New Fundraising Website Themes Released

New Fundraising Website Themes Released

We are so excited to announce our new Momentum series themes for your 2020 fundraising events. The new themes have an updated look and feel and horizontal menu bar. The themes also provide additional functionality, with more features on the way.

New features include:

  • Wider website banner (header on all website pages)
  • Several options for the banner and associated website slogan
  • Snippet for event countdown, included on all personal fundraising pages
  • Improved mobile responsive design
  • Up next: option to include sponsor logos on the home page 

See a Demo Website

Updating Your Website to a New Theme 

Updating your current website to the new theme is a simple process. New themes can be chosen from the drop-down list at Website -> Settings -> Website Theme. Select the new Momentum Light or Momentum Dark theme. All of your website content and images will transfer over. The majority of the pages will look good, but you may need to do some freshening up and adjustments to your images or content.

Banner Layout Options

There are now several options for your website banner layout. These options are also managed from Website -> Settings. 

You can choose a Wide or Narrow banner layout. If you are using your current website banner, use the narrow layout. For best results, create a new banner sized with the following dimensions in mind:

  • The narrow banner size is: 1200px × 235px
  • (Recommended!) The wide banner size is: 1800px × 350px 

DoJiggy can also create a new banner or convert your current website banner for you. For a limited time, we are offering this service for just $29 to help organizations make the transition. Note – some banners may not easily transfer and may not be eligible for this special rate.

The results of the new banner options will look like this:

Wide banner option
DoJiggy 2020 New wide banner

Narrow banner option
DoJiggy 2020 New narrow banner

Website Slogan

When you select a new theme type, you will also see an Input field at Website -> Settings to add optional text for a website slogan. This slogan text will be displayed on top of the banner image. There are several options explained below as to how you want the slogan text to appear.

Slogan font size

Here we choose font size for the slogan. We have two options for font size – Normal and Large.The result looks like this:

Normal font size option
Normal font size option

Large font size option
Large font size option

Slogan text color

Here, you can select the text color for the slogan. This option is especially useful in the case where a banner image is darker or lighter than text used. We have two options for font color – White and Black. On the website, the results looks like this:

White text color option
DoJiggy 2020 New theme options - White text color option

Black text color option
DoJiggy 2020 New theme options - Black text color option

Slogan positioning

Here we choose the position of the slogan. We have three options for position – Top, Middle and Bottom. On the website, the result looks like this:

Top slogan position
DoJiggy 2020 New theme options - Top slogan position

Middle slogan position
Middle slogan position - Fundraising Website Themes

slogan position
Bottom slogan position - Fundraising Website Themes

Here’s to a great 2020 in fundraising! Contact us for help making the transition to the new website themes.

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