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How to Hold a Breakfast Fundraiser

'Should we hold a breakfast fundraiser?' is a question that often comes up as you start to consider the various options for an upcoming fundraising campaign. There are a number of excellent ways to raise funds for your charity or cause such as: organizing a walk-a-thon, planning a charity golf tournament, or hosting a gala event. The nice thing about a breakfast fundraiser is that it does not take nearly the amount of time to organize as these large fundraising events, but it still raises significant funds while bringing members of your organization and the community together in a social setting. In order for your breakfast to be successful, however you must be organized. Below are some basic guidelines to help your organization better plan a breakfast fundraiser.

Planning Your Breakfast Fundraiser

In order to host a successful fundraising event, you must plan and prepare. This starts by bringing a team of individuals together to brainstorm ideas, set a fundraising budget, timelines, and assign responsibilities. By allocating different duties to each individual on your committee, members do not feel overwhelmed and can take ownership of their part in the big picture. Perhaps someone can manage the fundraising website, where someone else works directly with the volunteers. Another person can handle securing a location and purchasing all the necessary food and materials, where someone else takes control of fundraising event promotion. 

Some of the logistics and responsibilities for your committee include:

  • Selecting and securing a good location is key. This is easy for schools, as they can use the school cafeteria and kitchen, making a breakfast fundraiser a great fundraiser for schools
  • Choosing a good time of the year to hold your Breakfast fundraiser. Breakfast with Santa could be fun! Have you heard of National Pancake Day?
  • Volunteer and chef recruitment
  • Menu selection and food purchasing (or seeking in-kind donations)
  • Recruiting music or entertainment during the fundraiser
  • Incorporating additional fundraising opportunities - a silent auction and/or raffles
  • Event promotion and marketing - including managing your event management website for online registration and ticket sales

Creating the Breakfast Menu

The menu is another important item to consider at the planning onset. While pancake breakfast fundraisers are popular school and church fundraising ideas, you are certainly not limited to that alone. Offering more gourmet and brunch like options will allow you to charge more for admission and draw a larger audience. Of course, you'll need the chefs and cooks to make this happen. Here are some ideas to consider to diversify your breakfast menu:

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice. Setup a squeezing station and have the kids handle this one. 
  • Gourmet coffees and teas
  • Eggs prepared to order, any style
  • An omelette station with pre-chopped vegetables and grated cheeses
  • Fresh fruit - grapes, melons, berries, whatever is local and in season
  • A yogurt bar with granola or other grains
  • Fresh scones, muffins, breads and pastries - cut larger ones in half
  • Gourmet or local sausages and breakfast meats
  • Pancakes and waffles, with a toppings bar
  • Be sure to include gluten-free and sugar free options, so everyone can enjoy

Utilizing a Fundraising Website

Fundraising software tools from DoJiggy can help your team effectively manage the various details of  your breakfast fundraiser: from event registration and ticket sales, sponsorship sales and promotion, volunteer sign up, secure processing of online donations or related product sales, to managing communications. These software tools can help you cross your "t's" and dot your "i's" increasing your efficiency and allowing you to raise more money for your cause.

DoJiggy's Fundraising Software
Makes Hosting Breakfast Fundraisers Easy & Effective

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

Promoting the Fundraising Breakfast

Once you've decided to host a breakfast fundraiser and solidified the details of your event, you now need to promote it. Your breakfast website is your hub where everyone will go to find out about the event and register, but you still need to drive them to the website with traditional marketing materials. Create a press release and distribute event flyers that inform people in your community about how their presence at the event can help make a difference for your non-profit organization or cause. Be sure to include basic event details so they can mark their calendars. Invite media to attend. This creates a wonderful opportunity to share a story about community goodwill, and also provides a great opportunity for news photos. Be sure to allow for donations after the event! This way if someone had to miss the breakfast fundraiser, or if a reporter chooses to run a story following the fundraiser, they can give people an opportunity to make an online donation by providing a link to your fundraising website.

Day of Event Operations

Make sure you are prepared the day of the event. Arrive early to be sure that everything is set up before guests arrive. Do a run-through with volunteers. Walk through registration, serving breakfast, cleaning up, and hosting any other fundraising activities happening in conjunction with your event such as a fundraising raffle. Walk through different scenarios, what happens if media arrives? Who is in charge of re-filling coffee and juice containers and stocking silverware? Be sure to cover all the possibilities so you can execute a successful fundraising event. If you have event sponsors, be sure to put up signage where necessary, and make an announcement during the event to thank attendees, donors, volunteers and sponsors.

