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Top 5 Easy, Last Minute Easter Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 Easy, Last Minute Easter Fundraising Ideas

Easter is just around the corner and with the weather starting to heat up, there’s no better time to hop into the fundraising spirit and raise money for a good cause. With Easter only a few weeks away, we’ve come up with a great list of 5 simple, last-minute Easter fundraising ideas for churches and other groups. So, get your bunny ears on, your Easter eggs at the ready, and choose a fun Easter-themed fundraising activity for all the family. 

1. Organize an Easter Egg Hunt 

Nothing quite says the Easter holidays are upon us more than an Easter egg hunt. This is a great Easter fundraising idea for all the family. The possibilities for this type of charity event are endless. Organize something simple, where you charge a small entrance fee for the Easter egg hunt, or make it more elaborate, to raise more funds, and add more activities within the event. This kind of Easter fundraiser could be held in someone’s back garden, a school, church or community center. If you want to add a few fun extras to sell more tickets at a higher price, here are some great ideas:

Easter fundraising ideas: Easter Egg Hunt 
  • Offer Easter themed face painting 
  • Provide an Easter crafting corner, where children and adults can decorate eggs, baskets and bunny ears
  • Include a photo booth (this can be homemade) where attendees can get their photo taken with the Easter bunny. These photos could be sold as prints or be added to a keychain, mug, mousepad and sold through our free eCommerce stores to raise even more revenue for your cause. 
  • Create a scavenger Easter egg hunt, where children will have to follow clues to find their next eggs and prizes. 
  • Add a raffle and give away Easter themed prizes or set-up an online auction 

2. Run an Easter Egg Decorating Competition

Crack open your artistic side with this next Easter fundraising idea. Host an Easter egg decorating competition for kids and adults to get into the holiday spirit. By charging a small participation fee you will cover the craft costs, while you can save money by asking each attendee (or family) to bring their own eggs. (Don’t forget to hard boil them!) Why not have different Easter concepts for various contests and award the winners with Easter-themed gift baskets donated from local businesses?  

3. Setup a T-shirt Design Contest

T-shirt Design Contest

Sticking to the idea of competing in the name of a good cause, how about hosting an Easter fundraising contest where people can design themed t-shirts? Just set up a free fundraising page and get people to send in their t-shirt designs. These could be Easter designs or bespoke designs for your school or organization. The best designs will then be sold in your free eCommerce store, where people will pay to own the winning design, promote your message while wearing the product, and be raising money for a deserving cause. It’s a win-win! 

Start a Free Online Store

4. Sell Treats at an Easter Bake Sale

Do you think you could be the next Bake-Off champion? Well, why not get some priceless experience with an Easter bake sale fundraiser? Host it at your school, church, or even as part of an Easter street party in your neighborhood. Sell Easter themed cakes, cookies, and sweet treats. Maybe even hold a competition for the best Easter cake, hot cross bun, or bunny cookies.

5. Host an Easter Bunny Breakfast

Easter Bunny Breakfast

We’ve heard about the teddy bear’s picnic, well how about breakfast with the Easter bunny with Easter-themed food and an Easter dress code? Coffee mornings, breakfast fundraisers, and spaghetti fundraisers are always popular ways to raise money and awareness for a good cause. 

Ask a friendly local restaurant or coffee shop to sponsor your Easter fundraising breakfast by donating their restaurant as the event venue. This will provide them with valuable free advertising and gain many potential new clients. Why not invite the Easter bunny to join the kids for breakfast, have photos taken together, and play games with them afterward, like pin the bushy tail on the bunny?!  

If you don’t have time to organize something big, why not host your Easter fundraising idea in your house with just a handful of kids and a parent who can dress up as the Easter bunny? If you are collecting tangible donations for your cause, this provides a donation drop-off point for food, clothes, and basic necessities.

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