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Beer Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Beer Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Is your organization looking for a unique fundraising event to set your nonprofit apart from the rest and attract a big crowd? Well, look no further than a beer fundraiser!  Beer fundraisers are a great way to build community spirit, boost exposure for your organization’s cause, and pull in valuable donations.

So why not sit down, unwind with a cold brew, and check out how to host an unforgettable beer fundraiser in 5 simple steps, along with some great ideas to get you started.

What is a Beer Fundraiser?

A beer-tasting fundraiser is a fun, relaxed event that helps build vital relationships with your donors. The main idea is to taste a selection of interesting local and craft beers while enjoying some tasty appetizers and learning about the cause. This creates a friendly, casual atmosphere where donors feel at ease interacting with nonprofit staff, volunteers, and board members. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your potential donors and sponsors know how their donations are making an invaluable impact.

How to Host a Beer Fundraiser in 5 Simple Steps

Beer fundraisers can be great fun, profitable, and a way to optimize your nonprofit’s exposure and awareness of your cause. To achieve all this and more, follow our five simple steps to hosting a killer beer fundraiser.

1. Get Planning

To pull off an unforgettable beer fundraiser, planning ahead is vital. Make sure to:

Get Planning a Beer Fundraiser
  • Gather a planning committee to determine your fundraising goals together. Make a to-do list and start delegating responsibilities.
  • Set a fundraising budget to add in event planning costs.
  • Secure a suitable date, time, and venue to attract supporters. Maybe time the fundraiser with a seasonal activity and consider holding the beer fundraiser at a local brewery or restaurant, where people can stay afterward and dine.
  • Determine the legalities of a beer fundraising event before going ahead. Contact your local health department to find out any laws regarding alcohol that could affect your beer fundraiser.

2. Get People Involved

Get People Involved
  • Recruit volunteers, friends, colleagues, and the local community to help with the preparation and onsite jobs. By rounding up as many volunteers as possible, you’ll be able to save on many outgoing costs. For example, if you have a friend that can BBQ on the day of your beer fundraiser, you’ll save vital funds that would otherwise be going toward catering costs.
  • Invite beer experts to inform and impress your guests and ask them to contribute their time as an in-kind donation to your cause.
  • Find live entertainment. If you know a great band that would donate their time, this is an excellent opportunity to keep the focus on mingling and enjoying the event.

3. Get Sponsors and Beverages

What kind of beer fundraiser would your charity host without a great selection of beers? Brewers and their customers enjoy more variety in their beer options than ever before, so don’t forget to shop around for a diverse choice of beverages for your beer fundraiser and include an option of non-alcoholic beer and beverages.

Get Sponsors and Beverages

Creating a successful beer fundraiser is getting the beer donated and asking brewers, producers, distributors, or local restaurants to be event sponsors. This will help defer some of your outgoing costs and offer valuable marketing for them. In addition to the beer, why not ask the brewers if they can donate tables, chairs, cups, coolers, and any other beer-drinking paraphernalia?

Here are some ideas on how to attract and acknowledge your sponsors:

  • Highlight sponsors’ names and company logos on the event website.
  • Mention their product(s) or services on your fundraising website and social media.
  • Ask your sponsors if they would be willing to provide a gift voucher or gift basket, from their company, as part of a silent auction or raffle prize.

Check out our blog, Write a Killer Raffle Prize Donation Letter to get started.

4. Get the Best Fundraising Software

Fundraising software tools can help your team effectively manage the various details of your beer fundraiser. Set up your free fundraising page with event registration and ticket sales, sponsorship sales and promotion, and secure processing of online donations or related products to manage email communications. These software tools can help you cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s,” increasing your efficiency and allowing you to raise more money for your cause.

The Best Fundraising Software

5. Get Promoting the Fundraiser

  • Design and distribute a standout beer fundraiser flyer. Post it on social media channels, your personalized fundraising page, and public spaces to create hype around the event.
  • Post updates, photos, and stories on your fundraising page and social media platforms, giving your supporters a real insight into the face behind the fundraising event.
  • Why not make your beer fundraiser a signature fundraising event running year after year?
  • Create a press release informing people in your community about how their presence at the event can help make a difference for your nonprofit or charity.
  • Invite the media to attend. This creates a wonderful opportunity to share a story about community goodwill and provides a great moment for news photos.

For more pro tips on creating a successful beer fundraiser, check out our Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Event Planning here.

Beer Fundraising Ideas That Work

The Best Beer Fundraising Ideas

Nonprofit crowdfunding events provide a fun community spirit perfect for after-parties. Why not host a 5k Race or a walk-a-thon, followed by a beer-tasting fundraiser? Or hold a live streamed launch party sponsored by a local brewer to start the crowdfunding momentum?

Optimize your beer fundraiser success by:

  • Adding a barbecue to the party, which is a summertime favorite.
  • Selling personalized beer-related merchandise from each craft brewery for extra funds on our free eCommerce stores.
  • Marketing your after-party as a benefit concert. Crowdfunding participants are known to join events because of their desire to party and see their favorite band. Bring the following of a good band to your event and sell tickets to the concert everywhere.
  • Hosting a themed beer fundraiser can get your donors into the giving spirit. Whether you decide on an Irish pub theme, a more relaxed beer garden, or a traditional German beer festival, choose a theme that fits your audience’s energy and go all out.
  • Adding a 50/50 Raffle, a silent auction, or an auction of promises to smash your fundraising goals and make a real impact on your community.
  • Producing a charity beer made specifically for your nonprofit. A percentage of the proceeds go to your charity organization. When customers are deciding which delicious beer to buy, one that gives to a nonprofit has the potential to win.

Conclusions for Beer Fundraisers

Nonprofit fundraising strategies are a key component when organizing any fundraising event. Beer fundraisers can provide a great opportunity to not only create an unforgettable and profitable event but also offer a unique moment to seek partnerships with brewers and distributors rather than just asking for money. Inspire beer producers to partner in accomplishing your shared mission of success. Just make sure that a beer fundraiser works with your organization’s mission, as you don’t want to discourage your donors and supporters by hosting fundraising events that may seem at odds or in opposition to your cause.

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