of your members to the forefront in your fundraising efforts. We've listed some interesting ideas for sorority fundraisers in this article.

Fraternity Fundraising

Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

Charity work is part of being in a fraternity, and most frats host at least one major fundraiser of fundraising event per school year. To help your determine what fundraising event is right for your fraternity, we've outlined a couple of popular options hosted by fraternities on college campuses across the country.

Alumni Fundraising

Alumni Fundraising

Alumni fundraising initiatives may be designed to bring in dollars to support development of school projects for the University itself, or to help fund programs for school groups they were involved in such as fraternities, sororities, poetry clubs, political groups, sport teams, etc. Targeting alumni for fundraising efforts is an excellent idea. The pride one carries from graduating in considerable, and often alumni have a deep desire to give back to the institution that gave so much to them.

College Fundraising Themes

College Fundraising Themes

Whether you are raising funds for your sorority, fraternity, sports team, poetry club, or for general development projects for the University itself, we've assembled the following college fundraising themes to help point you in the right direction as you begin to identify the type of fundraiser you'd like to host.

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PTA Fundraising, PTA Fundraisers

The mission of PTA fundraising and/or PTO fundraising is to establish a close relationship between home and school by advancing the opportunity for parents to become involved in the fabric of their school community. PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) groups offer assistance to teachers and other staff members, raise funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences, support school and family social interaction, and provide a forum for sharing information on issues that impact children and youth. It is the belief of PTA and PTO groups that the team effort of a parent and teacher organization offers the best possible learning environment for children.

Important PTA Fundraising (or PTO Fundraising) Considerations

Parents, school teachers and school administrators should work together to determine goals, set budgets, manage timelines, and organize various details of a fundraising campaign. Consideration of these factors in your planning efforts will help make your fundraiser a greater success:

  • What age are the students? Consider what students are interested in and capable of doing prior to selecting your fundraising events. You want to spark your children's interest with a fundraising campaign. See Fundraising Through The Years for more ideas.
  • Financial Planning: What is your budget for producing the fundraiser? What are the upfront costs and how will your organization cover these? What are your fundraising goals? How will funds be used?
  • What resources do you have to work with, including: Parents, volunteers, local business & media relationships that can assist with sponsorships, advertising and marketing of your PTO/PTA fundraising efforts?
  • What tools and resources, including fundraising software, will your PTA use to collect donations and manage all the planning details of your PTA/PTO fundraising campaign?
  • What are your plans for promoting your PTO/PTA fundraising events? Networking, social media, community relationships, local businesses, your school website, event calendars, email blasts, website links, school gatherings, and more can provide opportunities for sharing.
  • What message and skills are you teaching students through your fundraiser? Are you choosing healthy options or selling cookie dough?
  • How will you motivate participants? Will there be prizes or awards for top performers and classrooms?

Top 7 PTO & PTA Fundraising Ideas

Many PTAs and schools stick to the old standbys - like candy bar and bake sales. But creative school & PTA fundraiser ideas are needed to set your school or PTA/PTO fundraising team apart from the crowd and help you raise more. That's why we've created a whole page loaded with the best fundraisers for schools to help get PTA organizations started with planning a fundraiser. Seven of our favorite fundraisers that work great for PTAs and school crowdfunding events include:

  1. Organize a School Walk-a-thon or Fun Run - A healthy alternative to candy fundraisers! Fun Runs are one of the most common PTO fundraising events we see.
  2. Make it even more fun for kids with a Color Run fundraiser alternative!
  3. Reading challenges or readathons promote literacy and a love of reading. As an incentive for taking part, top fundraisers receive a gift certificate to a local bookstore.
  4. Serve-a-thons get your students helping out in the community.
  5. Just Ask Campaigns, utilizing great Donation Websites are a great way to raise money with very little effort. With these programs, your PTO donation software is key to your success.
  6. School carnivals with bounce houses, refreshments and music are always a family hit. 
  7. Car washes are an old standby that everyone can participate in and enjoy. Have the kids prepare sandwiches, offer drinks and include a bake sale to raise more money.

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions make planning and managing PTO events simple and effective.

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

Building a Sense of Community is Key to PTO and PTA Fundraising

A morning coffee meeting is a great way to start the PTA fundraising year, as it brings parents together in a relaxed atmosphere where they can focus on raising money for a good cause. After dropping their children off at school, serve your parents some gourmet coffee with a selection of artisan pastries. Have an open discussion about the importance of helping your school and community through PTO fundraising. Having regular follow up meetings (in the evenings) allows those who cannot attend the first meeting to make a contribution and get involved. See this article for more ideas on how to engage parents in PTO fundraising campaigns.

