Halloween Fundraising & Event Management

Halloween Fundraising & Event Management

A Halloween fundraising event with many tricks and treats held on October 22 may inspire you to have one of your own. Franklin’s Friends, an animal welfare nonprofit, is using the Howl-o-ween magic in the wind to have a dog walk-a-thon. Does the adventurous and creative kid in you want to come out and play each fall as fun memories of past costumes haunt you? It is never too early to start event management scheming for next year.

Canine costumes are the highlight of this Halloween party since they are raising funds for animals. Prizes will be awarded to the top three individual and team fundraisers as well as the top three dog costumes. Does that not seem like a challenging and spooky Halloween costume party? Who should my dog go to the party as?

All proceeds of the Halloween non-profit fundraising event benefit Franklin’s Friends – an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to support Central Florida animal welfare by fundraising for local nonprofit and government agencies dedicated to Shelter/Rescue, Spay/Neuter, or Community Education programs.

Deliciously Tricky and Wise Fundraising

Vendor booths are being sold for $75 for a 10 x 10 space at the HOWL-O-WEEN crowdfunding event. The event management team asks that each vendor promote HOWLOWEEN at least 3 times on social media platforms and other media outlets. They also ask that vendors supply them with an item valued at 10 dollars or more to use as a contest prize or raffle item.

Great Dane Sponsor packages for $5000 include a company logo on all marketing materials for the event. A company representative will be one the judges for the Canine Costume Contest. They´ll also receive a booth, and promotion on the event management website and on Franklin´s Friends website. Each company will be promoted via social media platforms and receive 10 complimentary dog walk-a-thon entries. Franklin’s Friends offers a Labrador sponsor package at $5000,  Beagle Sponsor at $1000 and a Presenting Sponsor for $10,000. There are more devilish treats in the more expensive packages.

Witch’s Brew Halloween Costume Party

Event ManagementAs much as we want to discuss potential dog Halloween costumes, we give mention to the clever idea in event fundraising of charging vendors a fee to bring their own booth to the party. Bringing in a group of tasty vendors adds to the fun and variety. It greatly reduces the cost for food if not eliminates it, and brings in vendor revenue. Local specialty shops, cafes and restaurants have an opportunity to please the crowd and market their businesses. What motley treats and witch’s brew will they serve?

Still trying to get your head around a dog Halloween costume? There are online vendors who sell them ranging from political figures to super heroes. Creating a costume no one else has done before is often the biggest hit though. Do you wonder how many Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dogs will be at the party?

Two Headed Monsters in Partnership

A second annual event Franklin’s Friends hosts is held at the Orlando Science Museum. It is a wine tasting, art sale and silent auction. They partner with the museum and local artists who join in on the social networking at the wine tasting and invite their supporters to attend. Partnerships are a key element in crowdfunding. With the artists donating their work they are joining Franklin’s Friends in partnership in yet another way in that it promotes the artists who strengthen FFs. Two heads are better than one especially on Halloween.

Taking off the Halloween Mask

“Initially, our involvement was limited to dropping off dog food and pet supplies at the local shelter. Then, in October 2003, we decided to walk in one of the SPCA of Central Florida’s fundraisers – the Wiggle Waggle Walk. We put together a “pack” of a few pet lovers and called ourselves Franklin’s Friends. We raised only a little more than $500 but won the award for the top fundraising pack. We were horrified to see that the TOP pack raised so little money for such a wonderful cause. So we vowed to work harder and raise more money the next year. Since then, we have adopted two additional dogs from the SPCA of Central Florida – Katie and Juliette – and rescued three other dogs, Annie, Lincoln, and Winston.

As our four-legged family grew, so did Franklin’s Friends; growing bigger and stronger every year since. And how far we have come – last year we raised over $115,000!!!! All told we have raised over $900,000 for local animal rescue. Just imagine how many pets those dollars have helped.” Monica Seth, President

Haunted House Social Media Platforms

If you happen to be brave enough to step into their Facebook page you’ll see how spooktacular it is. They recently announced information on their grant program, and ardently advertise their fundraising events. Celebrating over 1000 likes Franklin’s Friends uses this essential fundraising tool fully. With sponsor packages including as many as 9 or 10 posts on Franklin’s Friends Facebook page, they advertise both the sponsor and the event.

On September 8 Franklin Friends did some specific Facebook outreach for HOWLOWEEN:

“Hi Everyone! I could REALLY use a couple of volunteers to help deliver HOWL-O-WEEN flyers in the next week. All the business owners have already agreed to display the flyers and are expecting delivery! Could use one volunteer in the Winter Park area and one in the Casselberry/Altamonte/Longwood area. I’d have the flyers all organized for you. Only issue is some businesses have funny hours so might not ALL be able to be accomplished on the weekend…. Message me if you can help!!!”

And they haven’t forgotten to say thanks:

“We’re so thankful to our Howl-o-ween Sponsors it’s SCARY!!!”

Magic Wand Event Management Website

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