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3 Keys to Fundraising Success on Giving Tuesday

3 Keys to Fundraising Success on Giving Tuesday

Charities and non-profit organizations work all year long helping to make the world a better place. From feeding the homeless, to helping protect endangered species, these organizations give of their time, energy, and resources every day. But there’s one day in particular that unifies all of these non-profits and charities together: Giving Tuesday. (#GivingTuesday)

Giving Tuesday falls on Dec. 2, 2014 (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving). This is the one day a year dedicated to celebrating generosity and to give. Families, schools, companies, charities, and people around the world come together to find ways to give back to their communities and to their planet. Needless to say, this is a very important day for all types of non-profit organizations and charities. It’s the perfect time to communicate your cause and get your friends, family, co-workers, and others involved by hosting a non-profit fundraising campaign.

But, How can you make the most impact on Giving Tuesday for your non-profit organization or charity? Below we share 3 Keys to Fundraising Success on Giving Tuesday:

Giving Tuesday

Marketing Plans and Tools for Fundraising Success

In order for any cause to be successful, people need to first be aware of it and what it stands for. To do this effectively, you need to have a marketing plan in place. Whether you have a large budget or no budget at all, a marketing plan can help keep you organized while you get the word out about your cause.

Write down who you want to reach, and who you’d like to get involved. This can be your family, co-workers, friends, even your neighbors! Word of mouth is still one of the most effect forms of advertising and getting the word out about your fundraising event. Using the internet is another great way to easily share information.

Your next step is to implement the right tools to help you accomplish your goals. Using online tools like fundraising software can make this easier, allowing you to set up a central website for your fundraising campaign. This makes it easier for people to share information and links, so others can come to your site to learn more about your cause and even make safe and secure online donations.It also makes managing the event much easier as everything is stored in one central hub allowing administrators to easily manage registrations, track fundraising progress and generate reports.

Setting Goals for Donors & Advocates

Now that you have a marketing plan laid out, you can organize the rest of your efforts. One way to do this is to set goals for your event. How much money do you want to raise? How many people do you want to reach? Set a goal – or multiple goals – that are appropriate for your specific Giving Tuesday event.Then put the appropriate plans in action to accomplish them. Utilize your network to help spread the word and reach a larger potential pool of donors. This includes: board members, employees, volunteers, supporters, previous donors, and even personal networks of family and friends. Set deadlines. “By this date, we hope to have these things completed”. Put team members in place to oversee certain aspects of your plan. This will help keep you on track and poised for success.

Goals are also an effective way to engage your donors and your advocates. People who are helping you spread the word love to see you climb towards your goal, and donors enjoy seeing goals met. Setting multiple goals is a way that you can explain what those goals mean, and the impact each one has on your community.

Streamline with DoJiggy Merchant Services

Streamline with DoJiggy Merchant Services

You’ve got a marketing plan, you’ve set your goals and organized a plan of action. What’s next? The next step is making sure everything is streamlined, secure, and easy to manage. As we mentioned previously, selecting the right fundraising software is key to helping you manage your campaign and execute your marketing plans.

The next step is selecting a nonprofit payment processing partner, like DoJiggy Merchant Services in order to ensure that every single online donation and/or payment is processed safely and securely.

The secure payment processing makes it simple and safe for people to donate to your non-profit organization. The nice thing about DoJiggy Merchant Services is that it integrates seamlessly with your DoJiggy fundraising website – meaning you only need to work with one vendor, rather than selecting two and “hoping” they are compatible. Not to mention…if you are a new DoJiggy customer, by setting up your DoJiggy Merchant Services account, you automatically receive a FREE DONATION WEBSITE!

There are plenty of other factors to consider when choosing a payment processor for your Giving Tuesday campaign including: transaction rates, binding contracts, monthly fees, and customer support. Be sure to investigate all the details before making your decision.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team. We are happy to walk you through any issues you might encounter and provide a complimentary assessment for getting you set up for a merchant services account for your Giving Tuesday campaign. We hope to help your nonprofit make the most of this special day, and join us in celebrating generosity and giving back!

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