Additional Ways to Raise Money at the Breakfast Fundraiser

A breakfast fundraiser provides an excellent opportunity to raise additional funds, outside of ticket sales, for your chartible cause. Since you've gathered numerous community members in one area, it's a perfect time to host a silent auction. Of course, this takes a little planning as well. Your organization would need to solicit in-kind donations prior to the event to auction off for your cause. Auction items can include: gift certificates, sports memorabilia, theater tickets, and travel packages. Display items during your event with silent auction bid sheets where people place bids to win auction items. If you don't have time to organize a full auction, fundraising raffles can be fun as well. Here you sell raffle tickets for a chance to win and then randomly select winners during the event. You can also create some fun contests and games to keep the kids engaged and enjoying themselves. For more creative fundraising ideas, visit our resource center.

Fundraising Resources

Raffle Fundraising

Raffle fundraising can be a very successful way for groups to raise fundraising dollars and can be successfully run by schools, churches and non-profit organizations alike. A successful fundraising raffle has the capacity to produce high profit margins with few upfront costs - making raffles a popular non-profit fundraising strategy. Fundraising raffles are also a great option for a group of any size. For instance, a high-school yearbook club that has only five members can be just as successful with a raffle fundraiser as a large sports team.

Please note that to be legal, the proceeds from a fundraising raffle must benefit a legally registered non-profit or charitable organization. States have exclusive rights to determine what is allowed and what is not in terms of gaming, of which raffles are included. Be sure to check with your state’s Attorney General office before planning your raffle to determine regulations surrounding non-profit raffles in your state.

Successful Fundraising Raffle Essentials - The Prizes!

Appealing prizes make for a successful fundraising raffle. After all, this will be the first question people will ask when approached to purchase tickets. Make sure the prizes are desirable and are relevant to your audience and location. Relevancy is important to your success – for example, while gun raffles are popular with sporting groups and clubs, a gun raffle would not be appropriate for a school fundraiser.

Though you always want to ask for donations first, don't limit your fundraising raffle to donated items. This is a mistake that many organizations make, as they want to keep all of the raffle proceeds. Yet organizations can raise far more money with desirable, high-value items. We’re not talking about $1 raffles at the football game here, in this case, donated prizes are fine and necessary to raise money. But if your school or organization wants to raise $5,000, $10,000 or even more on a fundraising raffle, you will likely need to purchase the grand prize.

Here are some great raffle prizes that are sure to attract attention:

  • Travel Packages: Offering a travel package is always a great grand prize idea, as most people love to travel but are hindered by the high costs. Approach an airline that uses your city as a hub and ask for them to donate two round-trip domestic tickets; it's great advertising for them and a high-ticket item like this will help sell more raffle tickets. If you cannot get a travel package donated, consider trying one of our unique No Risk travel packages.
  • Weekend Getaways: Look for desirable locations nearby and put together a compelling weekend get-a-way including hotel, spa service, dinner, and entertainment. These are often privileges people will not purchase for themselves but will greatly appreciate if won for a prize.
  • Electronic Equipment: Flat screen TVs and stereos are always incentives, especially for guys. Is there a local electronic store that may be interested in participating? The additional exposure could be beneficial in an economic environment where retail sales are slow.
  • Gift Certificates or Gift Cards: These are great secondary prizes and could include any local stores, movie theaters or local restaurants. Movie passes or free pizza may be great considerations for students. And, don't forget online gift cards that appeal to teens like iTunes.
  • Sports Memorabilia: Autographed items from sports celebrities and/or game tickets can be a great raffle prize. This is especially relevant if a sports team or booster club is hosting a raffle.
  • 50/50 or Cash Raffles: With a 50/50 raffle, the sponsoring school or charity receives 50% of the raffle and the raffle winner receives the other 50%. Another option here is to award a grand prize of a certain monetary amount and secondary prizes in diminishing amounts. Be sure to check with your Attorney General’s office, as some states do not allow cash raffles under any circumstances.
  • House Raffles: Some schools and non-profit organizations have even had successful House raffles. Tickets for this type of raffle are generally $100 or more, so you will need to have a strong base of committed constituents. The most important things to consider here are getting good legal counsel (again, start at the attorney general’s office) and establishing a minimum number of tickets that must be sold in order to cover your raffle items. If minimums are not met, all raffle donations must be returned to donors. The same applies to a car raffle.
  • Winner's Choice Raffles: Winner's Choice raffles are a great raffle idea, to ensure that the winner loves their prize. This is easy to implement with our great travel packages and can also be used for a car raffle, electronic equipment, gift certificates and other prizes.

