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25 Best Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits [Summer 2024]

25 Best Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits [Summer 2024]

Virtual and hybrid events continue to be a cornerstone of successful nonprofit fundraising. Organizations can leverage powerful virtual fundraising platforms, like DoJiggy, to host engaging and purpose-driven events. Whether it’s a virtual gala, auction, or charity run, nonprofits can create immersive experiences that capture the attention and support of a global audience online.

This comprehensive guide explores the best virtual fundraising ideas for nonprofits and charities in 2024, combining creativity, technology, and community to maximize impact. So, let’s dive in!

Online Auctions 

Online Auctions 

Auctions are an easy fundraising campaign to run virtually. Nonprofits can collaborate with local businesses to secure unique and valuable items for online bidding. Our auction platform incorporates a fundraising thermometer, countdown timer, and text-to-bid features to excite and engage your supporters.

Virtual Walk-a-thons 

Empower supporters to become advocates for your cause by setting up peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Combine that with physical activity, and you have the quintessential virtual walk-a-thon or Fun Run. Participants sign up and create a fundraising page, set personal fundraising goals, and share their progress on social media. Virtual walks can take place over a day or a month – see what works best for your supporters.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: walkathon

Virtual Cooking Demonstrations

Virtual Cooking Demonstrations

Online cooking demos became popular fundraisers during COVID-19 and continue to draw a crowd. Charging a ticket fee and offering sponsorship opportunities is a great way to fundraise and bring people together over food. Before the event, send a list of ingredients for everyone to purchase, and participants can cook together with the chef and enjoy the same dish. Using a chef or baker who has a large social media following will bring in more exposure for your cause.

Online Bake Sale

Take bake sales to the next level with our free online stores. All you need to do is provide the baked goods. Our store will make taking orders from near and far a breeze with our easy order input and secure payment function. Who doesn’t want some chocolate chip cookies or apple pie this weekend?

Online Origami Class

An online origami class is a fun way to tap into your artsy side and engage the whole family. The ticket price will include an envelope of materials (origami paper and printed instructions) that will be sent to supporters before the class. An origami expert will walk participants through the complex and beautiful process of creating art out of paper. 

Online Origami Class

Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting

Many supporters will enjoy a philanthropic sip with a virtual wine tasting. Use our live streaming platform to reach people far and wide for a Wine Tasting event with a sommelier or vintner. Join up with a local winery or liquor store where every case purchased benefits your organization. People can enjoy the wines before, during, and after the online wine tasting. Beer or whiskey tastings are other options that work well. 

Virtual Museum Visit

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: museum visit

Once COVID-19 became the new normal, museums realized people still wanted to visit and tour museums, albeit virtually. Museums and friend groups can host special virtual tours with docents and experts that can be accessed remotely. This is a great chance to fundraise and reach people who can’t visit your museum. 

Virtual Toddler Sing-Along

Young families are always looking for something to do with their small kids, and a toddler sing-along is a great way to engage them. Parents will be happy to pay a small fee to engage their kids in wholesome songs and games and maybe meet some new friends.

Entrepreneurship Panel

Use your organization’s contacts to create an entrepreneurship panel that will appeal to up-and-coming young professionals. Each expert can present a class with time for participants to ask questions about their businesses. Showing your cause’s access to hot entrepreneurs is sure to make fundraising easy.

Entrepreneurship Panels can be virtual fundraisers

Virtual Service Projects 

Virtual Service Projects 

Organize virtual service projects in which supporters can participate from their homes. Depending on your organization’s mission, these could include letter-writing campaigns, online tutoring sessions, or virtual mentoring programs. Highlight the impact of these virtual initiatives to showcase your community’s collective efforts.

Virtual Financial Planner Intro Class

Fundraising is all about connections and money, so why not offer financial advice from a certified financial planner as an online fundraiser? By using a financial planner that is well known within a specific social circle, you are guaranteed RSVPs as people want to support their friends. Be sure the financial advisor touches on charity and tax write-offs with a link at the end of the class. 

Virtual Book Club

Bring together readers from all walks of life with a virtual book club. Charge a nominal fee for entrance to the book club, give readers a chance to sponsor the event, and have all of the year’s books sent to them. 

Book Clubs can be virtual

Virtual Visit with a Professional Organizer 

Visit with a Professional Organizer

Almost everyone needs help keeping their space tidy. Get a professional organizer to teach an online class on how to implement systems to keep a space tidy and organized. After the class, have the teacher send out a list of links for storage and organizing pieces so people can really put what they learned into practice. Then offer one-on-one sessions that cost less than in-person organization experts, where a portion of the cost goes to your group. 

Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes

All your supporters need is a yoga mat and a little space for this amazing virtual fundraiser. Supporters can participate from the comfort of their homes without feeling self-conscious about their bodies or skills. For donors who love to contribute to charity and check ‘working out’ off their list, this one fits the bill.

Virtual Paint and Sip Class

Paint and Sip Class

Let the colors fly with a virtual paint-and-sip class. A great way to raise money is to supply people with a canvas, a brush, and some basic paint with each entrance ticket. That way, everyone will have the same tools when they start painting. Optional wine will help everyone relax and really tap into their creative side. 

Virtual or UnGalas

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual or UnGalas

Virtual gala programs feature a similar layout to that of a live gala program with speakers or inspirational videos educating and engaging your audience, a fundraising portion that should include clear calls to action to support the organization via an online auction, raffle drawing, or fund-a-need donation requests.

Virtual Bikeathons

Bike-a-thons make great fundraisers for schools and nonprofit organizations alike. They are peer-to-peer fundraising events where cyclists bike a predetermined course and commit to raising money for your organization. Virtual bikers can also use Pelotons (stationary bikes) and bike on their own schedule.


Virtual Watch Party or Movie Night

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Movie Night

Host a Watch Party for an engaging movie related to your cause, with a discussion at the end. This will allow people to donate and feel good (and allow you to reach your fundraising goal) while watching a captivating movie and participating in a discussion afterward. If you can get access to the actors or producers, having them join the discussion is a surefire way to sell out your virtual theater.

Virtual Concerts

Let DoJiggy help you plan your charity concert, from online ticketing to the encore. Our fundraising platform can provide sponsor promotion and automated receipts. Your group can book the acts, and we can do the rest.

Virtual Workshops and Webinars

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Workshops and Webinars

Hosting virtual workshops and webinars raises awareness about your cause and provides a platform for thought leadership within your sector. Offer virtual workshops that align with your nonprofit’s mission. Educational content, whether it’s a skill-building session, industry insights, or expert interviews, can attract a diverse audience. 

Custom Merchandise Sales 

Many nonprofits offer custom merchandise (such as t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags featuring your nonprofit’s logo and messaging) online as an additional revenue stream. Offering exclusive merchandise and limited-time offers can incentivize supporters to contribute while gaining a tangible item in return.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Custom Merchandise Sales 

Virtual Trivia Night

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Trivia Night

Live stream a Trivia Night so all of your supporters can participate and cheer their team on in the comments section. May the smartest team win! Start fundraising as a team and show your supporters how much they have donated with a fundraising thermometer on your donation page.

Virtual Wheel of Fortune

Watching all of your friends virtually spin the wheel is great, and you could be next. People will be eager to donate for a chance to spin the wheel and win prizes. Getting prizes donated for Wheel of Fortune is a great way to showcase sponsors. 

Best Practices to Optimize Virtual Fundraising Campaigns

Your organization’s ability to authentically connect with supporters and leverage technology to build an online community is crucial to the success of your virtual fundraising efforts. 

Follow these best practices to maximize your digital fundraising campaigns:

  • Effectively engaging your audience requires a multi-channel marketing strategy. Successful nonprofits leverage various online platforms, social media, email marketing, and influencer collaborations to maximize their reach and impact.
  • Gamification is an effective strategy for boosting engagement and participation in virtual fundraising. The DoJiggy platform supports gamification with fundraising thermometers, countdown times, leaderboards, community chatter, and more.
  • Nonprofits can create challenges and competitions that align with their mission, encouraging supporters to get involved in a fun and meaningful way.
  • Create a sense of urgency by introducing limited-time offers or exclusive access to content or events. For example, supporters who donate within a specific timeframe could gain VIP access to an upcoming virtual event or receive a special acknowledgment during a campaign.
Virtual Fundraising Ideas best practices

Conclusions on Virtual Fundraising 

Nonprofits learned a lot during COVID and can continue to benefit from these lessons in virtual fundraising. The key is to employ solid event planning, while embracing innovation, creativity, and community involvement. By combining virtual events, crowdfunding, challenges, and cutting-edge technology, nonprofits can create impactful and sustainable fundraising strategies online.

As you explore the best virtual fundraising ideas for your nonprofit, remember to embrace emerging trends and continue to evolve your strategies to make a lasting impact in the years to come.

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