While most schools and PTO fundraisers aim to raise funds for your school, fundraisers for a local non-profit organization or cause are also a great way to get your school community working together. Your school, parents, and grandparents can make a tremendous difference within your community while forming a great team to work together for future PTA fundraising events. It also teaches youth to be concerned citizens when parents and teachers encourage them to think about the struggles of others and get inspired to do something about it. Some charities will be happy to promote shared fundraising with PTA teams, in that a percentage of the funds would go to your school. There is strength and power in community partnerships.

Is there a difference between PTO and PTA Fundraising?

School PTA and PTO organizations are both dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of children, parents and educators.The difference between PTO and PTA groups is determined by whether the group has an affiliation with the National PTA or they are an independent group (PTO). Nearly 75% of parent groups today are independent PTOs. Local groups that choose to belong to the PTA must pay dues and abide by state and national group rules. In return, they get member benefits, and a voice in the operations of the larger organization. PTO is a more generic term and represents groups that are independent of the National PTA. These groups typically concern themselves with what's going on within their own school district, at their building or in their community only. 

As far as fundraising strategies, there is little difference between a PTO and a PTA organization. Both host similar types of fundraising events and provide resources, communication and encouragement to get the school and community involved. PTO and a PTA organizations support and speak on behalf of children and youth in their schools and before government agencies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.

More School Fundraising Resources

Loads more great School Fundraising resources and ideas to boost PTO fundraising efforts for your school are available from DoJiggy. Whether you are a parent looking for elementary school fundraisers or high school fundraising ideas, a sports coach, or an art teacher,  we have compiled a set of free resources to help support your school fundraising campaigns. Our list of school fundraising ideas and resources have been developed from hands on experience with helping hundreds of schools across the US and Canada in raising money through online fundraising. If your school is looking for fundraisers that work, be sure to check out our school fundraising resources and fundraising software today.

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DoJiggy is dedicated to helping Churches better plan, manage and execute fundraising events. With our Church Fundraising Resource Center, we strive to provide the best collection of resources to make your events more successful. Our goal is that these fundraising resources, used with our DoJiggy software services, will save your organization valuable staff and volunteer time and allow you to raise more money for your cause with less hassle. Why reinvent the wheel, when DoJiggy brings these proven fundraising resources to you!

Church Donation Software

Church Donation Software

Our Church Donation Software provides a secure online tithing and donations website for your church, church group, or community of faith. Donors can make one-time donations or set-up a user profile for recurring giving by month, quarter or other term. Donors can easily track their tithing history by viewing and managing their account online using a username and password established during registration. Learn more about automating your church donations today.

Church Fundraising - An Overview

Church Fundraising - An Overview

If you've been chosen to organize a church fundraising program, you may be wondering where to start. Many churches are discovering new ways to fundraise online. In order to help you and your congregation in your planning efforts, we have created some useful guidelines for organizing church fundraisers to help you be successful in your planning efforts.


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Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas

Great church fundraising ideas make for successful church fundraising campaigns and are a fantastic way to support your faith and community. Whether you are raising funds for a mission trip, youth groups, or resources for development of church programs, we have compiled a number of creative church fundraising ideas to help you organize a successful church fundraising campaign while not loosing track of your mission.

Church Fundraising Templates & Letters

Church Fundraising Templates & Letters

Donation Request & Thank You Letters: We've also provided guidelines and sample letters to help you get started with your church fundraising efforts. After all, the first step in fundraising is reaching out to your networks and requesting donations to benefit your cause. To get started, just download the documents below, customize for your church, and then share with fundraising administrators and participants to help kick-start your organization's fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Event Budget

Fundraising Event Budget

Financial tracking and planning is one key ingredient to your church's fundraising success. This fundraising event budget is pre-populated with all income and expense categories, and includes a profit/loss summary for both estimated and actual expenses. Whatever size church fundraising event you are hosting, this budget will serve to help predict and estimate costs, as well as monitor income and expenses throughout the planning stages. Further, the budget can later be reviewed with a committee or consultant, to help you with product ordering, fundraising and profitability goals.

Church Youth Fundraisers

Church Youth Fundraisers

Not only do church youth fundraisers help your church financially, but they also give children a sense of purpose and strengthen their faith. With every church fundraising campaign, you are teaching children about community service and being a part of something larger than themselves. Making these church fundraisers something that your kids and youth will enjoy and look forward to participating in is essential to your fundraising success. We have compiled a special list of fun, interesting ideas to help you create the best fundraisers for church youth groups.

Mission Trip Fundraising

Mission Trip Fundraising

Many believe that mission work is a staple of the evangelical lifestyle that the Bible calls us to. For this reason, churches have mission teams made up of church members and church youth who travel to spread the word of the Lord and often to serve the less fortunate. With mission trip fundraising, donations raised will go towards travel costs, supplies, and funding missionaries needs while they are on their mission. Read on to learn the best ways to raise donations for this cause.