One of your goals is to keep costs minimal, and this is easiest if you get several of the raffle prizes donated. The best way to get donations is to start by talking to students, parents and employees at your school or non-profit organization. Individuals and local business persons may have something of value to contribute and their in-kind contributions can be considered for event sponsorship. After you've exhausted all routes for in-kind donations, purchase items to fill in the blanks.

Establishing Fundraising Goals

Determining how much money you wish to raise from the raffle is the first step in creating fundraising goals. Once you determine your fundraising goal, you'll set your price structure. Many organizations have a single raffle ticket price, as well as a discounted rate for multiple purchases.

Next, decide if your students or participants have a minimum quantity to sell. For example, if a sports team is raising money for new equipment, perhaps each team member is tasked with selling a minimum of ten raffle tickets. Setting realistic goals always helps with raffle sales. Make sure to allow a reasonable amount of time for the raffle ticket sales (a minimum of one month to 6 weeks). Trying to sell raffle tickets last-minute will make it very difficult to accomplish your goals.

Don't forget to create incentives for your ticket sellers. Establish milestones that reward sellers and great prizes for top-performers. This will motivate your group to achieve more and keep everyone focused on the fundraising goals.

Setting Raffle Ticket Prices

Raffle ticket price should be high enough to reflect the value of the prize and raise the funds needed, but shouldn't be so high that few will buy a ticket. You have to know your audience. Keep in mind that if students are participating and purchasing tickets, you'll want to have some low price-point items and plan to sell more tickets. Remember, you can charge higher ticket prices for the larger prizes. Many organizations have a single raffle ticket price (say $20-30), as well as a discounted rate for multiple purchases (perhaps 5 for $100).

Managing Raffle Donations and Tracking Progress Online

The next question may be "Where can we sell raffle tickets?" One of the most important considerations when planning a fundraiser raffle is how to successfully manage the money raised through raffle ticket sales and donations. Online raffle sales are a great way to spread the word, plus, accepting credit cards makes it easy for your constituents to participate and less hassle for your ticket sellers to collect cash and checks. Who has $100 to spare in their wallets, after all?

DoJiggy Offers Affordable Fundraising Software for Raffle Fundraising.

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

DoJiggy offers a complete registration and donation management system for fundraising raffles, where various volunteers and/or students collect raffle donations. With our crowdfunding platform, each seller creates and manages a personal fundraising page and invites friends and family to make secure raffle donations on the page. Each donation of a certain amount qualifies the donor for a raffle ticket. An online tool like this makes it easy for your supporters to promote the raffle fundraiser and for the organization to track which students or groups (classes, clubs) raise the most money. Fundraising thermometers and leaderboards are included in your website template, so everyone can track fundraising progress. Ticket sellers can set up a link to their fundraising page on Facebook or other social media page, or email neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and anyone in their address book. The added incentive of offering prizes to the top fundraisers will help your organization or school raise more money on your next fundraising raffle.

Many fundraiser raffles are held in conjunction with a fundraising event - the event may be the kick-off of the raffle or the final destination when the winning raffle tickets are drawn. Either way, raffle tickets can be sold online, along with event registrations, sponsorships, and more on our event management software platform. With this platform, all online raffle ticket sales are calculated together and sellers are not recognized. This is a good option for lower price raffles with smaller prizes, managed as one part of a larger fundraising event. Many of our golf tournament websites use this function.

In order to reach a broader audience, volunteers may want to consider selling raffle tickets at other activities such as a school car wash, sporting event, or pep rally. Some groups set up booths at local grocery stores, similar to how the Girl Scouts sell cookies. In this case, be sure to have a raffle flyer (or school fundraising flyer) to share with prospective donors, which includes your website address.

Wrapping Up the Fundraising Raffle

It’s a must that the raffle drawing occurs in a public setting where everyone is invited to attend. Why not create a great gathering or event where you can raise more funds? Ticket holders are invited to the event and refreshments can be purchased. Include a silent auction or other means of raising money while everyone is gathered together.

Lastly, make sure to thank all your volunteers, businesses who donated in-kind prizes, ticket sellers and buyers. And be sure to acknowledge your star performers: those who raised the most funds for your cause.

More Fundraising Resources

Sign up for a free 14 day trial of our peer-to-peer fundraising software to see how DoJiggy can help your organization's fundraising raffle. 

Still looking for ideas? For more information and ideas, see our unique raffle fundraising ideascrowdfunding for schools and fundraisers for schools, or visit crowdfunding for non-profits.

Charity Poker Events

Charity poker events can be an interesting and fun way to raise funds for your non-profit organization or charitable cause. Many nonprofits have found success by replacing traditional fundraising activities with fun events people would choose to do for leisure, such as wine tasting fundraisers and charity poker tournaments. Texas Hold'em is a popular choice for a fundraising event due to the large crowds these events can draw and the substantial profit they bring in. 

