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online fundraising

Online fundraising is the process of using the Internet to solicit and collect donations for your cause. DoJiggy makes online fundraising easy!

Online Fundraising with DoJiggy Includes:

  • Customizable, Mobile-Optimized Website Templates
  • Simple Participant & Team Registration Forms
  • Secure Online Payment & Donation Processing
  • Fundraising Thermometers
  • Sponsorship Registration & Management
  • Product Sales
  • Administration Area for Progress Tracking & Generating Reports


Benefits of Online Fundraising:

1. Extend Your Organization's Reach

A primary benefit of online fundraising is the ability to extend your reach beyond your community. Fundraising used to be about walking door-to-door and asking neighbors to make donations, or making personal phone calls to family and friends. With online fundraising, your network expands globally. As well, your constituents can easily engage in fundraising efforts by sending donation requests via email or posting links from their social networks or sharing videos on YouTube. All of these things help drive potential donors to your website. By asking people to forward your request to their network, your reach grows exponentially.

2. Offer a One-Stop Fundraising Hub

online fundraising2By implementing an online fundraising campaign, you create a fundraising website which becomes the central hubfor your fundraiser. Here's the place where you direct potential donors to learn more about your cause and make online donations. This is where all information is shared and data is stored.

  • Your fundraising website can be accessed anytime from a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Customize your website by adding pictures, logos and statements that mirror your brand and explain the reason for your fundraiser.
  • With a fundraising event, all event details are hosted on the online fundraising website including: date, time, location with links to maps, and much more. If something changes, it's a simple adjustment on the administration side (rather than reprinting of flyers or brochures).
3. Simplify Transactions

Online fundraising simplifies all transactions. Participants are easily able to register online, purchase tickets, join teams, etc. (rather than mailing in checks and registration forms). Online fundraising also allows for secure online payment processing via credit card. After transactions are made, our online software tools track payments, manage recurring donations, and generate various financial reports. Participants are easily able to track progress as donations are tracked in real-time. Every time a contribution is made, fundraisers can track this against goals. Administrators can also generate numerous financial and participant reports.

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