Fundraising Sponsor Management

Sponsor Management

Soliciting sponsors for your fundraising event is a great way to offset hard costs while offering both local and corporate business entities the chance to implement a “giving back” ideology. In fact, seeking corporate sponsors is a basic survival skill for many nonprofit organizations.  DoJiggy’s online fundraising software suite includes sponsor registration, sponsor management and promotion features to make this job easier.

Recruiting Sponsors

Successful, well-managed fundraising events allow your organization to raise money and grow your nonprofit. They also provide the opportunity to promote your corporate sponsors. Before you promote your sponsors comes the hard part – recruiting them! How do you find sponsors? First, start with your network of supporters that already know you and your organization. Those will be the easiest, friendliest options. But don’t forget, businesses benefit from sponsorship. Be sure to let them know how sponsoring your event will benefit them, and you’ll have greater success in recruiting sponsors. Read this article on how to get sponsors to support your fundraising events for details.

Sponsorship Sales

Each of our template sites includes a listing of sample sponsorship packages and benefits that can easily be modified for your event. The package details and benefits are readily available to potential sponsors on your website’s Sponsorships page. There is no limit to the number of sponsorship packages you can advertise and sell.

Sponsor Registration

Your website includes sponsor registration capabilities. If an individual or group registration (for example, teams or tables) is included with your sponsorship package, this registration information will also be collected upon registration. For instance, a Platinum level sponsorship may include a VIP table at your gala or foursome for your golf tournament. A smaller sponsorship package may include an individual dinner reservation. Your sponsors will be able to make their choice easily and payment can be automatically processed with any of our supported payment processors. Once a sponsorship registration is completed, the administrative reporting provides your organization with contact and profile information.

Sponsor Management and Promotion

Once your sponsors are committed, there are many ways to promote them on the website. The DoJiggy system allows you to promote sponsors by:

  • Uploading a sponsor logo and linking to the sponsors’ website on the Sponsors page.
  • Managing up to three sponsor logos that can be uploaded right into the banner of your website where they scroll at random.
  • Featuring your sponsors on the home page by utilizing our easy page editor or custom design features.
  • Posting a 1,000 word description about your sponsors on the Sponsors page (not available in the Standard edition)

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