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DoJiggy Offers Hole in One Insurance

DoJiggy Offers Hole in One Insurance

DoJiggy has teamed up with Hole in One International to offer the best, most affordable hole in one insurance to our clients. Better yet, get an automated quote and get set up in minutes.

How Does Hole in One Insurance Work?

Hole in One insurance allows organizations to offer hole in one contests, usually as part of a fundraising or charity golf tournament. Hole in One insurance requires that an organization pay an insurance premium in advance of the tournament to eliminate the risk of paying for a hole in one prize. In the event a golfer makes a hole in one on a specified hole, the hole in one insurance kicks in to pay for the prize. Hole in One is therefore a type of prize indemnification insurance. 

Hole In One Putting Contests

Hole in One Putting Insurance

Another golf fundraising idea and option for a hole in one contest is to host a putting contest. As the name implies, this type of contest focuses on making a hole in one while putting the ball, rather than competing at a regular hole. Before, during, or after your tournament, single or three-putt combination putting contests are sure to create excitement for all your participants. Organizations love putting contests because:

  • They are entertaining and bring people together. Putting contests work well just after a tournament, where all of your foursomes can gather around and root on their participating friends.
  • They allow your organization to easily up-sell or charge for this contest. Since the putt is not part of the actual tournament, you can charge golfers extra for a chance to enter and win.
  • You decide the length of the putt. Think 135 yards is too long? Well, how about 50 feet? That’s right, you can now buy putting contest insurance for a 50-foot or longer putting contest.

Hole in One Contest Prizes

One of the most important pieces of the hole-in-one contest execution is the prize. Hole in One International can work with any prize your organization wishes to offer – as long as you can assign a fair market value to the prize. So remember to focus on a hole in one prize that will build excitement with your audience.

  • Cash prizes – Everyone can get excited hereCars are great Hole in One contest prizes
  • Luxury cars – some organizations select to offer a BMW, Mercedes, or SUV
  • Boats or jet skis – if you live near a body of water
  • ATVs, scooters, and motorcycles – think Harley-Davidsons or other iconic brands
  • Unique or luxury vacation packages – including airfare and deluxe accommodations
  • TVs and electronics
  • Golf equipment

Hole in One Sponsorship

Hole in One Golf Insurance

One popular way to fund a hole in one contest is to recruit a hole in one business sponsor. You can sell hole in one sponsorship right on your golf tournament website. This can work in a couple of ways:

  1. Your organization offers the sponsorship package for a flat fee, such as $2,500. You purchase the hole in one insurance and handle all details, from this fee.
  2. Your charity golf tournament solicits a local car or boat dealer to sponsor the tournament. The dealer places a new luxury car out at a hole. Whoever puts a hole-in-one at the designated spot wins the prize.

How can the organization or car dealership afford to offer the new car? The organization or car dealer calls a hole in one insurance company. The company writes a hole-in-one insurance policy and pays off the price of the car to the dealership if there’s a win. 

Get Hole in One Insurance for your Tournament

We’ve partnered up with the biggest and best golf insurance provider in the business! Buy your hole in one insurance from DoJiggy and Hole In One International and your organization can offer spectacular hole in one prizes without assuming the risk. We can offer hole in one prize coverage for any prize with a cash value of up to $1,000,000. 

Free Items We Include in Every Hole In One Insurance Contract

Ancillary Prizes

Ancillary Prizes

Besides our low hole in one insurance rates and impeccable service, we offer any player acing a non-target par three during your tournament an exciting ancillary prize, with our compliments. Visa® Gift Cards, 4K HDTVs, and Callaway® golf equipment are just a few ancillary hole in one prizes to choose from. We’re golfers! We’re not going to let a great shot go unrewarded!

Contest Signs/Tee Markers

Contest Signs/Tee Markers

Buy hole in one insurance from our partner, Hole In One International and we’ll provide you with a hole in one contest sign introducing your hole in one sponsor to the whole world, a set of hole in one contest tee markers for your target hole, and up to four hole in one contest signs for our complimentary ancillary prizes. Remember that promoting your golf tournament sponsors is an important part of your event.

FREE Golf Club for Everyone in Your Event

FREE Golf Club for Everyone in Your Event

We want your business! To entice you to buy your hole in one contest insurance from our partner, Hole In One International, we’ve teamed up with TeePrize to give everyone in your event a free golf club of their choice. This prize is not for the contest winners, but for all of your tournament golfers. They will simply need to select the quality golf club of their choice and pay for shipping fees.

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