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25+ Best Football Fundraising Ideas

25+ Best Football Fundraising Ideas

Football is more than just a game; it’s a passion shared by many, from young players on the field to the cheering fans in the stands. But for many youth football teams, there’s a need for resources to support their dreams – that’s where football fundraisers come in. These events not only generate valuable funds but also encourage community spirit. So, if you’re looking for innovative football fundraiser ideas, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to delve into the world of football fundraisers, where we’ll highlight the role of initiatives like Pop Warner Little Scholars and offer a range of ideas to kickstart your next fundraising campaign.

Our Top Football Fundraising Ideas

Football season brings with it a flurry of excitement. Make the most of this energy with these top fundraising ideas:

  • Touchdown Pledge Drive: Encourage supporters to pledge a specific amount for every touchdown your team scores.
  • Football Camps or Skill Clinics: Use the expertise of your team’s best players and coaches to teach skills to younger players in the summer or off-season. Charge a camp fee.
  • Gameday Concessions: Who doesn’t love snacks during a match? Set up a concession stand with popular snacks and drinks during all home games.
  • Custom Jersey Sales: Design and sell limited edition t-shirts and jerseys in our free eCommerce stores. Create special designs for Homecoming or a school rivalry.
  • Football Film Night: Host a night where you screen famous football movies or documentaries. Charge an entry fee and sell snacks or team merchandise during the show.

Online Fundraising Ideas for Football Teams

Online Fundraising Ideas for Football Teams

Leverage the power of the digital world with these innovative online fundraising ideas for sports teams. These digital strategies reach a wider audience, increase participation, and add a modern touch to your fundraising efforts.

  • Crowdfunding: Utilize our FREE platform to tell your story and solicit donations from supporters. You can even offer perks for specific donation levels to encourage giving.
  • Virtual Run: Host a virtual run where participants raise funds to run in on their own time.
  • Online Auction: Auction items donated by local businesses or team members online.
  • Social Media Challenge: Start a fun challenge on social media, where participants donate to participate.
  • E-Commerce Shop: Sell team merchandise online through an e-commerce store.

Football Raffle Ideas

Fundraising raffles are an engaging and profitable way to raise valuable funds. Here are some easy, football-centric raffle ideas for your team:

  • Autographed Memorabilia: Source autographed items from local sports stars or even your team’s star player.
  • VIP Game Day Experience: Offer behind-the-scenes access, preferred seating, or a meet-and-greet with players.
  • Sports Equipment Package: A bundle of football equipment can be a huge draw for aspiring players.
  • Season Passes: Raffle off season tickets or VIP access passes for local or Pro games.
  • Training Day: Offer a day of training with the team’s top players or coaching staff as a raffle prize.

Ideas to Engage with the Community

Ideas to Engage with the Community

Ignite the spirit of unity and teamwork while strengthening local ties through these engaging community-centered fundraising ideas for sports teams. Each one offers a great way to involve your neighbors and friends while reaching and hopefully exceeding your fundraising goals.

  • Car Wash: Organize a car wash day, a classic and effective way for youth football teams to raise money.
  • Bake Sale: Showcase your team’s baking skills with a delicious bake sale. Be sure to include gluten-free and low-sugar options so that everyone can enjoy a treat.
  • Yard Sale: Encourage team members to donate items for a community yard sale. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
  • BBQ Cookout: Host a BBQ cookout, where proceeds from selling plates go to the team fund. Add entertainment and drink sales for even more fun.
  • Fun Run: Organize a walk-a-thon or community fun run or marathon, with participants get sponsors via personal fundraising pages.
  • Local Business Partnerships: Partner with businesses for mutual promotions. They support your fundraiser, and you offer them visibility among your community.
  • Host a Community Fair: Collaborate with local businesses to set up food trucks, stalls, games, and performances, with part of the proceeds going to the team.

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Football Teams

Venture beyond the conventional and capture attention with these unique fundraising ideas for your football team. Each idea below offers a fresh take on team fundraising, ensuring memorable experiences for all.

  • Rent-A-Player: Offer team players’ services for chores or small jobs around the house like lawn work or painting.
  • Recipe Book: Compile a team recipe book from players’ family favorites and sell it.
  • Themed Costume Game: Host a game where players dress up in themed costumes, with admission fees going towards the team.
  • Trivia Night: Host a trivia night at a local restaurant or bar. Charge an entrance fee and sell raffle tickets or more donations.

What is a Pop Warner Fundraiser?

What is a Pop Warner Fundraiser?

Pop Warner Little Scholars, commonly known as Pop Warner, is a nonprofit organization located in 42 U.S. states and several other countries worldwide. Pop Warner promotes academics and athletics via football and cheerleading training for young talent. More than just sports, Pop Warner places a strong emphasis on scholastic achievement, molding well-rounded individuals and future leaders.

Pop Warner fundraisers refer to the fundraising events organized to support local Pop Warner teams or leagues. These charity events can help cover costs for equipment, uniforms, travel, or other student expenses related to the program. All of our football fundraisers work for Pop Warner teams.

Pop Warner Cheerleading and Dance Initiatives

Football fundraisers aren’t the only sport under the Pop Warner umbrella. If your student is in the cheerleading squad, you might consider these fundraising ideas:

  • Cheerleading Workshops: Organize workshops where participants can learn new cheers or dance routines.
  • Performances: Host a showcase where your cheerleading team can perform and sell tickets for the event.
  • Photo Shoot Day: Offer professional photo sessions for cheerleading squads or dancers, capturing their routines and moments.
  • Custom Cheer Merchandise: Create and sell custom cheer gear, t-shirts, or other accessories that resonate with the squad’s identity. Selling Spirit Wear merchandise can raise a lot of money for your teams.

See more great cheerleading fundraisers here.

Last Thoughts on Football Fundraising Ideas

Participating in football fundraisers and Pop Warner programs offers youth an unparalleled growth experience, both on and off the field. We hope you find these football fundraisers useful for your team. We’re here to help. Go, team!

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