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8+ Best Thank You Gifts for Nonprofit Board Members

8+ Best Thank You Gifts for Nonprofit Board Members

Strong board members are the backbone of a nonprofit organization. They help guide the organization to success and ensure the mission and values of an organization are upheld. With most nonprofit board members volunteering their time and service outside of their full-time jobs, it’s crucial to thank them for their ongoing support and commitment. A great way to do this is by giving thoughtful and personalized thank-you gifts for board members.

To show appreciation for your nonprofit board, we’ve compiled a list of the best thank you gift ideas to put a smile on their faces.

Why Is It Important to Thank Nonprofit Board Members?

Nonprofit board members are often the unsung heroes of an organization. They work tirelessly behind the scenes and dedicate long hours and much of their energy to ensure your nonprofit’s success.

With this in mind, it’s important to thank your nonprofit board members to:

  • Show them how much you appreciate them.
  • Give them the recognition they deserve – it’s no easy task splitting your time between a full-time job and a demanding nonprofit volunteer gig!
  • Boost morale – A thank-you letter or gift is a great way to communicate what you value about your board members. This can strengthen relationships as well as create new ones.
  • Keep them motivated – Nonprofit board members are critical for fundraising, strategic planning, and leadership development, so it’s crucial to keep them inspired to drive success.
  • Increase loyalty among board members – They will be more likely to continue serving on your board if they feel valued.

So, to maintain a dedicated, hardworking, and motivated nonprofit board of directors that understands your mission and values, it’s vital to keep them satisfied. In the end, a happy team makes a successful organization!

When Should You Give Thank You Gifts to Nonprofit Board Members?

Thank you gifts are a great way to express gratitude for your nonprofit board member’s support. But when’s the best time to give them? It’s important to note that different occasions will determine the appropriateness of each gift.

To determine when it’s appropriate or inappropriate to send thank-you gifts to nonprofit board members, we’ve given you a few tips to follow. 

Appropriate Occasions to Give Thank-You Gifts to Nonprofit Board Members

appropiate Occasions

Thank-you gifts can help strengthen ties and foster a healthy relationship between your nonprofit and its board members. It’s an excellent idea to give thanks during the following times:

  • Leaving gifts –  As an expression of gratitude when someone steps down from the board, especially after serving for a long time. Present them with a creative thank-you gift to remember your nonprofit by.
  • Paying tribute to special achievements – When a nonprofit board member has accomplished something significant for your organization.
  • Celebrating a special occasion –  This could be a nonprofit board member’s birthday, holiday, or milestone anniversary.

Inappropriate Occasions to Give Thank-You Gifts to Board Members

Inappropiate Occasions

There are some times that it’s seen as inappropriate to hand out gifts. Take a look at some examples, so you don’t find yourself in uncomfortable situations.

In general, you won’t want to give a thank-you gift to nonprofit board members:

  • When they resign early from their position.
  • To reward them for attendance at an event – this should be part of their nonprofit board of directors’ roles and responsibilities.
  • On specific holidays, unless everyone celebrates the special occasion. For example, gift-giving at a Christmas party can be awkward if some people do not share your religion or cultural beliefs. Always promote inclusivity within your organization.
  • To influence their judgment in matters involving the organization.

Remember to be mindful about which occasions you plan to give thank-you gifts to your nonprofit board members. It’s not just about the gift but also what it represents and how others within your organization may perceive it.

So, now we’ve covered why and when thank-you gifts are a great idea for nonprofit board members. Let’s dive into the fun part – what to give them.

8 Best Thank You Gift Ideas for Nonprofit Board Members

First, make sure your thank you gift is meaningful to your nonprofit board members. A thoughtful and well-chosen token of appreciation can make all the difference in how they feel and work within your organization.

Consider asking these four simple questions when choosing your nonprofit board member’s gift:

  1. Will the gift successfully show your appreciation?
  2. Does the gift reflect the interests and tastes of the recipient?
  3. Is the gift something they can use in their everyday life?
  4. Is it unique? Try to avoid cliché gifts.

Custom-Branded Gifts for Nonprofit Board Members

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and creative gift to thank your nonprofit board members and benefit your organization, why not think about custom-branded gifts? There are countless rewards to designing personalized merchandise, here are just a few:


  • Branded apparel and gifts maximize the outreach and visibility of your nonprofit brand, mission, and values  – Attract new supporters whether they spot your nonprofit board member drinking from a branded coffee mug or carrying a backpack with your organization’s name on it.
  • It’s a more personal way of saying thank you, as these gifts are one of a kind.