How Do You Organize a Charity Poker Tournament?

First, you'll also want to check on state and local laws and regulations to ensure that you'll be able to host a charity poker or gaming event. Usually this is managed in the state Attorney General's office, so that is the best place to start to ensure your event follows state and local regulations for charitable gaming, and you aren't putting your organization at risk.

Next, you'll need to have some poker experts and a large space for hosting the charity event. Many fraternity lodges (such as Shriners or VFW lodges) have the necessary permits in place, and they may also have the supplies you need. Supplies are relatively basic: tables, chairs, poker chips, and decks of cards. You may be able to find a local gaming place that would be willing to donate these free of charge as an in-kind sponsorship, for the extra exposure your event will provide.

Promoting a Charity Poker Event

One of the biggest keys to success for a poker tournament will be turnout. You'll want to publicize the event widely and you should be able to bring in poker players from outside of your usual donor and supporter base. Create event flyers, post an announcement on your website and social media channels, and encourage employees, your advisory board, sponsors, and supporters to help spread the word. Submit a press release with all the event details and include information about how the event will raise money for your cause. Be sure to include a newsworthy angle as media is usually more prone to cover stories of this nature. In your promotional materials, in addition to the basic date, time, place, you'll also want to include information about the level of play (i.e. this event is open for players of all levels) so beginners are not turned away thinking it is a professional event. At the event, be sure to group tables into these levels to ensure fair play (i.e. beginner, intermediate and expert). Lastly, don't forget to emphasize details about prizes available for winners and other appealing activities such as food, drink and entertainment.

Raising Funds at the Tournament

Your organization can raise money with a fundraising poker tournament in several ways. Many groups simply charge an admission fee, similar to a registration fee to participate in a charity golf tournament. The admission fee includes a certain number of chips, as well as drinks and appetizers. You can also host a nonprofit crowdfunding event and ask participants to raise donations or pledges for your organization. Organizations that host these events generally require a minimum amount for entry into the event. This could allow for more funds raised since you are not putting a cap on the amount raised by setting an admission fee. Your organization may also be able to collect a percentage of every pot; however, you will need to check on local and state regulations for this option. Also, winners often donate a portion of the money earned right back to your cause (and you can encourage them to do so!)

How else can you raise funds? You can also sell food and drinks as part of the event. Many organizations like to incorporate a silent auction and/or fundraising raffle as part of the event in order to raise additional funds and provide entertainment options and games for those taking a break from poker.

Drawing a Crowd through Prizes and Entertainment

Since participants will be required to pay to participate, you'll want to offer additional incentives to draw in a larger crowd. This is where prizes come in! Reach out to local organizations to donate prizes and create a large prize pool. High price, desirable items are key here. Try to partner with an airline for free flights, or a Vegas casino for an all-inclusive trip. After all, you know that many of the people participating in your tournament have a passion for gambling and would love to win a trip to Vegas.

You many also want to consider food, beverage and entertainment as part of the event. Often local sponsors are willing to donate food and beverage, as it's a great opportunity for people to sample their food. Perhaps a local band is trying to get the word out and build their fan-base. And keep in mind that sponsors and entertainers will also provide another outlet to reach potential event attendees you may not have had access to before.

Managing the Poker Tournament with Fundraising Software

One of the most important considerations when planning a charity poker event is how to successfully manage and track the money raised for your fundraising event. DoJiggy Events is a powerful event management software platform for nonprofit fundraising events, such as charity poker tournaments. With DoJiggy Events, you can easily manage the entire life cycle of your fundraising event including event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations.

DoJiggy Fundraising Software image

Start Fundraising Now


Charity Poker Tournament Planning Checklist

Follow these steps to assist in your successful charity poker planning process:

