Pledge Software for P2P Crowdfunding

Our Pledge software for P2P crowdfunding delivers a free, donor-friendly website for online pledge fundraising campaigns. Schools and organizations use Pledge software to track units of effort for Athon fundraisers, such as Run/Walk/Rides.

  • FREE Individual and Team Fundraising Pages
  • FREE Custom Website Branding
  • FREE Gamification Elements (Countdown, Thermometer, Chatter, Livestream)
  • FREE Customer Success and Technical Support
  • FREE PRICING with Optional Donor Tips
DoJiggy-Athon® software
Fun Run software

Our pledge software is a donor-friendly online registration and management system for events where participants collect and track pledges and donations for your cause. These events may be School Fun Runs, Color Runs, Golf Marathons, spin-a-thons, bike-a-thons, and virtually any Athon type event you can imagine. Find an event that inspires your audience and matches your mission, and create a custom pledge fundraising event. This type of event is also called nonprofit crowdfunding or peer-to-peer fundraising.

Our powerful pledge fundraising websites allow organizations to multiply fundraising resources as each participant taps into their group of constituents to raise funds for your organization. This is accomplished with easy social share options. Now, your participants are not just event registrants but powerful fundraisers for your cause.

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Pledge Fundraising Works

A fundraising pledge is the promise of a donation that will be paid at a specific point in the future. Often a pledge is processed after a fundraising event or trigger occurs. This makes pledge software a little different than traditional donations software, as donor credit cards must be securely stored for processing at a later time.

With a pledge-a-thon format, your participants commit to raising donations to participate in your organization’s pledge drive or fundraising event. They simply register on your crowdfunding website and email friends, colleagues, and family members to solicit pledge donations for your organization. Motivated event participants can raise thousands of dollars through their social networks for your nonprofit cause.

Bike-a-thon need Pledge Software for P2P Crowdfunding

Our pledge software includes a P2P crowdfunding website that allows your organization to:

  • Manage peer-to-peer participant registrations (free or paid registrations)
  • Host a personal fundraising page for each participant, including pictures and videos, their personal statement, and goal achievement progress
  • Track pledges and donations based on participant performance
  • View top fundraisers and teams and track progress with fundraising thermometers and leaderboards
  • Securely process pledges and donations assigned to specific participants and teams
  • Include event sponsorship and related product sales for additional revenue boosters
  • Raise more money online!

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Types of Crowdfunding and Fundraising Events that Utilize Pledge Websites

Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits: Car Wash-a-thons

Car Wash-a-thons

Surfing Events

Surfing Events

Meditation Sit-a-thons

Meditation Sit-a-thons



Climb-a-thons need Peer to Peer Crowdfunding Software


Board of Directors Fundraising Events

Board of Directors Events

Should Organizations Accept Donations or Pledges?

Nonprofit crowdfunding events raise money by accepting donations or pledges. But what’s the difference? A pledge is a binding promise to give a specified amount once a pre-determined goal is completed (i.e., the participant finishes the walkathon). Walk-a-thon pledges are usually based on laps, miles, or kilometers. There is some unit of effort to measure here; therefore, the pledge cannot be completed until after the fundraising walk. Schools often use this method of pledge collection by lap as they want to encourage athleticism in their students.

We suggest configuring your Pledge website to accept flat-rate donations whenever possible. This allows your organization to receive fundraising dollars in advance of the event and requires less administrative work.

Benefits of soliciting flat-rate donations include:

  • Donors can pledge any amount they choose in support of the participant or cause. There is no need to guess or estimate what the actual donation amount will be.
  • The donation is not performance-based, such as the number of miles completed in a walk-a-thon. It assumes that the fundraiser will complete the event in its entirety and the administrator does not need to verify the units of effort completed.
  • Administrators and participants have the ability to analyze their fundraising achievements before the event even starts.
  • When supporters make flat-rate donations, our Pledge websites can be used to accept recurring donation payments.

Working with Per Unit of Effort Pledges

With per unit of effort or activity-based pledges, participants ask for donations based on the outcome of their performance. This could be counted in miles completed, bowling pins downed, or swimming laps accomplished. One major benefit of this type of event is that per unit of effort pledges can stimulate participants to perform to their utmost capability.

Per unit of effort pledges are commonly accepted with school fundraisers, such as Walk-a-thons and Fun Runs. Kids will work hard to run as many laps as possible and meet their goals. Pledges can also be accepted for bowl-a-thons (per pin bowled), baseball hit-a-thons (length per hit), dance-a-thons (hours danced), and virtually any type of pledge event your organization desires.

Remember with this type of event:

  • Pledges taken in this manner must be calculated at the end of an event.
  • Participants and administrators alike will not know if they’ve met their fundraising goals until the event is over.

Many organizations combine these two options, thus recognizing the specific accomplishments of participants while offering a more general donation structure for those who want to donate in this way. Whichever method you choose, accepting online donations is sure to increase your fundraising capability.

Pledge Crowdfunding Website Features and Benefits

  • Leaderboards & thermometers that can be placed on your website to track top fundraising teams and individuals
  • Each participant can easily customize their own personal fundraising page and share it with friends and family via social media
  • Includes sponsor promotion capabilities
  • The system can accept flat-rate donations or customizable per unit pledges
  • Auto-generated email receipts for participant registrations, donations, and pledges
  • Allows your constituents to take an active role in soliciting funds for your organization
  • You handle the intake of money directly to your bank account

Crowdfunding and Pledge Software FAQs

How do participants create personal fundraising pages?
Personal pages are auto-generated upon registration and have their own URL. Your participants can create a password to access the participant control panel. There, they can edit their personal fundraising page and review their fundraising progress.

Can participants ask friends to participate with them?
Yes, our pledge fundraising software allows participants to invite their friends to join in the fun of your charity event. Prize management features also encourage fundraising success.

Can I track pledges or donations by individuals and teams?
Yes, our pledge software allows administrators to easily track and run reports by individual and team donations and pledges. Easily post leaderboards on your website for everyone to see. Many organizations offer prizes to the top fundraisers to give participants extra incentives to raise money for the cause.

Do you offer privacy features for kid-centered or school pledge events?
Yes, we have an optional privacy setting that can be enabled. Enabling this setting will block search engines from indexing participant pages and display only the last initial of a participant’s last name. This feature was created for school fundraising campaigns but can be used for any organization.

Can participants share their pages on Facebook or other social media platforms?
Yes, definitely! Social share buttons are included on every participant’s website page. Easy social sharing is key to the platform’s strength and your fundraisers’ success.

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