Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas was created to assist nonprofits and community organizations in finding the perfect fundraising event idea for your organization. The reality is that many organizations look to fundraising events in order to raise awareness as well as money for their operational budgets. This is not a new concept. However, what is new is the creativity that many organizations have put into creating a customized fundraising event that not only achieves their financial goals, but also helps communicate the company's mission and spread awareness for their cause.

How to determine the best fundraising event for your cause?

The best place to start is by looking at the core of your business. What is the mission of your organization? What are you trying to accomplish (spreading awareness for your cause and meeting financial needs). How can you create an event that will appeal to your audience and local community while helping you accomplish your goals?

Create a Customized "A-Thon" Event!

Walk-a-thon fundraising events have become a very popular means for raising fundraising dollars. In addition, these types of events support health and wellness, encourage teamwork, and create a fun community gathering, tying in local sponsors and offering event participants and attendees food, beverage, entertainment, prizes and more! Many of our clients have achieved great success through hosting a walk-a-thon and have incorporated this type of fundraising event on an annual basis. Visit our Walkathon Resource Center for all the tools you'll need to plan a successful walkathon fundraiser.

A "walkathon" is not the only answer. Why not create an interesting variation of a walkathon that is in-line with your mission? Here is a great example: A local school is looking to earn dollars for school educational programs. However, they are also interested in educating students about the importance of "giving back" to the local community. Rather than just selling candy to raise funds, the school decides to host a "Student Serve-a-thon": a fundraising event where students raise pledges and donate their time serving the needy in their community, such as homeless shelters, nursing homes, children's hospitals, etc. Students use DoJiggy Pledge fundraising software to create a personalized pledge page where they can explain their mission to family, friends and neighbors, post pictures and track goals, and receive secure online donations.

Here are some other fun ideas for "A-Thon" fundraising events:

  • A public library looking to raise more money for new computers may be interested in hosting an online read-a-thon.
  • A high school cheerleading squad may rouse school spirit while raising funds through a "cheer-a-thon".
  • A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about healthier eating habits may host a "cook-a-thon" with well-known chefs dedicated to healthier food preparation and lifestyle choices.

These are just a few examples, but the options are virtually endless!

Charity Golf Tournaments

Many companies have been successful raising large amounts of fundraising dollars through hosting events such as charity golf tournaments. Golf is one of the world's most popular sports. A game of golf provides a great opportunity for executives to discuss business deals, and families and friends use this quality time to catch up on their personal lives. A charity golf tournament brings active community members for local networking, as well as providing wonderful team-building opportunities for employees within organizations. With a charity golf tournament, funds are typically raised by charging a set registration fee for participation. Local sponsorships can be secured for additional financial support and cost-savings through in-kind donations. Additional funds can be raised at the actual golf tournament event by tying in a fundraising raffle or silent auction.

We've developed a resource center with a number of guidelines and templates to assist you in your golf tournament planning. To help you help you manage every detail of the event including registrations, pre-event promotions, company and sponsor logos, course maps, reporting, and more, we recommend implementing golf tournament software.

Charity Poker Event

An interesting and fun way to raise funds for your cause is through hosting a charity poker event. Many nonprofits have replaced traditional fundraising activities with fun events that tend to draw in large crowds, such as a Texas Hold'Em charity poker tournament. A charity poker event is relatively easy to plan and provides a great opportunity to raise fundraising dollars. Organizations raise funds by charging an admission fee, similar to a registration fee to participate in a charity golf tournament. Alternatively, they might ask participants to raise a minimum amount of money through collecting pledges. In some cases, organizations may even collect a percentage of every pot. Remember to consider other ways to raise additional funds such as selling food and drinks or incorporating a silent auction or a fundraising raffle as part of the event. Also, keep in mind that often winners donate a portion of the money earned right back to your cause. Implementing DoJiggy online fundraising software can assist with every detail for managing your fundraising event as well as collecting secure, online donations.

Host a Gala Dinner

Gala fundraisers are a great way to raise a large amount of capital for your cause. The premise is simple: guests pay a set price to attend a dinner, which raises profits for your organization. The success of the campaign depends not only on how well the event is planned and promoted, but also by conducting a proper analysis of the target audience. For example, a large well-funded organization may plan a black-tie gala featuring three courses by an acclaimed chef and an auction of jewelry, spa services, or other high-end items. Smaller groups should consider hosting a gala-style fundraiser that appropriately matches the resources of their organization and desires of the audience. These groups may want to serve hors d'oeuvres during a silent auction or have a casual buffet with live music. Regardless of the size of the organization, make sure to plan a gala event that appeals to your audience and promote it! Consider soliciting food, beverage and entertainment donations from local businesses to help offset costs. During the gala itself, consider adding additional ways to raise more dollars such as incorporating a silent auction or fundraising raffle. Even showing a quick slide show or distributing information about your cause and expected goals and intentions for proceeds can be an excellent way to bring in last-minute funds.

Whether large or small, gala fundraisers require extensive publicity and organization. DoJiggy Events online event management software can help your planning team manage every detail of the event from event promotion and marketing, sponsorship management, online event registration, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations all from a secure online web site.

Out of the Box Fundraising Event Ideas

With creative thinking and the proper tools, your organization can create a customized fundraising event perfect for your group. Think outside the box. Although we've talked about walk-a-thons, golf tournaments, and gala events, don't feel boxed in by the standard fundraising activities. Here are some fun examples of creative fundraising event ideas organized by DoJiggy clients.

  • The Leukemia & Lyphoma Society hosts an annual event called "The Amazing Race". Similar to the television show, teams are challenged to travel to various checkpoints and conquer many challenges, detours, etc. in order to make it to the finish line. This is a great team-building event for organizations! Teams must strategize about the most efficient route to take, assign team members roles, and work together to accomplish their goals. Funds are raised through team registration fees, plus individual pledge donation requirements.
  • Another client hosted a very "cool" event. The Sons of Ireland organized a "Polar Plunge" where each participant was expected to raise a minimum amount through collecting pledges and then plunge into the chilly Atlantic ocean. Participants were eligible to win a variety of prizes, and the day of the "plunge" was made into a fun community event with food and entertainment.

Online Fundraising Software

DoJiggy provides a complete line of online fundraising software, for all of the most popular and most effective fundraising events and initiatives. DoJiggy Events is a complete web-based event registration and management system for nonprofit fundraising events such as dinners, galas, breakfasts, conferences and meetings, poker tournaments and other types of fundraising events. DoJiggy also offers customized software and event management tools specifically for walk-a-thons (and other pledge events), golf tournaments, and online charity auctions. All our online solutions provide a fully customizable webpage for your organization and a secure administration area for managing the entire event life cycle including event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, product sales, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations.

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