The sky’s the limit when creating customized thank you gifts for your nonprofit board members. They’re fun, unique and guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. We’ve come up with a few of the most popular customized thank-you gifts to get you started.  

Gift for Board Members - Custom Branded Laptop Bags

No.1 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – Custom Branded Laptop Bags

Laptops and tablets are the must-have items for many of your nonprofit board members. So, why not show them appreciation by giving them a practical and sustainable custom-branded laptop sleeve? Personalize it with your nonprofit’s logo, and it doubles as a highly effective promotional tool.

Gift for Board Members - Custom Branded Mugs

No.2 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – Custom Branded Mugs or Reusable Water Bottles

Give your nonprofit board members a reminder of their great work and support by thanking them with a custom branded mug or reusable water bottle. Personalize it and say a big thank you by decorating the mug or bottle with photos of a successful fundraising event, such as the finishing line at a walk-a-thon.  These are also ideal thank you gifts that can be customized around the holidays and themed campaigns.

Gift for Board Members - Custom Branded Journals

No.3 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – Custom Branded Journals

Make to-do lists and note-taking more fun with a custom-branded journal. Add your nonprofit’s logo and maybe the board member’s initials or a simple ‘Thank you’ on the cover to make it a unique and creative thank you gift. Why not pair the journal with a custom engraved pen to make your nonprofit board member feel extra special?

Inexpensive Handmade Thank you Gifts for Nonprofit Board Members

If you’re looking for a creative and meaningful way to thank your nonprofit board members without breaking the bank, then these gift ideas are just what you need.

Gift for Board Members - Personalized Photo Collage

No. 4 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – Personalized Photo Collage

As the saying goes, A picture is worth a thousand words. This couldn’t be more appropriate than with our next thank-you gift idea. Create a unique photo collage that captures unforgettable moments and serves as a significant reminder of your board member’s year-round commitment.

If you’re on a tight budget, print a card or poster with a variety of special photos from successful fundraising events and heartfelt moments during the year. If you have a more flexible budget, you could splash out on a digital photo frame and upload a multitude of images and even some short videos. This is a great thank-you gift idea for nonprofit board members retiring from your organization or even celebrating beating a fundraising goal.

Gift for Board Members - A Certificate of Achievement

No. 5 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – A Certificate of Achievement

Awards can be a powerful source of motivation for nonprofit board members. Creating a thoughtful certificate or plaque highlighting their individual efforts and achievements with your organization shows that you recognize and appreciate their commitment. It’s a special thank you gift that can be placed proudly on a shelf or desk as a constant reminder of their accomplishments with your nonprofit. This is an ideal thank you gift for a board member who is stepping down, and you want to pay tribute to their tireless service and support over the years.

Gift for Board Members  - A Thank-you Video

No. 6 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members  – A Thank-you Video

Bring your board member’s fundraising memories to life by creating a thank you video. Ask your nonprofit staff and people who have positively felt the impact of your board member’s fundraising efforts to come together and record short thank you messages. This is a unique, heartfelt keepsake to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Maybe organize a special moment in the day or evening with snacks and drinks to get everyone together from your organization to screen the video for extra appreciation.

Hosting Thank you Events for Nonprofit Board Members

Reach out and thank your nonprofit board members by organizing a special event to celebrate their tireless work and support.

Gift for Board Members - Special Event

No.7 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – Special Event

Whether it’s a party, golf tournament, or beneficiary performance, say thank you to your nonprofit board members by organizing a special event to show how much you appreciate them.  Parties and social events are a great way to strengthen relationships with your nonprofit board members and even network to attract new members. Events can also serve as a great opportunity to hand out appreciation and achievement awards.

Gift for Board Members - Tribute Wall

No.8 Thank You Gift for Nonprofit Board Members – Tribute Wall

If you’re wondering how your nonprofit can show appreciation to board members without giving a present, the answer is simple. Think about creating a tribute wall in your nonprofit’s office where you can honor long-term board members. Add photos, funny quotes, and memorable moments from past or present board members. When a board member leaves your nonprofit after years of service, you could even gather around the tribute wall, put up a photo of them, and raise a toast to say a big thank you for all their support.

Conclusions on Giving Back to your Board Members

Giving thanks to your nonprofit board members should be an important part of your institutional culture. Appreciating individuals and recognizing their efforts can encourage motivation and improve productivity within your organization. Just remember that whatever thank you gift you choose, it must be appropriate. With the help of these tips and ideas for Board member gifts, your nonprofit is sure to make the most of giving back to those who have given so much to you.

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