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Tell us about your cause.

Campbell Mithun (CM) is an advertising agency with 40 years of doing fundraising for the United Way. We have an annual, week long, fundraising drive called CM Cares that includes events such as an employee talent show and bake sale. We also have ongoing options for paycheck deductions as a way for employees to donate to the United Way throughout the year. Our biggest event, however, is our Auction and this year we decided to go on line for the first time.

Walk us through the planning process.

Before organizing the Auction, we began looking for vendors first and soliciting their donations, either through personal contact or a mailed letter. The majority of our donors come from a large pool of clients and media representatives, although we did go to local businesses to request their support in the way of gift certificates. We made this contact at least one month before the auction date, in order to ensure ample time to receive the auction items. We went live only days after receiving all of the items. Next year we will definitely utilize the import/export feature for Excel sheets, as this would have greatly assisted in the donor solicitation process.

Did you do any advertising to get participants?

In our case, our participants are mostly employees of the company, so advertising was easy for us. We sent e-mails and hung posters within the agency. We also have a photo studio on the premises,which made the production of promotional materials very easy. This benefit also helped immensely in the uploading of the auction item photos. The participants were advised a few days before the start of the event and had a week to complete the bidding process online.

How did DoJiggy help with your planning?

I wouldn’t say that DoJiggy helped as much in the planning of the event as in the execution of it. In that area, DoJiggy was absolutely integral. We had a huge event with numerous auction items. DoJiggy Software made it so simple to enter and keep organized the information on the items and bidders. I would have been quite lost without the program.

DoJiggy was perfect for what we were looking for. This was our first year running the Auction on-line and our participants were very pleased. The software was, also, easy to catch on to as an administrator. I found DoJiggy to be especially pertinent for those in the Non-Profit sector, for both its cost and its ability to help an event actually raise more money.

Tell us about your success

We had over 100 participants and raised around $10,000, ten thousand dollars, which was our goal. Although the earnings are lower than we have had in other years, we also had lower expectations this year. In considering the suffering economy and it’s affect at every level of spending, we expected to raise much less. Taking this into consideration, I would say that running the Auction on-line equates with being able to raise more money.

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Campbell Mithun Advertising Agency
  • Based on an interview with
    Sheena Heikkila. Campbell Mithun Advertising Agency