  • Make sure legally you are able to host a gambling event at the location selected, and obtain necessary permits.
  • Establish fundraising goals:
    • What is the purpose of your event?
    • How much money do you want to raise? What is your budget? Be sure to use a Fundraising Event Budget to assist here.
  • Establish event planning timeline - you'll want at least 60-90 days for planning any charity event and more time is better.
  • Select a leadership team including: Tournament Director, Sponsorship Director, Marketing Manager (for media relations and promotions), Prize & Gift Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, etc.
  • Choose a tournament date and location. 
  • Develop a list of potential sponsors and create sponsorship packages that include promotional opportunities for business sponsors.
  • Develop promotional materials including: fundraising event flyers, tournament brochures and event signage (include sponsor logos)
  • Create player package including registration instructions, tournament rules, event activities, prizes, etc.
  • Set up website for online registration and processing secure payments (This is where DoJiggy's online fundraising software can help!)
  • Recruit players: radio, local news calendars, networking emails, sponsors, volunteers, etc.
  • Send out press release to all media. Make sure to include the reason funds are being obtained and how it will help your cause
  • Create a fun and exciting environment with special activities: i.e. door prizes, fundraising raffle events, silent auction, entertainment, food and drinks
  • Create schedule for volunteers. You'll need people to staff the registration table, games, food and beverage area, distribute prizes, event set-up & clean-up, etc.
  • Choose MC for the event.
  • Acquire Winners' prizes, player gift-bags, auction or raffle items.
  • Make sure you have poker chips, cards, raffle tickets (if needed), etc. These items are often donated.
  • Outline a thorough Event Day Schedule.
  • Afte the event - make sure to thank players, volunteers and acknowledge sponsors at the event.
  • Send out thank you letters & player surveys.

More Charity Poker Fundraising Resources

Charity poker tournaments are fun and surprisingly easy to put together. Just be sure to do the research to ensure your event follows state and local gambling regulations, so you aren't putting your organization at risk.

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Fundraising Gala Event Ideas

Looking for creative fundraising gala event ideas? A gala fundraising event can be an excellent way for your group to raise money while bringing community members together for a worthy cause. A fundraising gala event can be whatever you want it to be. Think of a creative theme, and plan an event that will create a fun and exciting environment for your guests in addition to accomplishing your financial goals.

Create a fundraising event website where you can share information about your organization's mission and all the details of the gala event including: event theme, date, location, directions, entertainment, prizes, and more. Allow people to register online or make online donations directly if they are unable to attend the event. Promote your event throughout the community. Send press releases, create event flyers and start conversation online throughout your social networking channels. Start to create a "buzz" for the upcoming event.

The following fundraising gala event ideas were created to help your nonprofit, school or community organization brainstorm the best way to raise funds for your cause through hosting a fundraising gala event.

Fundraising Gala Event Ideas

There are many different opportunities for creating unique gala fundraising events. Think about who your audience is, and what would be appealing to them. Don't be afraid to think outside the box when determining your event theme. The more creative you are in your planning efforts, the more appealing your event becomes! We've listed a few ideas below, but have plenty of additional fundraising event ideas for you to read about!

Gala Fundraising Event Idea: Costume Ball

Add a twist to your fundraising gala event and invite guests to come in costume. Whether the costume has a theme, such as Hollywood Stars where guests come as their favorite classic actor/actress, or a Rockstar Ball where people dress as their favorite singer or band. Include entertainment to support your theme—showcase old movie clips or invite local bands to perform. Tie in decorations and food and beverage offerings to support your theme. Perhaps this event calls for a five-course fine-dining experience presented by a reputable chef and paired with fine wines. (After all, you are catering to "stars") Create fun activities that make people feel "famous" such as a red carpet upon arrival, hired impersonators, and paparazzi mingling throughout the event snapping photos of guests. Include a silent auction where guests can bid on autographed CD's, movies, and posters from celebrities. Ask businesses to donate prizes and host a contest to award prizes to attendees with the best costumes. Make sure to advertise contest prizes in your invitations to motivate people to participate.

Gala Fundraising Event Idea: Reality-Show

Take a look at what is currently popular with your target audience and plan a themed gala event. For example, a school may consider hosting a fundraising gala event modeled after one of the more popular reality shows today. Perhaps an "American Idol" or "Dancing with the Stars" Themed Event? Change the title of your event to reflect your mission. Example: If your organization is raising money to Save the Whales, perhaps you want to title your event "Dancing with the Whales"? Structure your event similar to the show where you pair influential community members (i.e. City Mayor) or local celebrities (i.e. Pro-football team hero) with professional dance instructors. Serve dinner and drinks while dancers perform. If it's a school event, perhaps a local pizza parlor would be willing to donate pizzas for the event. Sell tickets for the event—which includes the dinner and entertainment, and a chance to win a variety of raffle prizes. Reach out to local businesses to donate prizes for the fundraising raffle, and announce winners between each set of performers to keep attendees engaged throughout the duration of the event. Guests will enjoy watching the dance contest, indulging on food and drinks, while mingling with others in the community... all in support of a worthy cause.

Managing Your Fundraising Event

Be sure to get a strong team in place and allow plenty of time for planning the gala. One of the most important considerations when planning a fundraising gala event is how to successfully manage and track the money raised for your cause. DoJiggy Events is an event management software system for nonprofit fundraising events, such as fundraising galas. With DoJiggy Events, you can easily manage the entire life cycle of your event including event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations.

Fundraising Resources