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Homecoming Fundraising Ideas

Homecoming Fundraising Ideas

Fall is a great time to launch a school fundraiser with exciting Homecoming activities and everyone geared up with school spirit.  Students are happy to reunite with friends, fall sports are kicking off their season, and the excitement is building for upcoming Homecoming festivities.  Why not take advantage of the festive homecoming spirit and raise some additional funds for your team or school?

Our Best Homecoming Fundraising Ideas

Homecoming fundraising can be very successful, as you have school alumni already coming to visit. Alumni are generally your school’s greatest supporters and donors. Here are some ideas to make your homecoming fundraising fun and successful. Go, team!

Plan a Homecoming Walk-a-thon or Fun Run

Plan a Homecoming Walk-a-thon or Fun Run

The entire Homecoming weekend is full of excitement and energy.  The morning before the big game and dance, why not host a school walk-a-thon event?  This is a great way to bring students, teachers, and community members together to have fun, exercise, and raise money for a good cause.  Each participant can raise donations on your school’s p2p crowdfunding website. Ask team members to set personal goals, and instill motivation by providing prizes for participants who raise the most funds. 

You might also secure donations from local businesses who wish to sponsor the event or sell drinks or school merchandise following the walk-a-thon.

Host an Auction of Promises

Host an Auction of Promises

Homecoming brings plenty of opportunities to host a charity auction for your school.  Whether items are showcased before the Homecoming football game or at pep rally or dinner that leads up to the big event.  Hosting an auction of promises is an excellent way to collect some dollars for your cause while engaging the local community. 

Add School Merchandise Sales to the Fundraising Mix

School Merchandise Sales

Everyone wants a school hoodie to wear to the big game, right? Why not sell them in your school spirit store and make a profit on sales? Online stores for school merchandise can serve as a great additional boost to reaching PTO Homecoming fundraising goals. Plus, when your supporters carry merchandise that displays your logo, it helps spread awareness about your school and mission. 

Online Raffle Fundraising

Here’s another easy Homecoming fundraiser. Reach out to local businesses to ask for donations.  Restaurant gift certificates, complimentary spa services, free movie passes, and tickets to sporting events are all desirable items.  If you are interested in bringing in the dough, you may want to pursue raffling off one of our priceless vacation packages on consignment. Then, create a free raffle website and ask supporters to purchase tickets online. Draw winners at half-time of the Homecoming football game.

Organize a Pre-Homecoming Dinner or Breakfast Fundraiser

Organize a special dinner or breakfast fundraiser the day before the homecoming dance or game for students, parents, faculty, and alumni. Ask a local restaurant to cater the food at a discounted price, or work with the school cafeteria to host a large spaghetti dinner or simple pancake breakfast. Charge admission for each attendee and host entertainment during the meal.  Perhaps create a funny football “bloopers” video to show funny clips through the years.  Ask the cheerleading squad to perform a dance or show.  Offer a silent auction or raffle as part of the evening as a way for attendees to win great prizes.

Organize a Pre-Homecoming Dinner or Breakfast Fundraiser

Present a Homecoming Fashion Show

This could be fun to do a few weeks before the homecoming dance (and possibly a great mother-daughter activity). Partner with a local boutique or department store to provide homecoming dresses,  shoes, handbags, and the latest accessories.  Plan an after-school fashion show where student volunteers model the latest fashions.  Sell food and beverages during the event for additional revenue.  Perhaps you can raffle off a pair of new shoes or a handbag as part of the event.  Then, following the event, offer the featured items for sale, and be sure you also receive a small percentage of these sales.

Utilize Marching Band Fundraisers

Homecoming is a great time for high school marching bands to hold a fundraiser. Nothing says school spirit like the school band! Create an easy variation of a walk-a-thon by hosting a March-a-thon fundraiser for your band, or check out more information and ideas on marching band fundraisers.

Host a School Read-a-thon

DoJiggy Reading-Athon

Reading fundraisers and read-a-thon challenges make great school fundraisers, as they promote literacy and a love of reading in children and teens. Just be sure to be specific in your fundraising ask and let everyone know where the money raised from the read-a-thon will go (i.e., computers for the school library or new gym facilities).

Learn how to host a reading fundraiser.

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