Community Based Fundraising

Community Based Fundraising

Community based fundraising events are a wonderful option for church fundraisers and provide a great opportunity to grow your congregation and build relationships with other community groups! Plan for community fundraising events and activities that require cooperation and encourage involvement for families and your congregation. We've put together a few suggestions of types of community based fundraising events to get you started.



An interesting fundraising idea uniquely meant for church fundraising is a pray-a-thon. Pray-a-thons are a variation of the walk-a-thon theme, where individuals and even groups collect donations for your church or community.


What is a spin-a-thon®? A spin-a-thon is a peer-to-peer fundraising event that is organized very similarly to a walk-a-thon. Instead of walking, participants are spinning® (or riding a stationary bike in place) to raise money for your organization or charity. Spin-a-thons have become popular fundraising events in recent years as spinning® has become a popular fitness activity. A fun advantage of a spin-a-thon is that people literally stay in one place. Instead of a walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon where people start at one destination and end at another, the spin-a-thon event is set up with stationary exercise bikes. This allows for creating more of a communal gathering place for announcements and entertainment throughout your event. With this type of event, you can make your fundraiser into a community party and include live music, food and beverages, and other fun games and contests while people cycle to raise money for your cause... bringing members of your organization in a social setting with local businesses, media and neighbors.

Utilize Spin-a-thon Software

A great way to extend the reach of your spin-a-thon is with a fundraising software solution for peer-to-peer events, like DoJiggy Pledge. Participants can easily register for your event and create personal fundraising pages where they explain their mission, upload photos and videos, and provide a safe and secure way for people to make online donations. Spin-a-thon event participants and volunteers can send out an email donation request that includes a link to their personal fundraising page, making it very easy for donors to contribute to your organization. Be sure to add a prominent link to your spin-a-thon fundraising website on your organization's website, and encourage participants to post links on social media sites to extend the reach of your fundraising campaign beyond your local community.

Secure a Spin-a-thon Location

Host your spin-a-thon in a fun environment. If the event takes place in the summer, host the event on the beach! Set up a stationary bike station overlooking the water and have participants sign up for specific hour time-slots to pedal. Have other activities for people to participate in such as beach volleyball or snorkeling. If the spin-a-thon is a family event, host it at a park where there is a playground for younger children to interact while parents and siblings ride. If you host the event in the winter, host it at a large community gymnasium or YMCA. Set up stations for biking, but also other areas for community interaction. Perhaps set up a section for a silent auction display where event attendees can bid on items numerous items including: gift certificates, weekend get-aways, celebrity memorabilia, and more. This is another great way to bring in even more funds for your cause.

Harness the Power of Competition & Prizes

To motivate people to participate in your event and work hard to secure donations, offer incentives and prizes. Create incentives for the participants and teams who raise the most donations or pledges and post leaderboards and fundraising thermometers on your spin-a-thon website. Also consider hosting contests on the day of the event to award participants who pedal the furthest and/or longest.

Offer a gift bag for all participants including event T-shirts as a keep-sake to remember the event, a water-bottle for riders to use while cycling, plus samples, coupons or other donated goodies from event sponsors and local businesses.

Add a fundraising raffle to your fundraising event offering participants and event attendees a chance to win cool prizes. Solicit raffle prizes from local businesses such as: restaurant and retail gift certificates, a free month membership or private training session at a local gym, free stationary bike, or free massage to work out those sore muscles after an hour of cycling.

Spin-a-thon Add-On Ideas

Once you've decided to host a spin-a-thon for your fundraiser, what other fun spin-a-thon ideas are possible to make your fundraising event unique? If you are promoting health and wellness as part of your message, perhaps you'll want to add other types of supporting activities. For instance, some organizations add a free yoga component (or stretching class) to their spin-a-thon. Event attendees can join a gentle yoga class after their ride, or participants can join in a yoga-stretch class before they hop on the bike. Invite nutritionists to talk about eating healthy, or fitness experts to provide tips to lower body fat. You could also consider offering complimentary chair massage for participants after they finish their hour of spinning® to help them unwind, or paid chair massages with the money earned benefiting your cause. This is also a great time to consider reaching out to sponsors who provide products or services that are in-line with the theme of your event. Sponsors can provide financial donations, assistance promoting the event, as well as prizes for contests. Learn more about how to get sponsors to support your fundraising event.

Spin-a-thon® is a registered trademark of DoJiggy. Spin and Spinning® are registered trademarks owned by Mad Dogg Athletics®, Inc. DoJiggy is in no way affiliated with Mad Dogg Athletics®, Inc.

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More Peer-to-Peer Resources

For more useful fundraising resources for your spin-a-thon, visit our walk-a-thon resources where we have sample pledge forms, event timelines and flyers, as well as guidelines to help you plan and promote your peer-to-peer event, sponsor solicitation tips, and much more.

Fundraising Resources