Video Outreach for School Crowdfunding Campaigns

Video Outreach for School Crowdfunding Campaigns

Use of video is a striking way to express yourself and the specific needs and projects underway at your school. Video increases your opportunity for success in school crowdfunding and raising more funds. It offers you a voice to tell your potential donors what you plan to use their fundraising dollars for. It is also a chance to show them what you have already done – the improvements you have made through prior fundraisers.

Don’t Go For Second Best, Baby!

Seize this place in time in front of the camera. The reason video has such an impact on donors is that you show yourself and your passion for your school. How you dress matters – present yourself professionally in your best Vogue look as though you are presenting a business plan to a group of high level investors. They want clarity as to where the money is needed, and how it will be spent. Your donors want their money to be used wisely and to feel as though they’re making a difference.

Have a professional create your video. If a videographer is open to sponsoring your school with their services such is ideal. Another scenario is to give something back, perhaps a trade with one of your professional services. Finding a student studying videography, film or photography is yet another possibility. The main point is to go for quality – how much do you enjoy watching poorly filmed videos, and how captivating are entertaining videos? Your video is another message in presentation and performance to your investors/donors.

Get Into the Groove with School Team Crowdfunding Videos

Your school most likely has several different needs for the funds raised through your crowdfunding campaign. Teams are highly successful and popular in crowdfunding, and what if each team had a specific objective? Names like Team Music, Team Literature and Team Science could each take on the specific need for these departments creating micro campaigns.

Videos for each team would have more specificity and articulation as to the needs of each department. The individual fundraisers of each team would have more drive and feeling behind their work if it were their area of interest. They would be reaching out to donors with like interest who may be more inclined to give as a result. And they are likely to have a social media network of supporters with similar interests. The fun each team could have in creating an entire theme is exciting given the possibilities for creativity. Prove your love to your school! 

Each team video may include stories about certain children in their community who have had success and have been inspired by these areas of study. Stories could be told about the lives of the individual fundraisers and how they may have been impacted by a teacher. Or perhaps they have offered a struggling student some free tutoring – one whose parents lacked the skills and resources to provide this themselves.

Celebrate and Let Love Shine for your School Crowdfunding Website Video

Make a holiday of your crowdfunding campaign and come together in creating one main video for your fundraising website. Your homepage would be a great spotlight to feature a compilation of each voice from your teams. This could be spliced, professionally of course, from each team video – the voice of the Music Department and their specific needs, Science, Drama, English, Art and Mathematics.

My Lucky Star Favorite Teacher Videos

Interview your students as to who their favorite teachers are and capture it on video. Show the video at the end of your crowdfunding event during your dinner or wrap up celebration. Stories told by children as to why a certain teacher stands out among the rest is heart rendering and often incredibly funny. Children see so much in each educator and are so very affected by their teachers. Let them help you by giving their honest and sensitive storytelling as a precious gift in making your campaign a greater success.

Offer a “you must be my lucky star” favorite teacher award at your live crowdfunding event after showing the video(s). If your students are in elementary school then having a favorite teacher is common. Give that teacher an award such as a plaque or a donated iPad. If your students are in high school your video may contain interviews as to how teachers have touched their lives. Actually, having 3 to 5 awards spreads the wealth and makes for a true celebration. A top fundraising team award is always a good idea in honoring them for their hard work and a showing of their video!

Music for your Crowdfunding Videos

Background music works if you have someone talking through your video so that it does not compete with their voices. A good video producer will help with this in knowing which elements to a avoid. Your music could change throughout the videos depending on its changing scenes. 

Living in a Material World Video Fundraising

Placing your crowdfunding website address on your video is very important. Donors need to know how to give to your campaign. Being a material girl or boy is the whole point, yet it is for your school and the betterment of your students and your community. Placing a Donate Now button on your video is a way to call attention to your main intention of receiving donations for your school. The entire video doesn’t need to flash these items on the screen but they should be interspersed and stressed at the end.

Cherish the Joy of Videos on your Crowdfunding Software

DoJiggy’s Crowdfunding software offers your school or organization a cutting-edge website which functions well with multiple videos for your school fundraising campaign. It is sure to offer you with the ability to customize your website with ease of design for all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile to show off your videos. You want to be able to easily configure your website with videos to meet your specific needs. Your teams will need the flexibility in design to add video to their team pages and individual fundraising pages.

Have fun creating your videos and bring creativity to the realm of school crowdfunding. Video makes for great fundraising appeals for all types of crowdfunding events such as read-a-thons, walk-a-thons and bike-a-thons

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